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  1. Update 39: An Emerging Country... (final update)

    Very gorgeous city.I also love the design of the airport terminals.Very creative use of the lots.
  2. Fantasia Africa Republique !

    I like the farmlands.
  3. XV ・ Fury Kazan!

    Now,that's a real disaster!
  4. FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 - Thread

    Lovely scenes out there.Yaaay Messi won golden ball.
  5. FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 - Thread

    Wow...my heart goes out to Messi but Germany deserves.They are the overall best team for the last four world cups.It's high time they won it.
  6. FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 - Thread

    I wonder what it feels like to be a Brazilian right now especially the players.I can't believe such a thing happenned to Brazil.The highest I thought Brazil could concede was like 3goals.How on earth could a side of great players and a great coach not adjust their tactics to at least peg the score at 3-0?If I were the coach I would have given up at goal number 4 and packed the defence very well.Its so sad .I saw one little boy crying into his cup of coca-cola.It was just awful.Sorry Schriefer..at least fight for 3rd!!
  7. FIFA World Cup Special: Rio's Copacabana

    My oh my!!!!Am not even sure how to describe this.Maybe exquisite? This update has motivated me so much.I've lost interest in sC4 for two months now.This update sets me ablaze!!!
  8. 都会のドライブ | Urban Drive

    At long last an update is here!! I guess a lot of efforts went on behind the scenes because those pictures are out of this world.Teiko is now a paradise and it looks more gorgeous at night!!
  9. FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 - Thread

    Am so sorry for Brazilians losing Neymar.He seems to be the whole strikeforce.I wonder what Brazil fans think of Hulk and Fred but most of my friends criticise them a lot. Let's see how the semi-finals go.