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  1. After having added a bunch of custom lots, parks, buildings, etc.. I find that the menus in the game are just horribly unorganized and items sometimes do not look in the menu like they do after you plop them. My question is has anyone come up with a better way to organize all the content once it is in the game so a menu doesn't have to be 10 miles long? Thanks....
  2. I tried both FLICKR and Google Drive and the system won't take pics from there...
  3. Lot size ratio

    So I have seen a wikihow post that favors a tile each of Residence, Commercial and Industry connected together. I thought this maybe non-idealic as Sims don't like to travel... but what I am hearing here suggests this as a possibility..? Or is it better to go with smaller independent communities making up a larger whole? Trying to figure the best approach to the game.
  4. SimCity 4 Extra Cheats Plugin

    Please update link to the real DLL file the download button takes me to a "crapware" site, and there is no DLL download for the game, just a package with a bunch of spyware/adware. 
  5. Thanks that was the ticket... have a good one.
  6. OK so my new wife & I are getting back into SC4... wahoo!!! I installed the game and it would not take the install key from the box set I bought from BB in 2012'ish. Chatted with EA and found out I had to install the Origin Client and they registered my game and downloaded via that and it works. My question is - Do I have to use that client to really play or is it just fluff? Can I not start the game w/o that? Thanks for you help, all this change was a bit frustrating.... Will