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  1. I can't wait, but what will you be talking about today?
  2. Realism In Citybound

    Im just glad other people agree with me in seeing people walk around the city and such I mean really if you don't have a computer from at least 2010 and newer what is wrong with you? Get with the times and such plus with the advancements we have to day we should be able to see people moving around.
  3. Realism In Citybound

    I know its not the sims but I just want to be able to see people walkig on side walks and driving thats all.
  4. Realism In Citybound

    Sorry if I bursted any bubbles, and most of them I am speculating on based on general comments AE has made. Well I don't really care about the detail of sims faces and what not that much all I really want and ask is that he takes into consideration the realism here I mean what made simcity 2013 and sim societies so good is you could actually see the people in your city moving the goods, going home, going to school and go to work if you only see empty streets how is that realism it doesn't show the life in the city to me.
  5. Realism In Citybound

    I also would like to see if you could make it to where we can see sims opening doors of cars and buildings and maybe if the cars had clear windows to see the sims inside.
  6. Idea Suggestion: Realistic School Boundaries

    I also agree with the person above who said about private schools being added back in a simulation game not just public schools that would also make the public schools seem cheaper than to have kids being home schooled.
  7. Realism In Citybound

    The things I would like to see in terms of realism in citybound is, 1: Have actual sims walking around like sim cities society's and simcity 2013 did but have a little more detail than simity 2013 to where you can make out a face and tell adults from kids. 2: I don't know if anyone else remembered this but in simcity 4 in the residential neighborhoods they sometimes had a stray dog running around or a house that had a dog chained in th back I think it would be neat to see stray dogs and cats even maybe have them walking around in fenced in back yards of houses. 3: I also would like to see custom parks like the modded ones on simcity 2013 where you place the paths,benches, and tress by your self. 4: I would also like to be able to see my sims use venus that are open and see every single sim that is in it unlike simcity 2013 where it only shows a few that are there. 5: I would also like for when you have season to add snow,rain,ice, and the leaves changing colors already very few games add that in. 6: Also I don't know if this could work but another way of adding to the population of our city would be to have children born at the hospital instead of sims just moving in so it would b like a sim has lived in a city their whole life. 7: thus sims being born in a city we could add a fourth education option maybe a daycare or pre-school to have even earlier education beside elementary school. 8: I would like to see activites like have parades during thanksgiving where you can have a certain area blocked off for that. 9: Last but not least I would also like to see a prison and jail because if people murder or steal something and they need to stay like 2 to 3 years in confinement you don't serve that time in jail you serve it at a prison and add a court house also for like detective cases kinda like simcity 2013 did with the police head quarters. 10: Also add city wide sport teams like soccer and such that is home to a whole city. 11:Last but not least also make it to where it shows how old a sim is and where they live and work and what they do like sim city society's.
  8. I'm going to buy it from this point i think they might listen to us and they might have some tricks up there shirt but not right away im listen to some player reviews first. After it comes out
  9. http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=tsm_1_tw_s_vg_mdi5w6?docId=1000856141 if you stop and look at 0:36 that looks like a suspended highway inside the city tile am i right?
  10. Discussion about City Tile Size

    Some of the citys in the image look vairly big if you ask me like brabmle overlook but most people dont think so,but for a 3rd city it is huge.
  11. Once again i like to remind the people complaing about being online all the time at one of the interviews they said you can still play whole regions by your self so stop crying and acting like fools saying they are forcing you to play multiplayer no they arent so stop complaning be happy they are even making city building games still PC games are almost dying out due to the fact of the ipad,PS3,Xbox 360 and other things i go to school ask my friends if they know about simcity they are like what is that some werid game and i'm like no its a really cool game sadly my generation is falling off this train but i'm sure glad i got introduced to it.
  12. I have a question about the water source in the video it says you can get water till it runs dry but it only comes back after it rains but if i put my water by a river or a pond in my city will it still run out or are you even aloud to do that?
  13. So im newto this, I got started playing simcity4 new to this community. The graphics of simcity2013 seem really good and seeing the sims live a life of there own and all the great things in it...But as i get on to check this site for more information im seeing stuff about the city size, online always,and Highways but the two main isuess are city size and online always i just like to say as a member we should write letters or make a petiton and give it to them or send it to them because as i saw in an interview with maxis/EA they have been giving our ideas and comments really good focus. If we simtropolis memebers get people from other sites such as simcity.com and our community to get there focus we can change this game as you see in the videos on youtube this is not the final stage yet and that means they can change those kinda simple problems (maybe) so if you could help out the gamming community as a group of gammers and friends we need to express this to them instead of yelling at each other and arguing about it.
  14. SimCity: Gameplay

    People are judging this game too quickly the size of the cities will proabably change by this spring hopefully if thye dont oh well get over it once you get in to the game the size will be much larger than it was back in sc4 because the engines have improved eminsly over that time period give it some time people.
  15. SimCity: Wishlists

    Another thing even though im joining in on this late have the schools etc some shopping places only be open during the week or on weekends since the sims have there own life basicly now.