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  1. Authentic Garbage Truck

  2. Natural Parks

  3. Tree Anywhere

  4. Passepartout.zip

  5. Car Crossover

  6. Be gone for Hattiesburg for 4 days. MISS ME

  7. Bought the game...now to wait to play it in my busy schedule.

  8. That's really heartbreaking. This is really a downer on my free-day. Hope his two kids make it out alright
  9. Gahaha...:( Too many Skylines spoilers

  10. I've recently installed Simcity 4 again after finding my Second disk. And I went to install the NAM addon and it told me to update to the latest patch. I did but when I ran the intaller for the patch it didn't work. It said a congragulations! you are now updated or whatever but it didn't change any of the SimCity_#.dat files. None of the numbers changed to the correct ones listed on the page. This happened with me on my old pc also. Any help?? And no, this is not a pirated version. This is a legit copy.
  11. SimCity 4 Deluxe won't update to the new patch.

    That's interesting, does "SimCity 4.exe" report the correct file size? Also just a thought... Are you sure you've checked the actual size, as opposed to the "size on disk" value. For example with SimCity_2.dat, the numbers circled are the ones that should match, but the other value reads slightly larger: Oh, no I didn't actually go into the file itself, I just checked the size itself in the folder. The numbers are higher than they say when I go into it. Then the patch did work I guess lol. Thanks! I have two copies of the game actually, I got the first one from a book fair at my school when I was in ~fourth grade and that was just SimCity 4 alone. The other copy was The SimCity BOX. Which included Both Simcity Societies both SimCity 4 rush hour and original and snap city. As I had two copies of both disks they got mixed up so I don't actually know which box is was in. I got the SimCity BOX at Target. And Yes, I am running Windows 7 64-bit
  12. 48 States

    Glad you said 48 and not 50 lol.
  13. SimCity 4 Deluxe won't update to the new patch.

    I guess it worked then. The SCD site the part where it said what the Simcity_#.dat changes to are the same for me as they originally were. But when I went to check the Version number on the disk it says the version is 1.1.638.0 So it updated? If it did then why didn't the Simcity_#.dat files change to what the site said? EDIT: My account has full privileges rsc204
  14. SimCity 4 Deluxe won't update to the new patch.

    None of the patches work for me. Tried everything I can think of. Is there just a way to get the files themselves without the autopatcher that doesn't work? That would be a whole lot easier. Guess I will just play it in its original state.
  15. SimCity 4 Deluxe won't update to the new patch.

    Currently trying to try all of the SKU updates like rsc204 said. But the SC4D site won't freakin load to try each one. I tried the international one on this site and it didn't work, gonna try the first patch and see if that works. I will probably end up buying the game off of steam later, if none of these work and I can't get it updated.
  16. Hero (Terminite Remix) [feat. Elizaveta] By the Pegboard Nerds and Elizaveta. Really good song and goes perfectly with the Partials Series (book)
  17. Renovated my room and now can't find my SimCity 4 Disk 2

    1. Mister Giggles

      Mister Giggles

      Check under your bed in 10 years. It'll be there.

  18. Only 3 of my 7 usb ports currently work. Have no clue why either. I have to sacrafice my sound for pc control and internet :(

    1. Ganaram Inukshuk

      Ganaram Inukshuk

      Don't you have a USB hub? It's like a power strip, but for USB plugs.

      If it's a custom-built computer, the cables that go into the USB pins on the motherboard, are those properly seated?

    2. Monster's Cat

      Monster's Cat

      The botton 2 usb on my mobo work just fine but the top two are getting powered but not recognizing anything. My other 3 case usb ports just aren't plugged right I think.

  19. Cities: Skylines HYPE!!! March 10th!