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  1. IKEA Home Furnishings

    everything great except 4 roof texture
  2. C16 BurgerKing V2

    best burger king i have seen! i downloaded it! thanx!
  3. Simbledon Stadium

    i like it....i downloaded it!
  4. Reworked Prison

    I like it....a lot!....i don't know y other people r commenting "good start"....what more does one want in an upgrade of the existing n game prison? Very realistic of the stockade(local jail) n my community...the grounds of my local jail also have a very stark landscaping-not even a tree.(I think that was done on purpose)
  5. NHP Fresnos by Heblem and blade2k5

    love it!...but wish the cities where bigger
  6. Winifred Pickles School of Ettiquette

    great job!...but "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"....what kind of school of learning is that?...whatever happened 2 "if u dont have anything nice 2 say...say it behind thier back"...lol
  7. Tobin Building

    Sorry, but not enough occupants and the scale of the building seams a bit a bit small despite the great detail and good work.
  8. Tobin Building

    sorry,not enough occupants,and despite the very good detail and work...the scale of the building looks a little small
  9. Arthouse Theatre Pack

    great job
  10. Kenny's

    very good work...looks like a gay bar though with the rainbow colored lights...but that's ok ....one of my cities n one of my regions should have at least one gay bar
  11. Chalmers Auto Supply

    i like!...i downloaded!...great job!...could have more jobs though.
  12. My First Region

    nice try but any newbie could come up with this map....it looks like it took effort,but...nice try - but try again!
  13. Green Pond

    sorry, but the water looks 2 fake 4 a pond... like the previous commentator wrote...water looks like swimming pool water...ill pass
  14. Osturland Executive Office Building V1

    i like the ground textures...especialy the parking lot(s)
  15. Daddyo117272s Pack O Fun

    great details....like the parking lots