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  1. mipro

    She's a beauty alright!
  2. mipro

    Amazingly beautiful modeling, Jasoncw! So great to see your fantastic progress on this mipro crown jewel. Have you thought about just modeling the building without the 1950s modifications?
  3. mipro

    If you need good photos of the Guardian Building, one of the best books I know of is by James Tottis, called The Guardian Building: Cathedral of Finance. It has some remarkable interior and exterior shots and tons of history. Also, excellent job on the BAT. I am so excited that someone is finally putting this Detroit gem on SC4. All of the other BSP and MIPro lots are fantastic and are highly appreciated.
  4. City Hall Fix

  5. Maxis References

    Crud! I just realized somebody already made the connection. Oh well.
  6. Maxis References

    Cahalane Communications looks very similar to Philadelphia's Three Logan Square (aka Bell Atlantic Tower).
  7. SimTropolis Train Station

    [quote name='jdknowlton' timestamp='1186742283'] This station is the best yet, but unfortunately I can't download the dependency textures or the other BCS files. They seem to be under administration control and/or missing, so I have a blue entranceway (sucks!). Can anyone reinstate those files or what ?? [/quote] I am having the same problem. I have found these files (I think) on the LEX, but there is no change to the "blue abyss" walkway and grass.
  8. Crashes to Desktop

    The "CPUcount" has worked fine for me, I have been "ctrl-s"-ing, and the only thing crashing my game is the transit-enabled bug, and occasionally the crash from a quick zoom or an abrupt graphics change. But I can go much longer without crashing. I was crashing every 15-20 minutes like you were.
  9. Crashes to Desktop

    All right, I see. Thanks!
  10. Crashes to Desktop

    What do you mean by "Drop it into the input," A Nonny Moose? I run system maintenance about once a month or more, if C-Cleaner counts. I tried the "-CPUcount:1" and my game hasn't crashed the way it has been ever since. Does adding this on force the game to run on one core? By the way, thank you all for the responses.
  11. I find it quite irritating when SC4 decides that I am done playing for the day! I don't know how specific I can be, but how come the game crashes randomly after a certain period of time? I am running SC4 on Vista, and I hear a certain sound coming from the hard drive, and that is when I know the game is about to crash. When I hear it, the game freezes, I can't save quickly, and within two seconds, my desktop appears. Are there patches or any fixes for this problem? Thank you very much.
  12. Zeppelin Lots -blunder

    Thanks for uploading! It looks fantastic!
  13. Selbring County | Vallence & Summary

    None of us will ever forget. We will always remember. God Bless America!
  14. New World Trade Center

    Thank you for your beautiful, magnificent, and genuinely realistic model of the actual buildings and memorials being constructed in New York City. I am absolutely speechless. I'm also especially grateful for your honoring of all the lives lost on that day ten years ago, and for their families as well. I think that this is a monumental symbol of recovery, remembrance, and especially hope for all. Thank you so very much. God Bless You.