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  1. its not 15 I know that much as my station uses that much
  2. Id make a prop pack and release the buildings separately
  3. I finished the Beehive commercial building and released it you can get it Here
  4. We see the same thing happening in the Netherlands with buildings from that era (particulairy the buildings build in the Functionalism style) I think redoing the facade is better than demolishing the building entirely and often they wernt the most pretty to begin with. so I have some pictures of renovations I know of.
  5. @Matthias King I guess You should have a look at this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gate_Tower_Building
  6. Got a little further with the building finished a lot of the uv mapping made a logo. left to do the lod some texturing and some details
  7. It has been a while since I posted, In that while I have released a new bridge the Al Ittihad bridge that is currently under construction in Dubai http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=913293434 I also have a new WIP the newly renovated Bijenkorf in Utrecht
  8. The offices look really good man im interested too see what the other variations look like!
  9. @Tim The Terrible I could never find out the name of the building, the only thing I know is that It will not be demolished because of the system critical equipment In the building so I believe it will get a facelift. But I cant find pictures of the said facelift.
  10. I finished the station and I will release it somewhere today but after this I really dont want anything to do with the Integrated subbuilings anymore. its broken controls are the worst it slowed down the editor to unbearable speeds I was trying to do this with 1 frame per 2 seconds at some point and the disappearing subbuildings made it even worse. I hope CO fixes it or at least so that the buildings dont disappear any more so I only have to place the buildings once ant not 5 times over.
  11. After a little vacation I went back to work on the station and literally every time I load the station after a save something is not as it was before the save and I dont have a clue why maybe someone does. problem 1: random subbuildings disappear though the lod is still here problem 2: the pedestrian connections seem to do what they want and when they want it but whatever they do it is always wrong. the connection was put in as the red line and after reloading the building it shows as blue
  12. pheeeew I did it, imported all the buildings added them to one building and tested it. It looks amazing, but there is a problem, not the rotor shader not the lod but the sub buildings. I had no clue what to use as the sub building so I used a park with all stats set to 0 but it still requires a road connection. So How do I fix this and how do I do this for 13 sub-buildings easily. guess ill leave some pictures and go to bed ta ta.
  13. not much change for the station started working on the lod, main building is mostly finished. I decided to finish one of my older projects, the textureing is fully done now and lod only needs some baking before it can be served, it is the ALL NEW Utrecht tram!! and I released a bench prop, to be specific the one they use on the Utrecht railway station some more simple props to come!