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  1. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    Whelp. We'll be drinkin' a toast to ya tonight here in Texas. Hope they have Linux up there for ya.
  2. Background: An Architecture for Millions of Things

    Followed about 60% of that. Sounds good.
  3. After just two years, I'm starting properly!

    As has been stated plenty of times before. Much of this is more technical than my knowledge. That being said, as a user vs. a coder I want the best experience possible without having to build a dedicated machine to have it look and run decent. If C++ is the way to do that, than go for it, haas.
  4. The Road to Alpha, Week 96 - Committing to ...

    I wish I could code. Alas my talents lie elsewhere, but I will also continue watching closely.
  5. Extension of Right-Of-Way Road System

    We have all three of those 'round these parts. I'm not sure I care to have that much detail in the model, though. It'd be nice, don't get me wrong, but I would rather it run smooth than have mailboxes modeled all gleaming and nice.
  6. Extension of Right-Of-Way Road System

    @Aaron Graham, I think AE has done a great job addressing this already. Basically, go back and look at the zoning and planning vid again, you can control the setback rules. When a road is drawn, as long as it doesn't intrude on an existing building itself, it will not demo it, basically amounting to what you are talking about. I haven't seen medians yet, but his system for creating roads is by lane, so you can create one lane Turn lanes, if you wish. Not sure about the double turn lanes. I second the motion, however. With the motion seconded: any discussion on the issue relating to AE creating double turning lanes in Citybound?
  7. A Nonny Moose, be nice! Besides the fact that it's just a bit off topic at this point in the thread, I feel your right to opine is being a bit too intrusive on young aspiring minds, IMO at least . Not saying you shouldn't opine, just be a bit more...civil in your truth telling as it were.
  8. After Dark Expansion released for Cities: Skylines!

    Neat! Looking forward to getting some time to check it out.
  9. The Road to Alpha, Week 89 - Theory and Practice

    Liked how well you explained things for us lamens. Enough info, and done visually, so that I can understand what's going on, without the crossed eyes and headache of trying to figure out what terms I've never herd of mean. Do you have any update on when y'all think a playable alpha release will be? The end of the video reminds me of the dogs in the movie UP!...
  10. August 2015 Update - A week with Michael

    It could be that I'm really tired (which is why I'm here instead of doing my work), but most of the latter portion of what you said didn't stick. My deficit I'm sure rather than yours. What I got is that as far as I, the player is concerned, I won't notice the multitasking, and that because I run a windows PC, I'm not nearly as cool as you with your fancy Linux machine . Sweet. Does this have the [droids] you are looking for?
  11. August 2015 Update - A week with Michael

    Sounds like the face to face was very productive. The update wasn't fully above my head in the more technical parts, but it was like I was just barely able to touch with my tip toes jumping to breath. One thing that I understand is that there will be city chunks (dare I say neighborhoods?). These chunks make it so that you don't have to simulate the whole city at once, or that the city chunks are divided by cores, or something like that. My question is, what will be the determinate of size for these chunks? Will it be the number of citizens at max density, or what? Will the other chunks of the city be visible, or will there be a cut off like in SC4? Will you have to load to go to another chunk, or do you simply scroll and at most experience a brief moment of lag while things transition? Or are these things not figured out?
  12. Simpeg Productions - Farewell

    There is a library in San Francisco that documents the internet. You may try to see if they can help to recover any unrecoverable pages...https://archive.org/
  13. DotCity, a futuristic city builder, minimalist in style, massive in size.

    I concur. I don't have issue with a lack of textures per se, but I would suggest that having something about the game that gives different character to different parts of the city should be considered. As a mathematician, it's all about the numbers, but for gamers, it is also about emotions. This should not be forgotten. I like to concept, and it's more like the matrix than a city builder. I'll be interested to follow this game's progress. Good luck!
  14. Developer Diaries Discussion

    Liked the zoning. Anselm, your instincts are really great. Also thanks for answering my earlier questions and concerns. I had a few ideas based on what you had talked about. Regarding plans and money, perhaps you could create some sort of slider interface where the player decides how much time and/or money they want to put into the plan. So there might be a base cost, but if I had a ton of cash and wanted a project that might normally take 10 months to happen in only one month, I just throw more money at it. If the player slides the time, it affects the money automatically, or vise versa. I could see some limits, so for instance, maybe a 10 month project couldn't be done in 1 month, but could be done in 3. Or perhaps the $/mo is not linear, but rather hyperbolic. If base line 10 months costs cb30,000, then 5 months may cost cb75,000, and 3 months cb300,000 (or however the math would work out). Not sure how difficult it would be to implement the idea, but there it is for consideration... Regarding zoning, I am floored by how much detailed ability you are giving, particularly being able to move roads after the fact. Yes sir. Indeed that was really cool. A feature that you may consider adding would be to add a division line, similar to the control point question with roads. This would divide the existing zone at the point the player selects, where both zones have the same parameters. Then after if the player wants to only change, say the heights, or the zone type, but keep the rest of the parameters the same, they can. Along similar lines, being able to set a standardization for a parameter, so for instance saying that in this district or zone, the standard setback is 15 m, and the standard height is 8 stories. Perhaps it's as simple as creating a selection feature where the player can select more than one zone at a time and set the parameter for all of them at once. Come to think of it, perhaps there are data inputs or sliders when you select zoning that allow you to set these before you start zoning. This could really cut down on the tedium if what you want isn't the standard zone. Also, will players be able to alter the zone after it has been in place and buildings have generated using those parameters, without losing existing buildings. For instance, if I've had a city that has existed for a while, and I go back to the original areas I zoned, and I wanted to decrease the height. The buildings that are already there stay, but any new buildings/tenets must abide by the new parameters. This could be a great way to introduce gentrification.