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About this City Journal

An oriental themed city journal with extraordinary citizens who have amazing stories to share. One of the few Simtropolis' anime fanfic CJs.

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Author's Note: Hi guys! It has been quite some time and this place has really turned a little bit lonely so I decided to add new things up. I hope you guys would enjoy the newest installment of Teiko and please don't stop supporting my city journal arigatou gozaimasu! 

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gviper: Thanks gviper, I hope you enjoy this one as well. 

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Sexysark:P: Thank you Sark, the update took quite some time though. 

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Kim Sunwoo: Thank you very much. I am glad you have liked it. 

tankman: Thanks! I have been really trying to break the grid off lately but oh well, I still grids. I continuously strive to learn using diagonal roads and making them appear aesthetically good though. 






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Author's Note: OMG. I don't know what to say, it has been a while since Teiko updated so here it is! Sorry that past entries have no images, I blame majhost for that. I will try to get those images back when I find time, uploading them is easy but pasting them again is quite a conundrum. Well back on the regular programming, it really took some time before this thing was finished so I hope you grab your popcorn now and enjoy!

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Tonraq: Thanks Carl, finally here is another update for you! :lol:


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Author's Note: Enjoy!

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Kisa Atsuko: Thanks Kisa. Kyouya will appear soon in my updates. You know what I mean.


Tonraq: Thanks Carl. Indeed, 200th commenter! Here is my homemade apple pie for you. Itadakimasu!

diego6677: Yes. all the neon lights and fireworks are photoshopped. Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it.

TowerDude: Best wishes too Greg! Happy new year.

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gviper: Thank you very much!

sim city 4 builder: Thank you.

Mymyjp: Thanks, I like bright lights!

chongjunxiang: They are actually in-game images edited in Adobe Photoshop.











































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Author's Note: Okay, no more long author's note! It is party time and let's go have some fun! Somebody open the red wine please! *Poof*

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Author's Note: It pains me to announce that the two cities I used for this update is suffering from this epidemic called prop pox. As such, it took me so much time to finish this update. Well, I know I have been absent for two months but then again school had been really very tight these days. Also due to my clubs and the student government, my weekends are also taken. As such I continue to apologize for my absence. Also, I would like to thank everyone who supported me until the end especially those who give out their comments, vote and even the +1 rep. Thank you so much! :D

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Mymyjp: Thank you. Indeed it was amazing to finish one semester but I am still far away from graduating.


Sexysark:P: Who is this person? Hahaha. Just kidding. Thank you for the support Sart. Your new username is still lingering around my head. :P

juliok92012: Hearing from someone who is good at editing images and is an awesome city journalist himself, thank you very much. It is an honor. :)

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pinkindustry (2): Thank you, actually that scene was added in the later part to relieve traffic. Hahaha.

_A: Thank you Alec!

Kisa Atsuko: Oh wait, don't blame me! It's your own people complaining. Hahaha.

KonstantinII: Indeed. "San" is a Japanese honorific with the English equivalent of "Mr/Mrs". It the most common honorific for Japanese people and the most formal too.

tankman: Thank you so much for the comment!

city89: Thank you for the comment!

asuna71: Whoops, it is? Hahaha. Thank you for the comment Asuna.

kirkdangerfield: Thank you. Ah, the stairs are part of either Jeronji's walls set or Mas71's. Both of them are available at SC4Devotions.

Benedict: Tis the season indeed, happy holidays Ben and thank you for the comment!






























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Author's Note: Due to work and school, life has really been tough and even as I write this update, I am leaving for a congress to Davao City. Well despite this thank god I finally had the time to update this and I hope you would like this new entry. As I have earlier said, Teiko is now focusing more on natural growth and region collaboration. I will try to upload the region screenshot next time when there are more cities included. Enjoy. :yes:

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Kisa Atsuko: Thanks Kisa. Yes, I need to give more attention to my Japanese.


NielsC007: Thanks Niels. Indeed, a lot of people requested it. Haha

sarthakknight: Thanks. I know you can make a comeback! Just do not give up. :)

Logan W.: Thanks Logan. I really anime and SimCity 4.

Tonraq: What do you mean by that? Hahaha. Anyway, thanks Carl. Again, I will pay attention to my Japanese translations.

tonyr: Thanks tonyr.

Jorge_carillo: Thank you. Well, what is good about city journalism is that we learn from each other. I have also learned a lot from you actually. :D

kirkdangerfield: Thank you. I am not sure but there are some buildings with English billboards.

SVW-Giant: Thank you.

Mymyjp: Thank you. I am glad you appreciated it and yes, welcome to Teiko. :D
























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Author's Note: Yay, finally made a new update. I apologize for having only one update for this month. Next month is also going to be hectic. I will try to make an update next month but most probably it is quite impossible. I hope you guys enjoy this new chapter and thank you very much for the continued support. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment, I need some help to redefine how I play. Thank you once again. :yes:

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Kisa Atsuko: Well not much damage to say. Haha. Thank you Kisa.

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Jorge_carillo: I have a lot of Japanese bats and I use block maxis mod. This way only those Japanese buildings in my plugins folder will grow. :)

fan o SC4: Thank you.

SimEmirate: Thanks. Actually, that is one of the abnormal times I post an image with a view like that, normally I use close-up view. :lol:




























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Author's Note: Another update is here. Thank you all for the continuous patronage. I hope you like this new episode. I am sorry for the snail pace movement in the CJ, I have been very busy with school and the student government. Thank you once again. :)

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I have no excuse, well actually there are a lot but they won't matter anyway. Hahaha. I am happy that I am finally able to update this city journal after a long long long time. As I have stated before, this cj is not dead, the author is just lazy and busy at the same time, oh the oxymoron. :P Anyhow, thank you for the continuous support and this CJ is about to cross 10k views. Arigato gozaimasu. :D

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Tonraq: Thanks for liking it. It seems like Okaiken and Teiko aren't really that close at the end of the day.


NielsC007: Thanks, I just learned about RRW and it is indeed an interesting mod.

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sarthakknight: Thanks Sarth.

Drack: I'll take that as a suggestion. Hahaha. Oh, I don't know how to make monsters in SC4. :P

MilitantRadical: Thanks.

Vitor13: Thanks.

APSMS: Thanks for BAT, well mostly for fanservice but I also want to portray some stories too. It is just a bit disappointing I can't seem to think of a good story at the moment. Thanks for the compliment and taking your time to write such comment. I appreciate it.

SimRico: Thanks SimRico.

Magneto: Thanks. It's still a long long long way road for me though but I am glad you appreciate the development.

Kisa Atsuko: Thanks Kisa. Please teach me dependencies of your plaza, I want them badly. Hahaha

Benedict: Thanks Benny! I hope I get back to the list now.


























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AUTHOR'S NOTE: WOAH! Thank guys for the undying support, the warm welcome to my updates and the new format is really encouraging. I have no major changes though although Tonraq sure knows why I was so busy with the last week. :P I just hope you like the new update and keep posted around. Arigatou Gozaimasu. BTW, rural is not my forte so please comment anything you see that you do not like. I am open to suggestions as long as they don't get personal. :yes:

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Roman_Samudra: I edited the replies. I apologize for that. Hahaha. Well, there's a lot of character we can use for the rally, I''l pick someone who is fitting for the rallying event.

C4RACORTADA: Thanks, the people of Teiko are glad we caught your attention.

Houston: Thanks. I am happy you liked it. Took a while to edit but I believed the efforts did paid off well. You should have a twitter and the hastags? I'm sorry you know I am a fan of those. :P

Ln X: Thanks Ln X. Well with that being said I just have to focus on my SC4 to make my stories better. :D

SimRico: Thanks. You should know that Teiko loves Peyton-Stepford and Troy very much! Looking forward for more interaction.

Tonraq: Dat comment. :P Haha. Thanks.

slickbg56: Thanks. I am happy you liked the update.

Richie99: Thanks Richie! This is also so far my favorite city I created. :D

MariusMR: Thanks Marius, indeed I am happy for the warm welcome of the new format.

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Zelgadis: Hehehe. Sure, I will have a plan B although my stories don't run in consecutive episodes but I will add a storyline soon, I am just thinking of a good one because it might just end up like Free! and we don't want that do we? :rofl: Thanks for the comment Zelgadis and indeed your comments really have something to say. Your encouragement and advises are well taken in consideration.

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garyF: Woah, what a long last comment. :yes: Anyway, to be honest, your recent updates in your city journal fair better than my earlier updates. I think seeing how others work and learning your way thorough it is the best thing any city journalist can do when starting out. I had my vanilla days too and even now, sometimes, I still add vanilla items. I do take some time with my updates as this month is getting busier despite the fact that it should be a summer break For the twitter accounts, I just create them myself so you really won't find them in twitter. Hahaha. And for the driving, oh well, if you drive LHD here, you'll end up being scolded my Mayuzumi to take the driving lessons. :rofl:








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AUTHOR'S NOTE: First off, I am overwhelmed. :) Yes, I am overwhelmed that I could cry. Thank you guys for all the comments. You just don't know how it inspires me much. I made this CJ because I just want to show the world how I play simcity and I am very happy that you have appreciated my style. Arigatou Gozaimasu! Just another out of the update announcement: Starting today, all my city journal updates will be taken into a first-point of view speaker. Each update is also stand alone but sometimes correlated. So when you skipped an update, fret not, you are not behind, as a matter of fact, welcome, you are just in time. :yes: The current theme is still in trial status, if the administrators and moderators permit, I think I will not have more problem.

Disclaimer: Some pictures are not mine, all of them are credited to their rightful owners. They are used under the fair-usage policy. If you want your pictures removed, feel free to message me.

Replies to comments:

NielsC007: Thanks! I definitely will try that although I cannot promise. Perhaps the next update after this I will go rural again.

Zalgadis: Wow, this comment really made up my week. Thanks for the advice Zelgadis, I admit that sometimes I really use words without being sure of what they mean. Hahaha, I definitely need to use the dictionary more often and for the website, it's going to be like an official gazette where you can read press release. As for your concern regarding famous characters, I have really looked into it and so far I really do use famous characters because first and foremost this CJ is a fanfic thus I do not intend to rewrite a viewer's perspective. For example when I used Lelouch, I personally picked him because I know his canon personality will fit in the story, the same goes with the others. However, I will also use some characters that are not familiar, perhaps a hybrid of the two types to add variety. Overall, thank you for the advices. You also have the record for the longest comment I got in my cj! :yes:

89James89: Hai James! I am definitely going more into mid-rise now, super tall buildings are so annoying. Hahaha. I'll change the shrine environment soon. Thanks for the critic.

Ln X: Thanks Ln X. I will practice using mmps, I feel like I have hit a wall when using them. :rofl:

Roman_Samudra: Hey so mean! Those tanks aren't in the road, its just a military outpost. Who knows who might come invading. :P Anyway, thanks for the comment Roman!

sarthakknight: Yep. I will be working hand in hand with mmps to improve my nature settting. I am happy you liked the business center, making that really took a while.

Schulmanator: Thanks Schulamantor. I am really gearing to make an Asian-themed CJ now. I wish the vanilla days are over, or is it? Hahaha.

NMUSpidey: Thanks NMUSpidey. Hey every city journal is a portrait of the journalist's style so I beg to disagree, your work does stink. As a matter of fact I like it, I'm just quite having a hard time coping up with the story. For your question, this is Magneto's answer, he's also the one who helped me get the zebra lanes back. "NMUspidey to get zebra crosswalks you need to download old SFBT mod @ SC4 devotion and select the option for zebra crosswalks from the installer. Then you can delete all files besides the one named "zzz3_Euro_Textures_Crosswalks.dat" and place the file inside z__NAM folder and make it load after the other textures"

TekindusT: Thanks! I did your advice and yes, I loved the new look of all my trains and even the buses. Thank you once again.

Tonraq: Thanks Tonraq! Your CJ is awesome too, I must admit your work made me inspired to make these.

Magneto: Done. Thank you for your support and encouragement. I am happy that to have inspired you even in a small way. :)

Houston: Thanks Houston! Your comment is really inspiring. I hope you enjoy the scenes here too.

garyF: Whoops! You're correct but I am tired of changing everything so I'll stick to right-hand after all I am right-handed. :rofl: Thanks for the comment.

kagamiya: There is nothing to argue here, he definitely is cute. I am happy you are watching Kuroko no Basket too.

SimRico: Thanks SimRico! I have received the message and I must say that we are blessed to have another Mama Peyton opening in Teiko. Yep, Hamada is really a vacation place but wait till I get my hands to a coasted city. :lol:

Richie99: Thanks Richie! I must admit this is also the longest medium size city I worked on. Well, I wish I could own the drawings but no, the gif are taken from the anime itself and some images I use are fanarts.

Benedict: Thanks Benny! That temple was so hard to find... I am happy you liked it.

Pwel28: Thanks Pwel, I am happy you are seeing my cj as Asian themed.

simcityplayer15: Thanks simcityplayer15, I also personally liked this downtown than any city I have made so far... except for the current update. Hahaha.









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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I have changed the name of my country for some business and personal reasons. Please feel free to visit this site for more details. Also Devon News Online Journal have transferred to a new and better site, check this site out for more details and please do not forget to vote on the site's survey on the upper right!

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NielsC007: Thanks! That map surely did take some time to make. I am happy you liked it.

Houston: Thanks Houston! I might need to use photoshop also soon. :D

SimRico: Yay! I love Peyton-Stepford-Troy too! I'm working on with the summit as we speak. Took some time but I might be ale to pull it off sooner.

Terring: Thanks Terring!ī

89James89: Thanks James. I am happy you liked this entry. I also love that scene in The Residences. It's the first high rise in this area fyi.

Kisa Atsuko: Hahaha. I am glad you liked the images.

NMUSpidey: Thank you NMUSpidey. Well I must say that learning is a gradual process. Hahahaha

Neto Dari: Thanks Neto!

Richie99: Yes, I did make a map for it. Hahaha :P Oh well, those BATs took time to find and I must say BAT hunting isn't easy.

Roman_Samudra: I am not sure. Hahaha. Well took quite time to plan things out. Glad you liked it.

titanesk: Done.

CorpusDei: I love Krispy Kreme too! :thumb:

sarthakknight: Well so much for shopping, you have to find a work too!

Mayor Gaetan: Done.

andisart: Thanks for the beautiful BAT Andisart! I really love that building and I am glad I came across upon it. :yes:

sarthakknight: Mini Dubai? Nope. I have quite a different plan in mind. Hahaha

Magneto: Thanks Magneto! I must say that the long road to being a good CJournalist is still a way ahead.




First off, I would like to apologize for this late entry. I had not been feeling well lately because of flu, fever and mild headaches. If you are wondering why, you will find it out in this journal entry.

By the way, I am Kuroko Tetsuya. For those who had been with me in my past adventures in Kirisaki Daichi looking for some awesome vanilla milkshakes then you must have probably met me. However for the sake of those who don't allow me to reintroduce myself. Once again I am Kuroko Tetsuya, a young enthusiastic 100% Teikonian who is unfortunately tasked to you guide you around Teiko in some episodes. I am an acquaintance of Kise Ryouta, the incumbent minister for Internal and External Communications (MICE).

Moving forward, I hope you like this entry and drop a comment below, vote a star or give us +1. They are all highly appreciated. :D

Lastly, please do not despise my sickened appearance.


Oh well.. enough with those stuff. I could feel like I'm writing this episode from bottom to top. :rofl:

Two days ago, our corporate team decided to go out for the Easter day. Well frankly, more than a religious occasion, we in Teiko treat it a national holiday for some other reason I haven't figured out yet. So, we in Seirin Enterprise Holdings Corporation decided to go to Hamada City.

Where is Hamada City? Just little over to the north of Kamizaki District and left of Daisuke District. Hamada City is the second largest city in Beika Prefecture and is quite full of oddities.

Arriving in Hamada City by car was the worst experience I could get. It was dawn when we reached the city boundary, somebody should have advised to use the train which is more comfortable not to mention faster.


Hamada City boundary with Daisuke District.

After another painstaking session of road riding, we finally arrived at the hotel we are required to stay.


Teito Hotel Hamada, a small tourist hotel outside the city downtown.

The hotel was small but comfy, seems like the company is cutting expenses lately, this hotel was in basically in the middle of nowhere or better yet in the middle of farmlands.


Another shot of Hotel Teiko Hamada, it has around 150 rooms and a few amenities but it does not have a pool. To its front are rice fields.

It was a tiring morning, so we did not go out prior to lunch time. I wanted to go to the city but I was forbidden to go alone so in the end we all decided to eat in a restaurant nearby.


Hamada Square (it's not really a square, its more of a strip) in the middle of the rice fields, a popular tourist destination.

Afterwards, we spent the whole afternoon there until we went to the onsen at around 5PM.


Hamada Onsen, the only onsen in Hamada City and the nearest from Teiko Metropolitan Area.


That's me, yes please don't be dazzled on how cute I am.


My two superiors also enjoying their onsen experience.

Well, it was really a good experience. I need to remind myself of visiting it once in a while. Relaxation for the body is the best rejuvenation style there is.

The following day we decided to visit the Inoue Shrine sitting on top overlooking Hamada City.


Inoue Shrine, a USESCO hailed heritage site. This place is one of the oldest remnants of the Bashimatsu Empire, Teiko's predecessor nation.


Another view of Inoue Shrine.


Inoue Shrine (bottom center) overlooking the onsen we visited earlier and the Inoue Temple.

Afterwards we decided to visit the downtown since all we had did in the city was visit rice fields and old buildings.


Whole Seirin Team walking through the streets of Hamada City.

We decided a quick stroll around the town to buy some good souvenirs but I guess it wasn't a really very good idea. The downtown was quite far but we did go anyway.


We finally got a taste of REAL urbanity in after a few walks.

A little bit more to the north...


Hamada Central Station, I'll definitely try my best to take the train back home after this...

So my wish got granted earlier. We took a train from Hamada Central Station to Hamada Business Ward Station 1.


Hamada Business Ward Station 1 which is also locally known as Shin Station in Dowtown Hamada, a few kilometers to the north.

Well I never knew we can walk through the flyover but I guess that's only in Teiko. :rofl:


Shin-Niji Flyover connecting the two business wards of Hamada City (Shin and Niji).


Shops at Shin District in Hamada City.

We did a quick stroll around looking for whatever we can find that is cheap. Teiko's economy is quite a little but slow these days as the national election is fast approaching.

It was a great day touring the downtown but rain fell hardly out of nowhere that we immediately decided to go back to the hotel


Hard rain over downtown Hamada City.

With nothing to do left, we decided that there is one last option to make:

Leave..... :(

It's sad but all vacations are just temporary, we have work the following day and for that matter the others agreed to take the train in going back to Teiko. At least my request got granted again, to say at least.


Train leaving Hamada City, the last thing you should see would be the military outpost just the outskirts of the city.

Well, that is it. Another week had gone by and another chapter closes but I wish to bring you around Teiko more in the coming days so please keep posted for updates!

Lastly, as a souvenir, we took this picture from Kodak at Downtown Hamada. The place in the left is called Hamada Town Circle (Wait, they have a square and now a circle? :???: ) and is a place full of residential condominium complexes.


There you have it, the transcript of our short/long vacation trip to Hamada City. Tomorrow, I need to file my liquidation report for all the expenses done here, great back to work again. :read:

In the end, I hope to see you again in my coming journeys, Ja mata!





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IMPORTANT AUTHOR'S NOTE: I would like to apologize if some entries (Vanilla... -> Shipping...) lack images. I will no longer update/reupload those images because it is too many... Please understand. Hahahaha. Also, I could not locate some of the pics that I used in my hard drive which makes things worse. Anyhow, rest assured that the following entries after this will no longer use photobucket to avoid such hassle. :P

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Helloooooooooooooo! *waves cheerfully*


The annoying blond is here. :lol: Oh well, as promised, I came back to update this cj. Hmm, I hope you are not really getting tired me and all my randomness. Otherwise, I will really cry. :(

Well, well, well. Anyhow. Nothing has been really much up to be anticipated for this week, this is quite an old news but I still want to share it. Can you believe it, this guy actually survived the vote of no confidence??? Oh god, what is happening to Teiko's politics. I think I might need to go for a break.


Now, let us not stick to much into that otherwise I might go berserk mode again! So for this weeks update, hmm, let me think, what was that again? Nah, wait... Eh... Oh yeah, I'm taking you to my office. No jokes, no witty bits just windows. Eh? Never mind what I just said. So yeah, I'm taking you to my office which is *rumbles pocket to find business card*, on Akashi Global District *continued rumpling of pocket*. Oh god nevermind! Let's just take a tour around Akashi Global District, that would be better! :yes:

So how many of you remembered this image? This was taken a few months back then.


Akashi Global City (February)

Now, this place have totally undergone a metamorphosis.


Akashi Global City (February)

Hey, I can see my office now! :lost: Anyhow, I still don't remember the address. Ministry of Internal and External Communication (MICE) had just recently moved here and I'm still quite unsure of the road names. So let me grab this map... Uh where is it.. *sigh* Oh it's here.


Map of Akashi Global City.

As you can see this place has totally gone wild! So where do we start walking? Nah, never mind. Here are some cool places to hangout and to see in Akashi Global City.

This shrine is the heart of Akashi Global City and that building to the left is my office. Nyahaha. How can I ever forget this address. This might be the result of overworking or I'm just plainly stupid. Well whatever suits the weather.


Ministry of Internal and External Communications Office and AGC Shrine.

A few walk from my office you will be able to see Metropolitan Mall. Oh those good box-type malls you see in nearly every district in Teiko. Well, Metro Mall is the largest mall chain the country (so far).


Metro Mall @ Akashi Global District

Well Metro Mall is the one of the four major retail districts in Akashi Global City. I think this place is really saturated with malls but as of the recent count, Kamizaki has now a total population of 165,000 (estimate), making it the most populous district in Teiko Metropolitan Area.

Here are some few landmarks around this side Akashi Global City.


Grand hotel is to the left, and that building in the right is the HQ of Teiko Airways, currently the second tallest building in the vicinity.


Mandarin Oriental AGC (right) and National Archives and Peyton-Stepford-Troy Embassy (left)


GT Center, home of Teiko's Sumala Banking Corporation (TSBC), Teiko's fourth largest bank. I personally love to see building from my office, it looks cool with all those wavy sides. ;)


Now this one is closer to my office, the first flagship stand alone store of Debenhams in Teiko.


Another mall in AGC, this one is for those who are looking for al fresco dining and luxury, beat me to it, you're looking for Louis Vuitton? Hermes? Givenchy? They all have them here, that is why I don't often visit this place! :rofl:

Ok so those are some major landmarks on the eastern side of Akashi Global City. Now, moving more to the west, we can see some developments too but on a much shorter scale, I mean literally, the buildings are way too short, I guess balance of probability?

The most prominent place is Lifestyle District. It is the newest hangout place for youth and those feeling youth. :thumb:


Main building of the compound housing shops, restaurants and night bars.

Another landmark in this side of the land development is the Asiatown IT Park. It's called asiatown because it really looks like so Asian. :ohyes:


Asiatown IT Park facing the Teiko Interstate. Toyota dealership can be seen on the lower right.


Asiatown IT Park facing the Lifestyle District.

Currently this is the latest project in this area, a strip of restaurants and shops called CityWalk. So far only three restos have opened yet.


CityWalk, the first retail development of Sumimoto Properties, a land development giant specializing in residential properties.

To finally cap this off, here are some few more noticeable developments around the whole area.


The Residences @ Akashi Global City, the first highrise residential development in the vicinity.


LTU Arena, the largest stadium to be constructed in Teiko to date. I heard I'm going to have a concert here, oops, just kidding, I'm not even a singer but I love karaoke, I'll invite you too sometime.


Health care? Not a problem in AGC. Teiko Medical Center, a world-class hospital run by the government and is free for all (of course unless you aren't paying your tax!) :]


Education? Not a problem either.

Well as you can see, Akashi Global City has really been constructed to fulfill its purpose - a feat of civic transformation in the heart of Teiko.


Akashi Global City - "The Home of the Passionate Minds"

Now, why in hell am I even endorsing this place? Heh, must be because I work here. Anyhow, here is just one reason to consider when living here. If you look closely to the map, in the upper left is the Imperial Palace, the official residence of the Teiko premier. As long as you can handle living close to a politician, then why not? :lol:


But don't worry here is an view that will surely make you want to live in this place.


Row houses along Park Avenue overlooking norther AGC, to the upper left is Teiko Japanese School and to the far right is AGC business hub.

Well I hope you like the travel around Akashi Global City, for information, the whole place is actually not developed yet. Around 30% of the place is still barren, I wonder when will buildings rise in those areas. Now, I better get to work or else you know what will happen.

I hope to see you again in the coming episodes, Ja mata!





Disclaimer: Some pictures are not mine, all of them are credited to their rightful owners. They are used under the fair-usage policy. If you want your pictures removed, feel free to message me.


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Sword Art Online, Alfheim Online, Gun Gale Online and the newest virtual reality game in Teiko, UnderWorld are household names among the youth and even the young professionals. Who would have not known these portfolios that made Teiko Metropolitan Area the heart of United SimNation's gaming industry? From online games to virtual reality MMORPGs, majority of these originated in Teiko and most of them are developed by only one company - Blue Lightning Gaming Corporation.

Easily commanding 90% of Teiko's online gaming market, Kirigaya Kazuto a.k.a. Kirito can any day retire from his work already but had decided to continue his passion for gaming and bring in more innovative ideas the world has never seen. Today, Devon News Online Journal (DNOJ) pays homage to the father of online gaming and the developer of the rather infamous, Sword Art Online.


Kirigaya Kazuto a.k.a. Kirito, the father of online gaming.

4oci.jpg DNOJ: Kirigaya-san a.k.a. Kirito, welcome to the show. Without further ado, allow me to directly to my questions. Everybody in Teiko knows Sword Art Online, Alfheim Online, Gun Gale Online and UnderWorld. I mean you are definitely a celebrity. Just a question of interest, how did it all start?

Kirito: Wow. To be honest, I never thought that things would be this big. First of all, I was really a computer maniac from the start. I was born into my late parents in 1976 as sickly boy. I was not allowed to go out so most of the time, I was alone in my room playing computer or doing some random stuff.


Young Kirito facing his computer in his room.

ghzj.pngKirito: Uhm, so this is an image of my neighborhood. The biggest house you see is ours.


Kirigaya Residence at Kaijo District, 1990s.

ghzj.pngKirito: I enrolled at Kaijo Private School back in 1979. I was three years old that time. I don't know why and how but my parents managed to enroll me and being a good only son, I obeyed. School was definitely boring, I could barely remember my elementary and secondary years. Being quite an anti-social, I really never had any chance to go out with friends.


Kaijo Private School, the oldest high school in Teiko.

4oci.jpg DNOJ: Uhuh. That's quite a story. So all those years, you never had any major activity that you enjoyed going out with people?

ghzj.png Kirito: There are some school field trips aside from that I think there are none. Most of the times I go to my hideout.

4oci.jpg DNOJ: That must have been a lonely life!


Kirito's "hideout", Kaijo library at Kaijo Park. It is also clear that Starbucks coffee was still here, the first Starbucks in Teiko.

ghzj.png Kirito: Well, things worked out like it is until I got enrolled at college in the University of Kaijo. It was the most prestigious university that time and as always my parents wanted the best for me.


Kirito as a student in the University of Kaijo.


University of Kaijo, 1993.

ghzj.pngKirito: In college, I took up computer science and engineering, I was very ambitious in taking up two different course at the same year. In my first year thesis, I created the lightning platform, this was the original software needed for Sword Art Online and in my second year, we have fully launched Sword Art Online 1.0.


Opening Video of Sword Art Online 1.0

4oci.jpg DNOJ: We?

ghzj.png Kirito: Ah yes, I met a lot of friends in college who have the same passion as mine but sadly our success was short lived. The game was too expensive to run and nobody wants to support it financially even my parents. It wasn't long until I finally found myself using drugs as defense mechanism for the failure thinking my life was worthless. In the end, I found myself at Too Rehabilitation Center a year later.


Too Rehabilitation Center, Rehab Island, Too in 1996. The facility is now closed down and is transferred to a new location.


Kirito in his later days at Too Rehabilitation Center.

4oci.jpg Devon: I'm sorry to hear that.

ghzj.png Kirito: Well, everybody was very very disappointed at me that time. I remember I could not even dare talk to my father.


Kirito at home after his rehabilitation process.

ghzj.pngKirito: However, I still managed to complete my studies in my final year and I immediately set out to restart the computer game again. I loaned some funds from my family, it was actually a reward for graduating, and created Lightning Games Corporation.


Lightning Gaming Corporation Official Logo until 1997.

ghzj.png Kirito: It was really a struggle at first. I was the only one manning the whole thing but my innovative gaming style proved to be eye-catching to some investors. At the end of 1994, Lightning Games turned profitable with the help of some angel investors, we were still around 40 employees that time with three servers running. However, we were still small, so we were doing a lot of cost cutting, in fact, I was force to become the model for Sword Art Online 2.0. Hahaha


Lightning Gaming Corporation, 1994.


Sword Art Online 2.0 Official Art in 1995.

ghzj.png Kirito: However, the economic crises of 1997 and the death of my parents took a big toil on me and the company. It was very difficult to be professional at that time knowing your parents was murdered leaving me as the only survivor of the tragedy. Even until know, although the culprit has been caught, I could still feel some chills running down my spine.



Residential properties were a big hit during the economic crises of 1997. National GNP growth declined to negative for the first time in Teiko's history.

ghzj.png Kirito: In the end, Lightning Games decided to close down. I was on my way to file for bankruptcy when Blue Skyy Financials called me and offered to help the company stay afloat in return for 50% of the company's total stocks and naming rights. At first I was hesitant but I guess the inner passion moved me and I took the deal. in 1998, Lightning Games was relaunched as Blue Lightning Gaming Corporation.


Current Main Office of Blue Lightning Gaming Corporation at Marina-chu, Kiajo.

ghzj.png Kirito: Since then, we have been publishing all sorts of gaming databases, consoles and programs. I think in total we have released 14 games already including UnderWorld. I am really happy and thankful for what happened to me. It was like a fairy-tale but this one's for real.


Sword Art Online 3.0, the current and latest version, poster.


Sword Art Online User Interface at the Virtual World

4oci.jpg DNOJ: That is indeed a wonderful tale. So as of the moment, aside from office and gaming what else do you do?

ghzj.png Kirito: Well in particular, I engage in philanthropic works with the Wammy Foundation and at the same time I have to be a father to my three children and a good husband to my wife, Asuna.


Kirito and his wife, Asuna at their resort house in Too District.

4oci.jpg DNOJ: Indeed! Thank for your time Kirigaya-san. We are very proud to have such a successful Teikonian like you. As for my last question, what is the advice you can give to our viewers?

ghzj.png Kirito: Uh. Well, life is like a game. No matter how high your level is, it does not make you invincible to problems and just like any game, it does not matter how many times you failed, what matters is that you have completed your quests and you have finished the game victoriously.

Kirigaya Kazuto is a well known fellow in Kaijo District, he is one of the few Teikonian who innovated ideas that are out of their generation. Dubbed as the father of online gaming, Kirito is adored by many gaming developers and is internationally well-known in the gaming world. He is also listed as 29th richest Teikonian and 19 on Teiko's Most Powerful People.





Disclaimer: Some pictures are not mine, all of them are credited to their rightful owners. They are used under the fair-usage policy. If you want your pictures removed, feel free to message me.


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NMUSpidey: Haha. It's ok. I'm happy it intrigued you but it will take more time before things will actually happen.

Richie99: Thanks! I just love writing fanfics and so this CJ is one big fanfic, i also like those characters too.

Neto Dari: Thanks! I will definitely have more of those but with more in game images.

Houston: Well, it really took time but all those hiatus was due to an exam. It's summer break now and I am happy to be able to spend more time with this CJ.


Whats up! I bet you have missed my face badly in this CJ. It's been a while that I finally got some time to update this CJ, I mean me personally updating this. Well, I hope you had fun with Kuroko on that Vanilla journey (never mind him, he's vanilla milkshake addict) and never mind the last update too (I mean don't let it sink too much on your minds). We as Teiko officials aren't actually supposed to talk about it. Well, but seriously I am not really sure of that so called transcript and until now it is still a talk of a town.


Oh well, let's proceed to the updates cause there is so many of them that I need to share. Okay, so where should I start? Hmmm...

First, I was warn everybody that Teiko's currently in a middle of a political havoc, well that actually happens every year but this 2014 is somewhat greater than last year and the last year and the last last year. Why? Because the national elections is coming up this November, well not that I care but most of the Teikonians do (Oh what a bad official am I). Anyhow, speaking of havoc, the Teiko Regional Council (Central-46) had just voted to undergo a vote of no confidence against the head of the council, I bet you must met him during the last update (Kensuke Fukui). I wonder if he will survive.


Read more here.

Well, one of the issues that is being tackled is the transcript and some even questions his house in Kyoritsu but overall, I think the problem was about transparency of his dealings. Anyhow, this is his house in Kyoritsu. So what you think, it's pretty lavish ei?


Fukui Residence, Kyoritsu District taken during the Autumn of 2013.

As of the moment, here is the unofficial total count of the votes that was carried out.


Meh, I don't like him anway. So who cares? LOL. Well, for everybody's info, it needs 19 votes to vote him out and looks like we are inching closer to it. I'm not happy okay, I'm just excited, no I mean worried, yeah worried. :P

Moving on to other updates, I will be talking about shipping and since I mentioned shipping, I immediately drew this picture out....


Himuro Tatsuya and Kagami Taiga from Kuroko no Basket. You'll meet them here in this CJ very soon. ;)

Okay, just Kidding! Maybe not this type of shipping, LOL. I might have drunk some alcohol again. When I said shipping, I'm talking about this!


Teiko is the heart of the the United SimNation's logistics industry and to prove to you the worth that title, here are some of the developments that has been going on around town. These are just some of the major port of entry in Teiko Metropolitan Area.

Let's do some throwback shall we?

Remember when Port of Kaijo was two separate identity that I wonder why is that so? And those sloppy slopes was such an eye sore? Okay, here are some of the images, I knew you might have a hard time remembering it.


Former Port of Kaijo


Former Ferry Terminal of Kaijo District

Well, recently, the District Council of Kaijo led by Yoshitaka Moriyama (a cool best friend of mine :yes: ) just did some major renovations and look at Kaijo's port recently. I mean, this is a total makeover! :O I was from Stepford Island last week and when I went home, I was totally shock. Hats off to my friend for making the impossible happen. Let me present to you, the new Port of Kaijo.


New Port of Kaijo


Closer look of the port and the cargo bay.


Cargo port corner.


Ferry passing by the new Port of Kaijo.


Newly renovated ferry terminals.

Speaking of ports and shipping, all these are currently controlled by the Ministry of Trade and Industry headed by Namikawa Reiji and the Ministry of Transportation, administered by Furihata Kouki. So if you have plans on opening business here in Teiko or exporting your products to our small city state, it is pretty much welcome but word of advise, we don't do smuggling here. :} So drop by by their office located at Teiko Special Economic Zone in Hayama Island, Kirisaki Daichi.


MTI Center, Hayama Island, Kirisaki Daichi

Speaking of opening businesses and opportunities, Kaijo is really improving well into drawing a lot of investors. Believe it or not, that old district is bringing in the first Mama Peyton's Greasy Spoon in Teiko Metropolitan Area. That restaurant is famous for its burger and is one of Peyton-Stepford-Troy landmarks. Drop by here for some awesome food but beware because the line is long!


Mama Peyton's Greasy Spoon Logo


Mama Peyton's Greasy Spoon beside Buffalo Grill, Downtown, Kaijo District

I know Teikonians are exited about this new restaurant. Everything you do is fine, just please don't eat like these two. :rofl:


Two of the first customers of Mama Peyton's Greasy Spoon.

Going back to shipping, so one port does not actually make a lot of difference right? So here is another one. This port is located at Takao Industrial Park, this is the largest privately owned industrial park in United SimNations. Two thousand years ago (actually its just a few months ago), this place also look like a total mess... yet it is highly productive. Here is another throwback.


See how messy that place on the left is. That is Takao Industrial Park before.

So Takao Industrials, the sole proprietor of the business park also went some major renovations. So looking at the new port facilities and land expansion, it is expected to bring in 10,000 industrial jobs. Also, see that tall building in the middle? Don't worry it is not misplaced, that is Takao Industrials HQ and out of the blue, they just want a highrise building.


Now, Takao Industrial Park boasts a very well organized industrial friendly location.


Port of Takao with the cargo bay and two of the largest factories currently constructed in the industrial park.


Ferry is bringing in workers from all parts of Teiko to the industrial park.


Clsoe up view of the Port of Takao Terminal 1.

Last but not the least, I hope you are not tired of all these seaports. Nozomi was a sleepy town of 2,600 people and this piece of land here was barren except for the road connecting Takao District to Kogomo North. Now, the very awesome Yami Bakura (I like his style but I don't like his personality, he's evil!!) had developed this land into something else that even I'm having a hard time assesing.


A barren land in Nozomi with the TNK Road passing though it.

The current land now has high quality seaport facilities, it even has its own port authority office. Well, being in the middle of Teiko's most populous district and largest private industrial park surely has some of its perks.


Nozomi Industrial Center as of yesterday.


Port of Nozomi with the ferry terminal.


Close up with the Port of Nozomi.


Ferry boats carrying workers. On the right is Akashi Seijuro bridge, the longest bridge in Teiko. (Going up leads to Kogomo North, Going down leads to Kyoritsu).

These are the new ports and newly renovated ports in Teiko Metropolitan Area. For the record, they are really bringing in a lot of industrial opportunities in Teiko. After all, Teiko is the leading manufacturing and technology center in the United SimNations. As a proof the strong businesses we have here, our own homegrown Industrial Illusion is soon making an appearance in Stepford Island with a construction of a 50 hectare production facility.


Construction of the mega production site of Industrial Illusion in Stepford Island.

Well, I guess that's all of it. Oh, I forgot something. This one is really one of my personal favorites.


Site of Teiko National University in Kirisaki Daichi. Those grid lines are part of the construction protocol.

I'm really happy to see the construction of a new university in Teiko and not just any university, it is a national university - Teiko National University. I'll update you more about it soon. Oh don't worry I'm still loyal to my alma mater, University of Kaijo. It is still the best school in Teiko. :yes:

Well, I hope I have quench your thirst for some awesome update. I will be back soon to bring you more. (If I wouldn't be called in for any event again). Great day or night ahead!

Wait before I forget, (how many times do I have to say this?) all those names in hyperlink will lead you to their profile. Try clicking it and see for yourself. ;) Cheerios!





Disclaimer: Some pictures are not mine, all of them are credited to their rightful owners. They are used under the fair-usage policy. If you want your pictures removed, feel free to message me.


Secret Meetings...

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Schulmanator: Interesting. I love milkshakes in general but I also haven't tasted a wasabi shake but it sure do like to taste one.

SimRico: Thanks for liking my CJ in general. I also like the way you make your CJ run!

Neto Dari: Thanks. Yep, thanks to NAM, I finally have better roads.

Ln X: Thanks, I really pondered on those advice you gave and it did turned out well.

SimRico: Yep!

Benedict: Hahaha. Definitely vanilla milkshakes FTW!

Tonraq: Haha, thanks. Well that slogan is from the Philippines. :D

Richie99: True but too much plugins will kill my computer. So I have to limit things. :D

SimRico: Well, you're lucky because I like gifs too and here are some more for you!


DISCLAIMER: In the most disturbing moment of time, Devon News Online Journal (DNOJ) has managed to grab a copy of the transcript of the so the called late night meeting at the Teiko Regional Council Hall at Kogomo North last March 13, 2014. Although the following men have declined that such meeting occurred and stated that the transcript is nothing but a fabricated document. We, in the DNOJ team have decided to post this for everyone's information. The following is an illustration and an artist's impression of what transpired during the meeting.

Readers also have to note the following information: Akashi Seijuro, Teiko Premier is in a state visit with other Teiko dignitaries to Peyton-Stepford-Troy to attend the Inauguration of Teiko International High School (link and link) at the time of this meeting.


It was already around 2:13 AM when the Devon News team have received a call from an unnamed source (the witness had requested to hide his/her real name) that an uncalled for event is currently occurring at the Teiko Regional Council Hall. Following the call, the witness has send photographs of cars arriving at the seat of Teiko government which is verified by our analysts to be authentic.


Around 2:31, our news team have once again received contact from our source and this time, we were wired to a live audio from the meeting.



@Language: Teikonian (Translated to English for readership purposes)


  • Lelouch Lamperouge (Minister of Interior and District Government)
  • Makoto Hanamiya (Council Representative, Kirisaki Daichi District)
  • Light Yagami (Minister of Justice)
  • Yami Bakura (Council Representative, Nozomi District)
  • Mello (Member of the Teiko Special Advisory Board)
  • Kensuke Fukui (Chairperson of Central-46, Teiko's Highest Legislative Body)
  • Unknown Voice

@Location: Teiko Regional Council Hall, Kogomo North District

@Time: 2:32 AM

#Soft chatters, footsteps and other unverified noise.

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: Good evening gentlemen. I must say that I appalled that everyone is here.

Hanamiya_zpsff2a3b90.png Hanamiya: What evening? It's already dawn. Quit fooling around and start this meeting.

YamiBakura_zps204fc3bc.png Yami: I don't understand, we have never done this. I mean, we don't do meetings at dawn. What's the matter all of the sudden?

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: You will see.

#Short laugh

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: I'm pretty much aware that you all know why we are here.

#Computer booting up, flashes of lights, short chuckles

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: It is very imminent that A's actions has been very suspicious during the past few days.

Light_zps36708a39.jpg Light: We all know that. Is that the only reason why you called us all for?

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: No, beyond suspicious. I am sure that he already have clues that the accident is deliberate.

#Loud chatters and whispers.

Light_zps36708a39.jpg Light: That's impossible! I cleared that case myself. He could not possibly have any more intel than that.

tumblr_lydk8rpMc41qgucigo1_500.gifArtist's impression of Mello eating during the meeting

Mello_zpsa96a42c2.jpg Mello: Oh, really? It isn't something new Light. I wonder why people here are even shocked about it.

Light_zps36708a39.jpg Light: Shut up Mello, unlike you I don't just actually sit around and eat chocolates all day.

Mello_zpsa96a42c2.jpg Mello: Huh? Are you accusing me of negligence? You really have some big ego out there.

Light_zps36708a39.jpg Light: You don't...

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: Enough! Light, are you sure you have made a clean job?

Light_zps36708a39.jpg Light: Well of course!

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: Then I do not have doubts in your words. At this rate, I'm pretty much sure L's predictions will come true and by that time, he had just created his own grave. For now, we will just have to be more discrete.

#Short pause, static for around 17 seconds.

ThumbnailKensuke_zps4b751816.jpg Fukui: I think this is unfair. He had not done anything wrong.

YamiBakura_zps204fc3bc.png Yami: Excuse me? Are you taking drugs lately Fukui? It seems like you are totally wrong.

ThumbnailKensuke_zps4b751816.jpg Fukui: No, what I meant is that these late night meetings are totally...

#Heavy sigh.

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: Against conscience? You are really funny Fukui. After you took a vital role in that recent crash, you dare utter such words? What a coward. You're just saying that because he's your friend.

ThumbnailKensuke_zps4b751816.jpg Fukui: Of course not. I am not the one who gives in into some type of over-friendly sentiment. As if, who's the one playing when the cat is away?

Mello_zpsa96a42c2.jpg Mello: You did not just compared Lelouch to a mouse.

#Loud simultaneous laughs.

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: Anyway, for something I really have wanted to share tonight. The real reason I called all of you for. Gentlemen, please take a good look on the screen. Project X is complete.

tumblr_n1rc6aODcA1slvqiko1_500.gifArtist's impression of Fukui's reaction.

ThumbnailKensuke_zps4b751816.jpg Fukui: You've got to be kidding me!

Hanamiya_zpsff2a3b90.png Hanamiya: Interesting, it seems like all the efforts of waking up early did have some rewards.

Light_zps36708a39.jpg Light: True. This is perfect, I can feel that skyfall is about to occur. I am impressed Leouch. Indeed, I am impressed.

#Hand claps

ThumbnailKensuke_zps4b751816.jpg Fukui: Skyfall already occurred this is project Gloucester.

Mello_zpsa96a42c2.jpg Mello: Well as long as Clovis does not know about this then everything is fine. "A" fans like him should be totally removed. He's a hindrance.

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: Well, I assure you all that my brother knows nothing of this and he will be removed, although apparently not required unless he stands in the way. Light, is there a way for you to use your office against him?

Light_zps36708a39.jpg Light: Sadly none, military courts and civil courts have different jurisdictions and protocols. Only the head of the Central-46, Fukui can do go against him in court but I'm pretty much sure...

ThumbnailKensuke_zps4b751816.jpg Fukui: Stop putting words into my mouth. Yes, I'll find a way to deal with him. Are you finally satisfied?

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: Then it is settled, we proceed as planned. Are there any more questions?

#Static for 4 seconds then computer beeps up, soft chatters.

Unidentified_zps5a39dc38.png Unverified voice: Greetings, in any case, I just want you all to know that the discourse in here is being recorded in real time.

tumblr_mtj10oegFD1syz109o3_500.jpgArtist's impression of Lelouch's shock face.

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: Huh? Who the hell are you?

YamiBakura_zps204fc3bc.png Yami: Reveal yourself!

Unidentified_zps5a39dc38.png Unverified voice: That is all, good day ahead gentlemen.

#Computer beeping, loud chattering.

Hanamiya_zpsff2a3b90.png Hanamiya: Who in the world is that?

Light_zps36708a39.jpg Light: You better fix this Mello, if that was real and this conversation gets out. We will all be in trouble and all our efforts will be in vain.

Mello_zpsa96a42c2.jpg Mello: Yes, no need to worry, for the record, I might have a clue on who that person is.

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: Yes, it seems like I do have a clue to. Let us end this meeting for now. If that was a prank or not, I simply do not want to take the bait. Just proceed as planned, other matters will be sent through v-com.

Hanamiya_zpsff2a3b90.png Hanamiya: Right.

YamiBakura_zps204fc3bc.png Yami: I agree.

#Soft chatters, footsteps, movement of chairs, loud unverified noises.

@Transcript Duration: 00:32:54:24






Disclaimer: Some pictures are not mine, all of them are credited to their rightful owners. They are used under the fair-usage policy. If you want your pictures removed, feel free to message me.


Uhmm. Ah... Erm.. Ah. Okay, I got this. Hello.


You might be wondering what happened to the blond guy, he actually went missing for some time. Kidding! He's actually busy for his official installation as the new minister and he left me in charge of updating this journal. So let see, I wasn't exactly sure what to post but I'll do my best. By the way, I am Kuroko Tetsuya, Kise's teammate before. You don't believe me? Here's a proof. Hey, that dog is sure too famous, I presume.


Really now, I don't have any position in the government that's why I can't post such related stuff but I am free-lance blogger though. Hmm... I know! How about we take a trip around town? I will share to you some beautiful spots for vanilla milkshakes. Yep, vanilla milkshakes, that is my favorite drinks. In case you're wondering, vanilla milkshakes are quite popular in Teiko. In fact, Devon News Online Journal once featured it.


So, what do you say? :ohyes: Let's go and take a trip around town.

First off, this is where I live. It's quite interesting we managed to have this property in the middle of Josei district. (See that little house in the middle of sprawling buildings?) Not to mention that our abode is just a short walk from the station and the Josei Metropolitan Mall. I would love to do some road trip because we get to see more sights but traversing through inter districts will take us days plus my car is under repair as of the moment. So for now, let's take advantage of the newly operational mass transit system. ;) Oops, looks like our train is here!


For our first spot. We will be arriving at JapanTown station. I know this place has been featured a long time ago but let me feature it again, this place has a lot of Japanese style milkshakes and personally I like this one from Wasabi Coffee, Teas and Shakes. They really have awesome milkshakes and the new wasabi flavored- vanilla milkshake is definitely worth a try!


Here is a cup of wasabi flavored-vanilla milkshake!


Now, boarding Loop Line (official name of Teiko Met. Area elevated rail, I haven't check the name for the subway and ground rail yet) again, we will travel to the next district, Kirisaki Dachi (the spelling is indeed different here, I don't know why o.O ). The Loop Line goes a long way before our next stop so here are some cityscape views.

Upon entering Kirisaki Daichi one could simply notice the big lot in the middle of the concrete jungle. I'm not sure how things turn out here although the label is very imminent though. That lot has been abandoned for some time and that construction yard is useless, in fact people are using the area as a concert ground now.


Going through the urban area closer, we can now see more cars and the traffic. :noway:


Here is the famous row houses of Kirsaki Daichi, this place is now historical and heritage as I can remember. Yeah, this is the place where our incumbent General Clovis la Britannia was born.


Finally that's the station we will be stopping over now.


So, we'll be exiting the platform here - Hara Avenue Station. In case you get lost, just notice the two tall buildings - Kirisaki Daichi Paloma Residences, it will be the marker to identify this station. From here, we'll be taking the bus to the Marina Ward. The trip will probably take 20 minutes, don't worry I'll be watching you so you won't get asleep.


Hop on!


This is the Hara Avenue intersection, this one busy thoroughfare...


Arriving at the Marina Ward, we walk off to the next place for awesome vanilla milkshake. The Kirida Restaurateurs is one of the classical restaurants in town not to mention one of the most expensive too. Here, you can try their gold-label vanilla milkshake. In case you are having a hard time locating the restaurant, it's near the top with the red mark.


They have an exquisite mixture of classical, elegant and modern dishes and that includes exotic vanilla milkshakes. Some people say that they really put edible gold in the milkshake hence the name, I wonder if it is true. Here, why don't we try it.


For our last destination, we will be riding the taxi because there are no buses in where we are going. We could ride the train but the station is much a longer walk. First off, we need to cross the bridge, the place were going is in another island, it is actually a part of the land rehabilitation project. You can check that I'm not lying in the Devon News Online Journal site.


it's a bit traffic.. as always... I wonder what would have happened if mass transit is not available.


A few more roads to conquer.. I hope you're not asleep yet.


Notice that there is a change in the height of the buildings.


Finally, after a long commute time, we have arrived at Maji's Place, it has a small lot but it is on the avenue,. A few more in that avenue and you'll end up at the Teiko Special Industrial Area (TeSIA). This place is one of my personal favorites although the milkshakes are cheap, going here from my house will cost you a fortune but nevertheless, the expenses are worth it.


Here, they have my favorite classic vanilla milkshake. I really like the classic ones.


You can definitely see me happy right?


So that's the last and oh, it will be a long trip back home again, should I drop you to your hotel? I guess that would only be fair. So to cut time, hmm let's take the ferry. I wonder why we never used that earlier, it could have saved much time. :lol:

I hope you enjoy our mini-adventure in Teiko Metropolitan Area, don't worry unlike that eerie and annoying yellow-haired male, I just don't post updates about blah and blah and blah (no offense Kise-kun), I will take you personally around town again soon but for now, I hope you enjoy this trip hunting for awesome vanilla milkshakes. I'm quite full so here's a parting gift. Enjoy your stay in Teiko!






Disclaimer: Some pictures are not mine, all of them are credited to their rightful owners. They are used under the fair-usage policy. If you want your pictures removed, feel free to message me.


Greetings! It's been a while. I was so awfully busy at work, Wei Liu (Minister for MIEC) had passed away last week after failure to recover from the complications that arose after he got a stroke. He was among the 512, this is the final tally by the MoT, who died due to the plane crash either directly or influenced by it. So starting today, as approved by the Teiko Regional Council (Central-46) itself, I will be taking over as the new Minister of Internal and External Communications Ministry. Oh great, just silly me giving myself a new problem. Why can't be contended of being just a celebrity...


Anyhow, here are the most awaited updates for this week! :D

First off, the final resolution regarding the plane crash was finally submitted by the investigative panel headed by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and Ministry of Transportation - Aviation Safety and Regulatory Division (MoT-ASReD). Teikoninans erupted in joy signifying their support for the decision. The photo below shows the snapshot of the ongoing panel meeting earlier this week.


This is the news report article for the resolution. I must admit that Devon News is really doing a great job in publishing news although its a bit bias sometimes but then again it's the only media company in Teiko!


I feel bad for them though... It's Light Yagami (Minister of Justice) were talking about here and I'm pretty much sure he wouldn't go easy on them. He had this notebook where he writes all records and there I am taking about it, its suppose to be his secret! :ooh: You can read who whole article here.

For our second update, SZT Properties and Ayala Land Premier had hooked up for a construction of Akashi Global City (AGC) in Kamizaki District. This is a 200 Hectare land development which is the biggest in any district in Teiko so far which will be a new city center. It will incorporate condominiums, apartments, commercial offices and commercial lifestyle districts. This is the poster for the upcoming project. The name is given as a veneration to the current Teiko Premier, Akashi Seijuro.


This project is divided into four phases due to it's massive area size. The first phase has recently began construction.


This is a new commercial building just before the AGC Underpass.


The left is the site of Pearl Coast Hotel (it's second branch) and the right is the new HQ of Glasglow Glass Corporation.


To the right is another unidentified establishment (all of them are secretive about this one!) and the left building is the only finished structure in the area.


Well technically, there already two completed structure in the area, the parking garage at the left and Diamond Hotel (the one with hexagonal features)

The new Teiko Interstate which will pass by AGC is also being finished by Industrial Illusion, this 8-Lane Highway will be first of its kind in Teiko and will be running south to east connecting the southern districts (Kamizaki, Nakamiya South) to the eastern districts (Tetsuya, Rakuzan)


A portion of the Interstate being constructed.

If you notice, there will be interchanges in Kamizaki, the first one will be the diamond exchange at western end of the district. The other exchange which is a parclo is still being constructed as of the moment.


The whole length of Teiko Interstate and the first phase construction of AGC.

Lastly, with this new highway, it also inevitable that mass transport all doesn't want to be overshadowed. This coming Friday, The Loop Line, Teiko's official name for the Teiko Railways whichi is managed by Teiko Railways Corp., will be doing its grand launching. This 57-Station line will be running into 8 districts (Too, Kaijo, Kamata West, Kamata South, Meiho, Shutoku, Kirisaki Daichi, Josei). This is another milestone in Teiko's transportation systems and many people are already waiting to experience riding a train for the first time.


This is a inside picture of the train cab. Since it's designed for mass transit, there won't be any special thing here. Wait for the monorail, I guess? :rofl:


Lastly, here is the official complete transit map as published by Ministry of Transportation - Mass Transit Authority Division (MTAD). Notice, it runs in like a loop hence the name Loop Line.


Here are some shots of the test run done earlier. That's the blue train and the brown train. For a start, Loop Line will only be using the two of them, Teiko Railways Corp. is hoping to acquire more train cabs in the future.


Happy riding! Here are free passes to everyone. :party:


Oh, one more thing, lastly, I mean definitely lastly, Ministry of Social Development and Welfare headed by its minister, Quillsh Wammy had started to construct Teiko's first national orphanage. A project designed to empower those children who had seemed to lose direction and purpose n life. Our goal is to give them hope and a future. In behalf of the government, we would like to ask for partnership with the private sector to help realize this dream. I present to you Wammy House!






Disclaimer: Some pictures are not mine, all of them are credited to their rightful owners. They are used under the fair-usage policy. If you want your pictures removed, feel free to message me.


Valentines Special

I'm back! Kise Ryouta is back! (I've been gone for a while, to those who do not know me, I am Kise Ryouta, Teiko Metropolitan Area's one and only Ambassador of Goodwill!)


Sorry for the selfie photo. I know it's not the right time for this. The plane tragedy was definitely a once in a million possibility. People have been terribly sad and traumatized for what had happened. I myself has been sad myself but I just want to show you guys that I am still alive.

Anyway, first of all Happy Valentines to everyone. Here in Teiko, this year's Valentines is quite gloomy. As of the recent, the total death toll has rose to 501 and among those who died in the crash is our dear Internal and External Communications Minister, Wei Liu. We have not decided who will replace him yet. Also, Premier Akashi Seijuro with Minister of Transportation Furihata Kouki had started to visit every major airline carrier to inspect whether they are following the Aviation Safety and Regulation Code. For more updates about this please visit Devon News Online Journal here.

So enough with the sad news... I am not really the one who is into it. I sympathize for the victims but Valentines must also push through! Speaking of Valentines, there has been a lot of events around town. Here are some of it:

First, if you are looking for a good place to stay with exquisite food for your partner, I proudly present to you this! Valentines cannot be complete without hotels right? :lol:


It's a little bit pricey but trust me, the food here is great and the rooms are very luxurious. Pearl Coast Hotel is the newest 5-Star Hotel in town. There are located in KD Waterfront District in Kirisaki Daichi. Here's a photo of the hotel and its location. You can visit the hotel by train which is the fastest method to do so.


Second, if you are a fan of music then I highly recommend a visit to this one in a blue moon concert. BTW, this concert is for free! Yes, that is right. This concert is for FREE! :thumb:


The concert is entitled L.O.V.E.: Let Our Voice Express. It is a Valentine's musical concert by Vocaloid. Vocaloid is the most famous singing group in Teiko, nearly everyone is fan of them and that includes me! The event will be held at the University of Kaijo Philharmonic Hall in Kaijo. Don't miss this one in a lifetime chance to see them live. Also, Vocaloid has prepared a short tribute to those who died during the recent plane crash.

Here's the full cast.


Now moving on to the serious part. Despite the Valentine promos Teiko has to offer today. It is very inevitable to be sad about what happened. Photos below shows how Teiko pays respect to the 501 people who died during the plane crash.


Candles lights Kise Avenue in Kaijo District.


Candles and flowers lies at the Kamata North Cemetery.

Although it is really a gloomy and mixed emotion Valentines for Teiko. It only leads us to one realization and that is: life is indeed short that is why you gotta have to enjoy things while it lasts. In behalf of the MIEC and the government Teiko, we extend our gratitude to those states and individuals who have expressed their condolence. They shall never be forgotten and the lesson that is learned in this event will forever be etched into each and everyone's heart.

Here have a block of chocolate. It's good for the health and not to mention they are proudly produced by Baumeister Confections (Since 1657). At least its the only thing sweet we can offer right now during a period of bitterness and tears. Happy Valentines!






Disclaimer: Some pictures are not mine, all of them are credited to their rightful owners. They are used under the fair-usage policy. If you want your pictures removed, feel free to message me.



Greetings. I am L, no cut the crap, I'm just an ordinary college student taking up bachelor of science in mathematics who goes with an alias jmsepe.

So after munching in a lot of sweets and lollipop dipped coffee, I decided to post here and at the forums at the same time. I will be using this community city journal as a guide to my CJing. Well, most if not all of my posts in the forums and in here will be the same. I just felt like its easier to organize updates here. I mean have you ever imagine updating in the forum base? Gosh, it's quite more complicated (especially for those will slow internet connection :D ), so this community city journal will become the table of contents. :lol:

Speaking of which, this should be an introduction right? Fine, for those who know me, I have been posting CJs for the past month, I am a newbie hoping to get veteran soon. :rofl: The name of my CJ is Teiko, if you want the full name then here it is (oi, this the first time I revealed the full name of my region), Independent Principality of the Commonwealth of Teiko Metropolitan Area Region. In short I just call it Teiko Metropolitan Area.

Before anything else, I'll want to tell everyone that you will see a lot of anime related stuff in this CJ. Why? Because I am an anime addict and I believe that is enough reason for it. Teiko is a mixture of my two passions, anime/manga and city building. Also please do not expect a lot in terms of aesthetic value, I maybe playing Simcity 4 Rush Hour for the last 6 years but this is the first time I am betting my cities with mods. So thank you in advance for the consideration and as I have said before, I don't just make cities, I breathe life to them, I make societies.

In the end, I will start updating soon for and for now I recommend a visit to my forum-base CJ by simply clicking the image below. Welcome to Teiko!






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