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  1. I'd like to be able to place multiple votes... I like all those with one platform per direction. I placed my vote on B(III), but I like all the B's.
  2. Thank you very much! I hadn't thought of checking Wikipedia for information.
  3. And now for something completely different. I'm looking to try my hand at creating assets, more specifically the second generation S-trains from Copenhagen. However, I've been unable to find any schematic drawings of them. So, I just want to ask you, @R3V0, how do you usually create your models? Do you just look at pictures and do try to copy it as well as you can, or do you try to find schematics? Are there any other important tips that I should know?
  4. Honestly, though, I'm very impressed with that new feature list. Like, that's a lot of awesome stuff; even those small things like where passengers enter underground stations, which only matters if people use first-person camera mods, have been fixed. It's a great amount of dedication to details that just marks this as one of the most impressive mods for C:S.
  5. @Tim The Terrible I don't think deadlines are a good idea, they supposedly just make you burn out faster, and make you feel bad if you can't make them.
  6. Great. That's 3 yes'es and only 1 no. The people have spoken. We'll conveniently ignore that only the "no" reaction actually came from someone related to the mod's development.
  7. Can you say anything about the timescale for when Good Stuff will come? Like, a few weeks? Two months? More?
  8. Is this using the new island platform tracks that are being worked on, or is it two single tracks?
  9. Is that the opposite of Bad Stuff™? Anyway, it sounds exciting.
  10. That doesn't really work. The buses will drive through the curbs unless you restrict them from doing that by using TM:PE.
  11. If I saw correctly in the preview video, it will be possible to make cars unable to cross between lanes, thus making boulevards with built-in frontage roads possible. All in all, the system seems like it will be both simple and powerful.
  12. A road where cars, transit and biking are all segregated from each other - asymmetrical. https://streetmix.net/-/585843 EDIT: How do you guys make the images neatly attach?
  13. 10 households feels like a bit much. Most 4x4 low-density buildings tend to hold 4-6 households, IIRC. Anyway, more art deco sounds great - it's possibly my favorite style.
  14. That article specifically stated that commuter rail is only that cheap because new commuter lines are usually opened along existing rights of way, where only stations have to be constructed since the tracks are already there. The article also makes a few pointless distinctions; for example, commuter rail is a subset of heavy rail, not an entirely different thing. Ultimately, it also shows how metro that is constructed entirely underground is much more expensive than that which is constructed aboveground. Since the only difference between heavy rail metro and heavy mainline rail is usually the method of electrification and the signalling system used (both of which are a relatively small cost difference), the price of 1 mile of mainline heavy rail is the same as the price of 1 mile metro heavy rail. Yes, metro does have more frequent stations, but that should be reflected by making stations more expensive in game, not by making the tracks themselves more expensive - especially seeing as some European metros (London Underground, many S-Bahn systems) have very long stretches between stations in the outer areas, even reaching regional rail-like intervals.