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  1. Sonic Drive-In

    [quote name='The187inDetroit' timestamp='1320721360'] Looks almost identical to a real one near where I live! (That particular Sonic was the first in all of Michigan and is in front of the Meijer store, which is ironic because before the Meijer there was a drive-in theater called the Fort George Drive-In). [/quote] I wish there was a Meijer on here!
  2. MP McDonald Complex

    at first glace I thought it was Times Square-ish. But its cool regardless!
  3. MP Ed Sullivan Theater complex

    this would look great in my theater district!!!
  4. LBT WalMart Supercenter v2

    How is this different from the other Wal-Mart?!
  5. DK1 JCPenney

    I think it would be cool if we could get a downtown flagship department store. Like Macy*s in Herald's Square, Bloomingdale's on Lexington, Marshall Field's on State Street.
  6. DK1 JCPenney

    You are the only one doing department stores...appreciate it!
  7. MP Toys R Us Times Square

    Its cool! Need more Times Square stuff like this!
  8. DK1 Macys

    Thank you!
  9. Pedestrian Crowd Lots

    I LOVE IT!!!!!
  10. Willow Place Part 1 V2

    This looks nice!