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  1. Qubbah Al-Sakhrah

  2. Qubbah Al-Sakhrah

    great job! I was waiting for the dome of the rock from years! I think that there are few mosque BAT for simcity, I think to the blue mosque at istanbul, the historyc cairo mosques but also some sinagogue, like Prague's one, or hurva in jerusalem..
  3. hi guy,

    I see your CJ and I love, nice work...

    I live in Sicily, near italian Raguse city!!!

  4. air view of the city center

    [quote name='Simarco' timestamp='1327354504'] Are you talking about the Italian Ragusa,or the Croatian Dubrovnik(the walled city)? [/quote] Dubrovnik, in the past was also called Ragusa, like the italian city
  5. air view of the city center

    the walled city, is the historic city center of Ragusa, an ancient maritime republics, founded by the Roman , became rich and important thanks to it's seaport and it's protected position, now is the most important city on the seas of Mythodea,have a seaport,a small airport and a quite big industrial area. It's joined with the capital Cydonia with an highway and a railway. in this picture you can see the all city, at your right the industrial area, some fields on the hills behind the city,the fort on the top of the hightest hill,the lighthouse on the island in front of the old city and the big beach just at the left side of the walled city a picture of the walled seaport
  6. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    hi at all, I'm searching for this buildings.. and this amazing ruin another question..it's possible to plop a building that you want also if it isn't a reward or a ploppable building? like a residential building that grow itself on the residential zone
  7. Mole Antonelliana

  8. Igreja de Sto Ildefonso