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  1. BAT Essentials Part 1

    Sorry ignore comment above I get it now. Great tutorial just need a little info on skinning the model.
  2. BAT Essentials Part 1

    I think you're missing some vital information, like how to create a wall with windows in it.
  3. Hex codes

    I have searched this forum and I am amazed that theres no list of hex codes and what they mean like the ones used in OccupantGroups: 0x0001301 = Building: Bus
  4. Cities XL 2011 vs Simcity Deluxe

    Try second hand shops or charity shops. I got my copy of SC4 out the charity shop for £2 GBP. It's an old game now people have it cluttering up a cupboard and just want to get rid of it Edit: Oh yeah and you could also try ebay. Don't be an idiot and buy SC4 brand new from EA
  5. Modding: Basic And Advanced Tutorials

    I mod the Sims 2 & 3 as well all this stuff is a walk in the the park compared to modding those games. Don't complain that this is too hard
  6. Patches of white on the ground.

    No, it is the Christmas Day easter egg. Snow appears in the winter months, waxes and wanes as your city cycles. Unless you use the snow cheat code this happens only if your system date is December 25. Now why would anyone play computer games on Christmas Day? Well some of us live alone, have no family or friends and ummm christmas is pretty pointless. I didn't even realise it was christmas day till like 4pm.
  7. How to: Make your own Mods

    Hi guys I was wondering how I can alter the train fares (ticket prices) to make travelling by train really expensive and an excellent revenue generator. Can the same be done for toll booths as well?
  8. How do you rotate props in Lot Editor?
  9. I think a nice effect in the game would be the ability to build small shops or businesses underneath elevated railways or elevated highways. We've all heard of little dirty garages underneath highways and in Glasgow, Scotland, there is actually a nightclub called The Arches because it was built between railway arches. Please discuss what types of businesses you have also noticed in real life underneath railways or motorways.
  10. Creating A Simple House

    agreed ^^
  11. How to make a custom lot with the Lot Editor

    Very helpful thank you x
  12. How To Switch From Right To Left Hand Drive

    I aint mucking about in the registry must be a better way
  13. NHP Hunnington West Virginia By blade2k5

    Why are you uploading maps in the porps section ????
  14. Ok you've got a demand for say 20,000 books. You move the slider to 20,000 then your library is perfectly efficient. So the sim who gets the very last book has no other choice and she's like 'It doesn't matter this book sucks I'm just happy because I got a book.' Yeah right whatever. To make your libraries perfectly efficient you should have to fund like 50,000 more books than the demand so sims have a range to choose from.
  15. Patches of white on the ground.

    They got me there.