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Fantasia Africa

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Fantasia Africa Resolution !

French government is deeply concerned with the developments in her former colony ! Diplomatic efforts has resulted that on neutral place negociations are held in between the government and the opposing parties ! Talks are administrated by representatives of the EU, UN, AU. Talks are lenghty, amnesty should be declared on those involved in the strugle !


President isn´t very convinced by these talks, money he undeserved earned with his trade agreement is frozen on his foreign bank accounts. One day he made his move, he arranged a escape with close friends and fled to go live in excile in one of the remaining more secure friendly blacklist countries. International community stands and watches while this happens !


Fantasia Africa is free ! The people can vote for a new president. democracy is restored for this moment, what will be the faith of the country. Who will know it !

This is the last episode of this series, hope you enjoyed the story !

Mayon Province CJ is continued soon ! Go to Mayon CJ Update at the below adres !


Hope to see you back in the next CJ !


Fantasia Africa Rêver Mauvais !

What will give our dictator a change of heart ! Allways being guarded by heavy armoured militairy doesn´t give a real sence of security ! Africa dark hot summer´s aren´t helping either to have a nice bed time. Hideous dreams are the story of today !

Battle in the jungle is still lingering on as heavy as ever ! Some area´s are hit by the army as ferocious as one can think !

The earth is shaking like wild. All animals are fleeing to get out of the way !



Indegious people are real angry and are calling for the big one ! African jungle is full of the most anxious stories ! This story is about one of the forgoten creatures wich indegious people still conscider as half life - half ghost still living among us !



Deep from the jungle a ancient lifeform is emerging, wich will make our dictator´s life miserable !


The People are aswell horified but don´t have anything to lose !


There go´s the Casino and the summer house !



President, dictator is so horrified by this creature he overnight decide´s to flee the country !


So concluded this horrible dictatorship ? As the title of this episode say "La Rêver Mauvais", it´s a very bad dream !

Hope you liked this story and see you back next time !


Fantasia Africa Dangereux !

As last episode we saw the bitter fight of the F.L.A. against the presidential troops. Underground rebels do bring havoc upon the capitol with the help from some nature fenomena. Rebels got hold of a tank and some fighter jets and make destruction beyond believe on. This could be the starting point for public riot against the goverment who is doing nothing to help the people !




This could be one of the scenarios for the upcoming revolution. Displaying these events or more peacefull one could be quit a challenge, lately I installed the riot mod to try to display some riot´s it would require a mayor drop below 50, but what happened a lot of citizens got fed up with the disasters and tax rises and left town so this mod was quit useless in this case, al afther some fire´s broke out a comet strike and some tornado and lightning strike´s there´r only complaining about common things like power and water, anything else ?


Real life such events would allmost certainly end in riot´s or even a civilwar ! Hidden dangers in the fight should not be triggerd because this could mean doom for Fantasia. World conflicts like the coldwar ended in the late ´80 so world attention shifted to some bad behaving state´s on the black list, Fantasia Africa certainly wasn´t on top of this list and diplomatic efforts tries to put some peacefull transiton on the menu !

Hope you liked this episode and see you back in the next one !


Fantasia Africa Free Africa !

Last episode we discovered that our fictional state wasn´t without any opposition ! President may have thought he could do anything he want for any price, but he was wrong. Modern war is fought in between individuals or small groups !



Let me introduce to you the F.L.A. Front Liberation Africain. This guerilla army is fighting for a free africa without external influence. China deal means money for the president on his foreign bank account in one of the polynesian isles ! F.L.A is largely supported by mother russia and wants to return this money to the people !

Rebels have a harsh fight against government troops !


Overcourse against tanks and some helicopters you need a lot of luck with your artilery and other light weapons !



World politics are in a stalemate about the future of this country. China will veto any action taken against this state ! We have the recipe for a countless years civilwar on the doorstep. Fantasia Africa is quit not a underdeveloped country anymore !

Displaying anything like in this story do require some inmagination, it´s not like ploping any BAT or MMP this is a fictional world. Real world such conficts could as mentioned linger on for years till there is a setlement or one of the party´s is defeated.

How will the strugle proceed, will there be a harsh fight with a total deconstruction of what was build up or will there be a swift coup by the people supported by the army or will the president choose to end this in a peacefull way !

This question will be answered in the next episode. What are the limits of our imagination !


Hope you liked this episode and see you back in the next one !


Fantasia Africa President !

Fantasia Africa is nothing more or less like any so called banana republic ! Power hunger seems on the rise with the second term of the president !

The coastal privat home and motor jacht of our upcoming dictator !


Boy´s Toy´s it is all about it with such a airforce, marine and coastal guard one can´t glamour for any danger !




People of the lower levels are anxious to give there opinion in public. World politics powerplay of the super mighty get aswell into the mix. How resourcefull our president maybe in his strugle to mantain his power, this era presents a different kind of strugle. Militaire are well equiped to wave of any danger !

Training camp in Greapola !


some notorious group fights for the freedom of all citizens of Fantasia Africa above and underground !


Some forward post has been build up by the president to pick up the fight against these daring jungle commando´s


Watch those guns protecting the invaluable harbour facilities !


Guerilla warfare is all bout camouflage so to be well prepared, invisibility, is everything !


Who they are what their message is to the world we shall see it in the next episode !

Hope you enjoyed this episode and see you back in the next one !


Mymyjp: Thank you very much, still nothing mort to add except jungle trees as mentioned !

Kim Sunwoo: Lake did fall out a little bit to large perhaps, god mode terraform has it´s limitis, if smaller and more shallow excecuted one should watch out for crocs, hippo´s and snake´s !

Ultimate727: Storyline is in full suspention mode, keeping the story going, don´t reviel to much, trying find some story !

Feeroz123: Mysterious path doesn´t go to a underwater bunker, it´s the Marrast Underwater Cable Kit by BSC !


Fantasia Africa Grandeur !

End 70´s begin 80´s Industry took a big leap ! Larger towns with manufaturing plants appeared out of nowhere. Late 80´s there came a halt to all to all this activity. Market was fully provided for. Growing world crisis kept the country in stasis ! Goverment personal was well fed; they had the luxuries of western power. Militaire backed up the regime, as we all know in those african states !

Hi-Teck arrived in Chinguako !


The 90´s gave a new kind of colonialisme in this case the intrest of china in the extraction of minerals and iron ore for the fast growing computer industry. Alluminium, koper and silicium and other metals became very precious. A trade agreement was made in wich China would take of all railway and harbour activities. Dubious deal or not ?

Some resort the president build to please the chinese guests !


Marvelously build by local workers with a large assistence of chinese craftmen !

Some updates :

Grand Presidential palace has arrived !


Local residents where very appoled to the extension of the airport runway, despite stiff resistence the plan went ahead !


Presidential summer house got a total overhaul and shine as ever ! One will recognize this famous french estate !


What would be source of income to pay for all those luxeries ?


Quit some rich guest come here, the only casino within 500 miles, convenietly located near the airport !

The president enjoys the luxeries left by the french government to the full. All is going well for the state, citizens maybe lesswell of for the time being but having no other option they just have to deal with it !

Thats it for this journal, hope to see you back in the next one !


Mymjp Thank you very much. This week Journal was quit a effort to assemble ! French house is the Cour the Cheverny wich is located in the Loire valley near Blois. Casino is nice in a modern setting, i am still looking for something more nostalgic like the Monaco casino, others are to large or the income is fouled .

Kim Sunway Thank you for your comment. Airport is quit small, planes are just about DC8/9 so no widebody planes allowed, total replacement maybe only option but a suiteble place isn´t available. Nobody likes to have a airport in one´s back garden unless for the jobs provided !

Dirtguru Thank you. Allthought the country is fictional it´s largely based on the Congo Brazzaville Area !


Fantasia Africa Republique !

Republique Fantasia Africa was declared on 1 January 1973. All colonial property was transfered into state hands. People where worried what the new state would become. Social class didn´t differ very much because of colonial rule, local enterprises like wood logging and mineral extraction where continued and provided the necesary income to get around. Agriculture the second largest export concluded the work chain. Industrial. Commercial enterprises where bound as away offices in the countries developing, all went by we will contact as it is to be, real power lies in europe !


Dense jungle do make wood and mineral extraction quit adventurious !



First aid development farms in the Agreapola district, maxis alike !

The country concist of about 25 districts. Some area´s are so rugged, there nothing except jungle, so any representative, has to come from a nearby appointed district. Heart of the republic is ideal for agricultural enterprises. Around the capital Chinguaka the first commercial and industrial activity would take place. Indigious people life mainly in the rugged mountain side and will al do conserve there lifestyle !


The Assemble National where the parliament is housed !


Downtown Chinguako.

Afther five years of strugling to get the economy going, a small industrial pack was set up with support of the french mother country. Manufactoring small electronics like radio´s or kitchen equipment became posible, importing one from the west would have cost´s a fortune ! Average income still very poor. Money and power is everything !

Radio Fantasia the only state controlled radio station spreads the message of prosperity !


Hope you enjoy the pictures and see you back next time !

Replies !

<Mymyjp Trees are HBS Tropical Flora pack by Heblem. Was setup with large full grown trees there also smaller ones. Thank your for your comment on this and the other journals !

Richie99 Farm are rather old maxis style one´s because this is a older region, this is a side line Journal to my Mayon Province Journal wich has been halted temporarily. Maybe some other Journal as well appear old or new Thank you!

Feeroz123 As mentioned above this is a older region so slope mode weren´t present at that date. Slope mod maybe rather akward because if you´ve seen part one of this journal this is a very hilly rugged region so any long slope would be inpractical or not fitting for the theme . Thank you for your comment !


Fantasia Africa ALife !

Fantasia Africa ALife !

Dark africa just about located at the mouth of the congo river. High mountains with deep river valley´s. French and Belgian colonist had a heavy task to bring this area alive for any exploration. Some decade beyond there is some infrastructure around but access will never be more than a 2 lane Highway or a gravel road or rail line ! African like names are used for the towns and mayor´s and some asian influence is present. Let´s have a look at the region as it is.


Rail and road infrastrucure is well established but far from european standards. Some regional airport has settled near the capital. Still there are some big unexplored willderness to explore !

First the capital Chinguaka, renamed afther the french left. Administrative capital of the region with a rather dated airport.



DC8 planes can just takeoff from this runway, others are stranded for ever ? Lenghtning is high on the agenda, but when will this ever take place ? Perhaps during this series !


Now we have a look at the city at the mouth of the congo ! Aziaka, the asian infuence or chinese, who will say, much changed afther the french left ! Most asian companies exploring are going for upstream oil and minieral reserves.


Watch the crawling road inbetween up and down town on the lower right !


Some extreme farming, well the dimensions of screencapture are wayoff when working with such terrain. Nice some industry and a port to transport the goods. Last we have a look at Malamba, the mayor town of industry at the inner mouth of the congo river !


Hope you like the pictures, and see you back around !

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