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  1. Is the DLC worth it?

    Oh, this topic reminds me of the good old days, when we used to wonder if Rush Hour, (sadly the only expansion pack) for Simcity 4 was worth it or not. It cost as much as a regular expansion pack would and only brought ferries and monorails worthy of mentioning and all this uproar was had on forums because apart from things, that should either absolutely be in the game already and things that sort of didn't matter for the most of us, didn't bring anything amazing to write home about. I find it fascinating, how time heals all these wounds and how people seem to forget that all the city builders from simcity 4, SC2013, C(X)XL, to Cities skylines apparently don't make a spectacular impression on the public reception when it comes to expansion packs/additions. Ofcourse I would say that, if you're not blown-away by the actual original game you probably shouldn't buy the quite expensive DLCs, but the whole situation makes me wonder, if there's something special and specific about city-building games, that their developers just cannot come up with a well-recieved expansion pack.
  2. Is there any way to disable the update? Fine road Heights is the single most crucial and essential mod there is to this game and it's not only incompatible with each new DLC or expansion pack but also with each new major patch, and I'm sick of waiting days and days for the fixes. (Sorry for negativity, i'm just incredibly frustrated at this, as I know some day, it will stop being compatible all together and i'm stuck with those demonically bad vanilla slopes)
  3. boformer. I see you're really overhauling the whole game and are open to "realism aspects" and feedback so to speak. There are two main zoning aspects that are a very frustrating in this game that you didn't mention: pop-balance mod and realistic building population and consumption mod are two that address the problem this game has with population of buildings. As you know, low-density RCI buildings have too many residents/workers while high density building have too few. Since I'm sure these mods will be incompatible with yuor total overhaul, I thought you should know how important these mods are bringing realistic populations to our buildings, and I hope that is your opinion as well. Too much commercial zoning required in vanilla game. There seems to be an almost 33%, 33% and 33% area for zoning needed for the residential, commercial and industrial zones. There is always too much demand for commercial zones and too many commercial buildings in this game compared to residence and industrial. As a whole, shops should not exceed the total of 20% zoning requirements to make it at least believable. Please, I beg you adress this issue. An idea how to fix this issue would be to inflate the numbers of workers needed in the shops in comparison with industry and residence, so that we don't need to zone ridiculous ammounts of commercial zones on every corner. Other comments: Don't create industry too unpopular as it is. Industry is much more important to cities than commerce and offices, don't make this SC4 where industry isn't specifically needed. Clean high-tech will definitely need only highly educated workers and great land value. Correct? Otherwise, nice idea Boformer, you're great.
  4. Show us your Area view

    Just a small new england town I thoroughly enjoyed creating and leaving it be small and cozy
  5. i think the reason why casual people are having problem with this is because they have absolutely no knowledge of how counterintuively the system for hearses work. The reason why a a cementary hearse that you just built isn't picking up the dead nearby is because the system assigns hearse from anywhere they're available, and the hearse has been assigned a task and it has to complete it even if a new hearse becomes available much closer to the task destination of the previous hearse. Basically, the hearses that were supposed to pick up the dead are getting clogged in traffic OR are having a very long way to their destination. The same logic is behind firestations too. If you see a fire, plopping a NEW firestation nearby will not dispatch the firefighters from that station, because the task of putting out the fire was given to the firefighters from the old firestation even if firefighters from the new firestation are nextdoor to the fire and have all the trucks available to respond. That's how this game rolls.
  6. After Dark Premiere #1: Night Bright Lights

    wow, it looks amazing. I can't wait to play this game when expansion pack comes.
  7. Show us your Detail Shots

    I absolutely love the St Bartholomew church. Makes a nice atmosphere.
  8. since my comment seems to have provoked this NAM discussion I feel the need to elaborate myself a bit better. First of all, I respect and congratulate all the achievements that NAM team has done for a relatively modder-unfriendly game, the simcity 4. All respect to the creators, for hacking the game in a way that it seems to allow almost unbelievable amount of capabilities for improvement. When i said that 700 million road pieces (figuratively) are needed to build a semi-decent road network, I somewhat wanted to diss myself actually. It really takes me more time than i'd ever be willing to admit to make just a simple RHW T-intersection or a road overpass for a diagonal road, etc... I easily get lost in the sea of pieces and variations, so making a semi-decent intersection is in my case very tedious and frustrating, because i make mistakes a lot and want to do it quick (which i can't), because i'm building a city, not playing an intersection-building game, requiring a lot of patience, that i quite frankly don't have to make something that even remotely looks presentable. This is why I like cities skylines. It doesn't consume that much time for me, to create a costum irregular intersection. I either get the pre-made ones on workshop, or I make one myself in 50-100% less time than it would took me in SC4 for example with NAM.
  9. Semi decent ?! (pics) How should we call skyline's highways ramps then ? Regarding graphics, I think a good isometric 2D, fine and precise, is much better then a blurred 3D with poly count limits.. I get where you're comming from, i haven't said CSL highways look decent at all. They're too basic and such. This topic reminds me of how Cities XL managed to get a spectacular highway mod. I loved that mod. It's 50% of the reason as to why i kept playing that game before C:SL got announced. After an expansion or two, maybe a highway mod for C:SL will be released. And if/when that happens and if it's at least a bit as good as CXL highway mod, NAM can just run away. About the graphics... high-res 2d vs low-res 3d is one of those iconic game debates, that it seldom gets pointed out how it all just depends on individuals preferences and tastes. For me, CSL graphics look great. If anything, it's the terrain and water texture, that's a bit of a problem IMO, not buildings. I grew up playing simcity2000. Crisp graphics aren't everything.
  10. After reinstalling simcity 4 and starting a new game, I was completely unimpressed about 2D graphics, 700 million NAM road-pieces needed to make a semi-decent road network and random crashes that its unfortunately turned me off this game for awhile... I'm definitely convinced, that crown has been passed for me and for thousands and thousands and thousands of other people.
  11. You don't think it can be modded or re-programmed to be more realistic (the way SC4 was over the years)? To my knowledge, in some aspects, a modded C:SL already is more realistic than the modded SC4. I'm talking about realistic building occupancy&workforce capacity, which was a sad joke in SC4. I remember completely giving up on any modder to try and fix that so i did it manually myself. Out of the box, SC:S failed similarly as SC4, but thankfully mods such as PopBalance mod helped reduce that issue somewhat.
  12. I've heard in a developer stream, they said they hired a person to do bicycle simulation mechanics, so I think it's a safe bet to say, we'll be getting an expansion pack with bicycle lanes and byciclist.
  13. I'm not trying to have a go at Citybound, it's a really really nice little project, but this is just ridiculous. There's no comparison, sorry.
  14. Classic data manipulation. Just FYI, SC4 has peak 700 players last month, C:SL has 48.000. Yeah, really worriesome. And you're blaming "menu icon issues" for the lack of sales,... sorry mate but there approximately a one million more cruicial reasons why some people haven't bought it than some menu icon problem.
  15. Funny Screenshots

    well how else are you gonna sail to las vegas smary pants?