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  1. Crash to Desktop? Look here first.

    i recently used the sc4 dat packer and now it takes a very long time to load sc4 , and then when i chose the city i want to work on out of the region, it crashes to desketop half way through loading the city, everytime!! this sux please help
  2. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    hello everyone , i lost my old laptop amd had to buy simcity4 rush hour all over again, im having trouble trying to download the maxis ep1 update and other files that are supposed to be on the ea website, now when you go to the site , facebook pops up ?!??! help???
  3. Matinenda: The Introduction

    i like it, but how do you insert soo many pictures and insert text after the pictures, im trying to make my own and the tutorials i think are out dated.. im getting frustrated and almost am ready to give up
  4. hello i just installed the B.A.T from simcity.com in hope to be able to finally give back to the community. after having problems loading the program i found a fix on simcity.com. now i can open the plugin manager but when i try to use it, it says it is out of memory, what does that mean? trust me , i have plenty of memory on my pc, at least 90% available ...can anyone help?!?