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  1. Less Abandonment

    why wont it work for me??? >:(
  2. SmalltownUSA Teds Meat Market

    I may use this for my cities small downtown for my smaller cities :) NICE MOD 
  3. Car to Subway Transition and Desirability Increaser

    So this will Make my desirability go up all the way and stop abandoned high density, and other density abandoned buildings? If so i'll get it. And also how do i get it on?
  4. Less Abandonment

    My buildings are still abandoned, I dont know if it is the mod or if i did not do it right, but its not working. I need something to keep my saking desirability up, Every big city i have is terrible with abandoned buildings. >:(
  5. BNI Building

    Not working for me. >:/
  6. HK Residential Tower PK4 ADDON

    With your other tower pack modes, how do i add them on there? from the landmarks or something?