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  1. Just Dance

    Is this indeed from Russellville, Arkansas? If it is (and you're still making these) can we see a Russellville What-a-burger soon? :3
  2. Blocking almost all Maxis buildings

    If I'm not mistaken, you should be able to re-lot the buildings you want. Whenever you relot a building, it places a new DAT file in your plugins folder; if I'm thinking correctly then this wouldn't be affected by the blocker.
  3. Adding Parking Lots?

    You could also use the parking lot testure on the SAM. It'll allow for your stores to have road access even when it's set back from the road (with parking of course). Of course, that may not be the asthetic you're looking for.
  4. VENUS

    Again, I'm overly impressed. The skill you're showing off here is tremendous, and the idea is well executed. I can't wait until you hit some foreign land with a super-complex civilization... that'll be fun to watch :)
  5. MARS

    I'm impressed. This is such a underdone concept that you really have something unique to show us. Not to mention the landscaping is fantastic :D I'll be watching this one very closely. -Faded Glory
  6. Sgt Pepper's NYBT Projects

    I personally love the window texture as is. It's dark, yet not overly reflective like most other dark-tinted buildings. If you release it in Maxis-Night once it's finished i'll definitely download it
  7. NTM's BAT Workshop II

    Sorry for the confusion I caused on my part. I don't mind blue, I was just thinking of alternative colors at that time. As for your update to it. That's a lot better; I'm also enjoying the fact that you're sitting down with us and listening to the critism. I have a feeling this'll be one of your better projects with just a little more time
  8. NTM's BAT Workshop II

    Um... even if it IS blue in reality, it doesn't look well in game as far as textures go. A concrete or gray texture would look loads better in my opinion, plus it wouldn't hurt my eyes to look at it.
  9. NTM's Lot Workshop

    Hmm... Neat idea, but it does need improvement. The outside of the stadium not only seems too crowded but also extremely repetitive. Also, I don't understand the purpose of the buildings on the left of the picture. It could probably use some more cars too
  10. Abandonment vs Demand

    That is where I'm stumped. I can throw out a few guesses, but take nothing of mine as concrete proof. 1) Is it possible that a neighboring city can satisfy the demand for CO? If so, you may end up finding the solution is that commuting is neccesary to level out both of the cities. 2) Maybe the residental cap is high enough where the game finds that having those R$$ is neccesary to balance the R/C inbalance... This could explain the constant rebuilding/abandonment cycle I usually witness when this happens. Also in my experience, this typically occurs after massive growth... maybe slow growth is a workaround? 3) Is it not external factors that are causing the abandonment? High commute time causes the No Job Zot as well. I've also had cases where hugh crime rates forced R$$ into abandonment, so maybe that's a possiblity. Again, the only thing I know for sure is that the game is fickle. I don't know how it's programmed or how to work around stuff but hopefully this gets you into the right direction. Any other thoughts anyone?
  11. Need new ideas for city (suburb) design

    What I do for realistic suburbs is to make main streets that then branch out into sub streets, continuing on until I have something that looks like a suburb. See these pics I took if you need a visual of what I'm talking about:
  12. Abandonment vs Demand

    Oh wow, good question. My guess would be that since there is enough commercial jobs, the game doesn't see it as needing more commercial to satisfy the population. The problem is that the jobs are the wrong type, therefore you have an abundance of jobs but for the wrong population. Anyone else have thoughts about this?
  13. Meister1235 Batting and Modding thread

    In one of my projects Jen_P has a family prop that brings up a bunch of different cars at random. Be warned though that in the LE they all look the same, but they don't in game http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1259 Hopefuly this meets your requirements
  14. NTM's BAT Workshop II

    They're very... blue. Might I suggest a concrete or brick texture? Something that doesn't stand out as much?
  15. NTM's BAT Workshop II

    Yes, please refine the textures. It's really close to being finished, and we as a whole would like to help you see this through to it's end, hopefully as a well done product.