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  1. Mega City

    Gee thanks! Really glad that people still appreciate cyberpunk landscape art(if there's even a genre!) Cheers!
  2. thank you,it dosent have to encompass the entire map though,just bigger than the vanilla radiation scar. If there's ever a way to modify the wind direction and bigger radiation coupled with the future expansion pack.I could easily create another dystpoian/cyberpunk city but better this time. Credits will also be given to the modders of course.
  3. yes i do have the expansion pack,Much appreciated if something can be done and oh, is it also possible to increase the size of the radiation explosion left by a meltdown of the nuclear reactor?? like just one nuclear reactor leaving a radiation scar as big as the whole map? thank you for your time.
  4. Future cities concept art

    This city that was shown in Speed Racer.
  5. Rise and Fall.

    Thanks! Working on the next update, Focusing on a new landmass (Hint.Inspired from the Tower of Babel) that shall be erected next to the flooded district. Cheers!
  6. Rise and Fall.

    In terms of recovery and rebuilding efforts,The submerged levels will stay submerged but as i said on the previous post, a massive reconstruction effort is under way to create a new hub of city life,Will post updates soon.
  7. Rise and Fall.

    C.E 2149 Post Collapse As the anomaly eventually settled,the waters settled with the majority of Neo Arcadia submerged. But Progress marched on,The surviving population quickly rose from the tragedy with the surviving parts of the city becoming coastal and eventually built shipping lanes in the heart of the submerged city. As cargo ships and liners pass by the ruined towers (with the top floors not submerged turned into refugee shacks and run down docking ports)slowly crumbling against the tide but it did boost a huge tourism income and new shipping lanes to their outpost island colonies. As the surviving societies of the now separate cities carried on,It was not long before the civilisation quickly fell into corruption and decadency with TransHuman social divisions occurring. As the years moved on,The Cities fell into anarchy and dissidence de stabilising progress but out of the ashes the cities fell and became united under the banner of a now self proclaimed TransHuman ''Demi God''.Society may seem to have regressed quite a bit over the years but society was stabilised and prospering. But the eventual rising tides and the water build up from the anomaly threatened the cities of submerging too in a 100 years give or take,So under the leadership of a powerfully augmented (Physically and Mentally) Demi God,Geo modding technology reached it's peak and thus a mega project was under way to save themselves yet again.
  8. Rise and Fall.

    Thanks,i will update the next report soon with better angles (i hope).
  9. Rise and Fall.

    C.E 2144 Deluge As the societies of Neo Arcadia grew and soon fell victim to decadence and corruption,Mega Corporate rule dominated once more.Neo Arcadia,Enslaving most of the population of the new world from their might.But alas,over the years,it eventually fell to it's own pride and greed. Finding ways to consume even more resources, Neo Arcadia began to seek ''other'' ways.One such was the technology of Weather manipulation for the sole purpose of generating sea water to feed the ever expanding industries of energy,Until the main manipulation tower was eventually destroyed in a drone uprising as well as the dam holding the massive amounts of water generated by the tower. A massive energy cascade ripped through from within the tower from it's failing dark energy reactor destroying the nearby surroundings as well as the dam.In it's wake a bizzare anomaly now resided where the reactor once was,This anomaly seems to be a swirling vortex of energy spewing out tons of water effectively drowning the entire city of Neo Arcadia. As the water levels rose,What was once the core of Neo Arcadia,Only former husks of the tallest expansion towers remain standing out of the submerged realm of Neo Arcadia.
  10. Rise and Fall.

    C.E 2077 Post Collapse. After the Wars and the subsequent ice age that followed and passed, Nations collapsed,Worldwide communications disappeared,most of humanity regressed significantly and among other things,regions of the world were now suddenly changed as the lands that were are now underwater and the latter rising up providing a new and a fresh start. Eventually a great city was founded in the heart of the region of the now dubbed Neo Arcadia, what was once a raging river that connected to huge lakes and basins beyond the blast craters is now a bustling and re merging metropolis wielding the mighty technology of Geo Modding,shaping lands and controlling the elements at will.With such an awesome power,the city's inhabitants created a prosperous and ever expanding city of greatness and pride,(Although later on this would ultimately their downfall.) Mega Dams laid the foundation of the start of the city,The vast stretches of water that filled the rivers of the region were now sucked up dry and the surrounding lands were now shaped and sculpted to create an ultimate utopian city with artificially created natural riches and plentiful land. While the rest of the world had eventually gone back to the stone ages, This city was maybe the only city that has endured.But as time goes on, what was once a proud and shining city will turn into a wretched hive,living in decadence until a new change befalls them either beneficial or outright annihilation.
  11. This is a series of reports that will in due time explain the eventual collapse of civilisation in my simulation of cities skylines,It's quite obvious that it's a dystopia with little touches of mythical references.I was compelled to make this as i am a great fan of historical timelines and the rise and fall of civilisation and the subsequent effects and changes that occurs in civilisation and it's cities and societies. So since Cities Skylines (great game but needs more cyberpunk) possesses a rather interesting feature which was the introduction of flooding and functional but simple water mechanics and dam construction which is a great deal for me for environmental manipulation and the sight of cities submerged underwater (Yes,i am a scenery gorn addict). So all in all i'll post updates of my simulation till the end times with detailed reports when i can. Cheers.
  12. SimCity Cyberpunk Edition.

    A fan of cyberpunk? Future Cities? Ruinous Corporations? (OMEGA!) Well then you've come to the right place! Feast your eyes! and enjoy ( a big thanks to all the modders out there that could make this happen)
  13. Mandias Hub (Inner city view)

    Thanks and it's CyberPunk not steam punk,just saying
  14. Future cities concept art

    Did somebody say circular city? (80% done)