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  1. This is a problem I encountered with the low-rise city I have been building. Everything had been running pretty much smooth to the 60,000 population. I have had a fairly high demand for commercial zones since I began building the city. All my commercial areas have easy access to high way (liberal use of on and off ramps to ease congestion), I have built three seaports. Then once I hit around 63,000 population mark my commercial areas all started showing this sign that says "not enough goods to sell" in many many buildings. In the earlier instances when this happened, I just opened another seaport and that solved the problem. Now that isn't doing the job. The suddeness of this occurance puzzles me. Is this a bug? If it isn't, how do I solve this? by the way on this map I used, the rail lines have not worked from the beginning for whatever reason it is. So, since rail wasn't available from the very beginning I don't believe it is the sole reason for this issue. Thoughts appreciated.
  2. I have a question about the population of buildings in skylines. I have been building a city with highrise ban as a universal city policy except in two small areas. I reached a population of over 60,000 with the low rise restriction. Out of curiousity, I lifted the high rise ban and ran it on fastest speed to see the changes. within a few minutes all my high density areas - commercial and residential - were covered in high rise buildings. but there was minimal change to population, and no real visible increase in traffic. Now why is that? It goes counter to common sense.
  3. Yes the crown has passed. this game seems more complex. My head hurts figuring it out!
  4. Complete newbie here. are there really short great guides to get you started (for those with SC4 background). Also what are the best or must have mods in your opinion? thanks!
  5. Cities skyline a buy?

    I'm now officially a new member of the Cities Skylines addicts! just bought on steam. yay!
  6. There seems to be a bug with the coal plant in rockfield. I placed a third coal plant. It was operating at a lower level. then I got more power issues. looked and the plant next to it is now operating at low level. so I relocated the third plant to where there are ores. It still doesn't produce. so I deleted it and placed a new plant in the same spot. everything is fine now. It's like a sick plant infected the others and my power and population dropped.
  7. Cities skyline a buy?

    thank you Roadman, Koesj. I didn't know there were these separate DLCs. hmmm after dark is on sale. not snowfall but I'm already having enough challenge with the base model so I might now. it is addictive. It doesn't have the fantastical buildings that SC does. But its buildings, the higher levels of details and animations are enjoyable. Consider me a new fan.
  8. Hey peeps I'm still playing SC4 on steam. just noticed cities skylines is on a free trial so I downloaded it. just 1 hour into it, still figuring it out but likes it. is it worth a buy?
  9. Bourke St Public School

    hello what's the capacity of this school?
  10. I didn't save that city. I watched it grow at regular speed. then I put it into hyper speed. It grows aweful looking cities. so I just exited without saving. I do want to apologize to the creator of demand mods and their fans. I didn't mean to make it sound bad, and I'm not passing judgement on you for using it and creating it. It just felt wrong to me and that's all I'm saying. It isn't "morality" but I'm having a brain cramp day and can't think of a better word.
  11. I'm starting a new region and I thought, why not speed the game along by using the super demand mod. So I downloaded it and for trial I opened an existing region. And BOOM, I am getting a zillion new buildings all at once! so my question is, does this not defeat the purpose of the game, and the challenge in it, of creating desirable cities?
  12. Problem with downloaded regions

    yeah that was my problem. I didn't have the right monitor setting in the script. I found the steam script instructions and have it set to the right dimensions. it works now thanks! only one thing though. the native setting makes things look grainy unless I zoom in all the way. *sigh*
  13. Garrison Woods Phase 1

    Dude I'm having an orgy of downloads thanks to you!  holy cow.
  14. MP Precinct Vll

    yeah your work is awesome dude
  15. NHP Olympia Washington By blade2k5

    Dude this is in the WRONG category. all your stuff are. the maps should be uploaded to regions.