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  1. Download users' cities?

    I don't want to download some simple starter city that's no better than what I've been creating. I want to see a large, complex city. But all of these are dependent on a horde of mods. And that simply makes it too much work.
  2. Download users' cities?

    Yea, that's what I found. I downloaded several and wasn't able to use any of them.
  3. Download users' cities?

    Thanks. I'll do some research to figure out what "the workshop" is. Found it.
  4. I have to admit that at least for now, I'm a little bored with the game. But I was wondering if there is a library somewhere that good city designers have posted save games that could be downloaded to study for inspiration.
  5. Too many metro trains

    Good to know. I'll drop the budget. Thanks!
  6. Ok, now that I'm starting to dabble with metro, I've got a problem, and didn't find any solutions with searches. I've got a few metro lines set up, but I see that there are now a lot of trains backed up, waiting go get to their stations. Each train is carrying only a few passengers if any. Is there a way to reduce the number of trains running? Is it via budget?
  7. I was going to post this a s a followup in the How do external train connections help thread, but I think it's far enough off topic to create its own. I've been playing the game lately as a traffic simulator, creating soulless grid-upon-grid cities and seeing if I could keep the traffic moving with roundabouts on multiple levels and whatnot. My question is... If the traffic is heavy but moving well, is there a benefit to adding buses and metro stations? Even if there is not a traffic problem to resolve, does this make the city more desirable, attracting more people?
  8. So there is some portion of the population that regularly has to travel outside of of my created city? Ok, I can see that.
  9. With the exception of cosmetic appearance, what do the external train connections do for me? Why should I put a train connection within my city? Does it increase how fast my city grows? Help the commercial or industrial areas?
  10. Full buses

    One of the icons at the bottom on the right is a green stack of money - Economy. Clicking on it brings up a window. Near the top, click on the Budget tab. On the right are sliders for the various transit types.
  11. Full buses

    Much appreciated. Thanks for the tips!
  12. My current city has about 15k pop. I've got a bus depot with a few routes set up. If I click on the different buses, almost all of them show full (30/30). This would lead me to believe that there are probably people waiting for a bus, but can't get on. Do I need more buses? Searching for info on this, I saw an article saying that you don't need more than one bus depot for a city. Is this true? Are these "full buses" not actually a problem?
  13. Bus stop issues

    Excellent - thanks!
  14. I'm still fairly new at it all and trying to get a handle on buses. Here's what I've done and what I'm seeing. I paused the game and created a depot. My city is an uninspiring grid of zones. So in my residential area, let's say I've named my streets as such: 1st Street, 2nd Street, 3rd Street, etc... On my first bus route, I place a stop midway on 1st street. The second stop is coming back on 3rd street, then one on 5th street, etc., and ultimately heading over to the commercial district where it makes a couple stops and then returns back to close the loop. The second route is similar, except that it hits the even numbered streets. Once the routes are finished, I unpause the game, and all zillion buses leave the depot and head to the stop at 1st street, after which, all of them head over to 3rd street, etc., etc., until they all finally make their way to the second route that starts with 2nd street. Is there any way to somehow stagger the starting times or randomize the starting locations? Also... If I zoom in on that first bus stop where ALL of the buses are stopping one after the other, there's a crowd there that never diminishes. If I click on the various cims, their destination IS on the bus route, but they're not getting on the bus. Is this crowd simply a decorative graphic for the game? Will that crowd never diminish, and will Heather Walker, educated senior of The Primrose Residence, never actually make it to Outlet Shop?
  15. Now that I know what you mean by a block, 1 or 2 seems like a terribly narrow area. Is that even enough to insulate them from the pollution? I've been putting more like 10 times that distance. As far as I can tell, they don't seem to mind the commute. I was just wondering if I can go further.