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  1. Discussion about City Tile Size

    They are doing all the same mistakes as MonteCristo did. Why?! They should be totally aware of why Cities XL failed (mainly the online/multiplayer focus)? Will they really sell so many games to casual gamers though? I can only talk for myself but everyone i know that would be interested in any way in this game will talk/mention it to me about the game ("There's a new Sim City, cool! Have you tried it?") some time before release and... I would only recommend not to buy it. As it seems right now this game wouldn't even be worth 5$. Already talked with a few of the people that i know have a small interest in this type of games about the game and all of them has become pretty disappointed when learning more about it. Don't think anyone of them will buy it.
  2. SimCity: Terraforming

    This is bad from two points of view. First it confirms that there's no terraforming, as already pointed out. But if i understands it correctly he's also saying that the regional play aren't the same as in SC4. You have your 2x2 km city and then a mandatory open space until next city. The 2x2 km tiles are therefore seperate cities and not district in a larger metropolitan area. Disappointing. And everything because of some unwanted online crap. EDIT: I see that this is talked about in another thread.
  3. Not possible today. We has to be realistic too.
  4. I personally don't care if the tile itself is small as long as i can just build a new district of my city next to it. From the picture it seems that it would be possible to do much better than in SC4, if i built a new part of my city next to that one i should be able to see both tiles all the time. What's concerning about the picture is that the airport seem to be located in the middle of two potential city tiles which makes me wonder if there's tiles next to it or if the tile is isolated and the roads are just roads to get to other peoples cities in the global MMO-ish environment. Seems like the crappy MMO-$%&^! that MonteCristo tried to pull off. I hope i'm wrong though.
  5. I don't like that the income is hourly based as i have a feeling that's real life hours and not in-game hours. Can't find an icon for statistics and other overlay filters but if it's there i think it looks okay.
  6. SimCity: Terraforming

    It could be one of many features that has to be taken out from the game so that the unwanted MMO crap can work as they want it. If we can terraform we can just create cities with endless resources and therefore flood their global market. The same goes for cheats/sandbox (which is the mode i prefer). One of the biggest turn-offs from Cities XL, apart from the now canceled Planet Offer, was the small predefined maps. I want huge maps, doesn't care for the 2x2km limit as far as there's a region with unlimited 2x2km cities in it, and i want to create the map myself.
  7. There's a huge difference between Diablo and SimCity though. Diablo are in nature a game that's supposed to be played online while SimCity aren't. Sure, some people would love the ability to play SC online but i'm fairly confident that i can say that a huge majority of SC-fans prefer the game to be offline and 100% single player in their/our own little bubble. I don't think online are bad per se but it shouldn't be forced upon every game. Some games are just better off without it while some requires it for gameplay reasons. Diablo without online multiplayer wouldn't be nearly as popular as it is and SC without a fully featured 100% single player mode won't be nearly as popular as it has potential to be.
  8. They lurk and are aware of everything going on around here. How do you know that?
  9. It's the same when talking to people in real life. I know a few people who would be considered as casual players, and not hardcore fans as most of those who writes here. Not a single one of them are positive about the online stuff. The casual players too want to play the game in single player. It's simply that type of game.
  10. No. Even though we play solo we'll have to be connected to the global market as far as we know right know. That's not solo. If there's an option to disconnect my influence on the global market so that i can use money cheats and play by myself in my own little bubble everything is fine. Well, as long as my own private saves are local of course. If they want to do a piracy check everytime i start the game, fint. That won't affect me, even though it will be a hassle for those who doesn't always has an internet connection. They should use the STEAM solution where we have to verify once but then put STEAM/Origin in offline mode where we don't have to verify unless there's a new patch out there that we want to download.
  11. Fully Featured Solo Offline Play Mode

    Yeah, authorize once are okay. But not everytime! Another issue that arises with Origin/STEAM are that updates are automatic and you can't roll back. I think this may become a huge problem in SimCity 2013 and Custom Content when that becomes available. Some mods won't work after an update and will have to be updated for each game update. It may take a few days and if the game automatically updates it may become a huge problem.
  12. I couldn't agree more! I can sort of understand if they want to force us to register online ONCE to fight piracy, even though it may be a real problem for some. I havn't played a new EA game in ages, does anyone know if Origin has an offline-mode as STEAM does? But i can't understand nor accept it if they will force us to play multiplayer, which includes something as small as the global market. If i can't play 100% by myself with my own rules and pace i won't buy it. Never liked online gaming.
  13. But would it really be such a good idea to store single-player saves in the cloud? Have they really said that ALL saves will be stored at their servers or just implied that multi player saves will? If all saves, single and multi, will be saved in their servers it will take up an incredible amount of space for them. I have so many different SC4 regions that i can't keep track of them anymore but i still have them all saved on my computer (somewhere) and would expect Maxis to keep them all too even if i havn't played a particular region in seven years time. I also regularly play a game called Football Manager, which is one of these games that has a new edition each year (which is a concept i prefer every day of the week over GDC and other micropayment solutions). I also keep back-ups of my progress from time to time. In last years edition the size of my back-up folder of saved games ended at 8,8 GB each save file are around 100-200 mb). And i'm just one player. There's no reasoanable explanation to why they should keep single player saves in the cloud. I can see why they would keep multi player there though. So... Have they really said that both single and multi will be saved on their servers?
  14. Fully Featured Solo Offline Play Mode

    Single player is still a big focus! At least they acknowledge that many players prefer solo play. It's the best answer regarding single player yet. Not perfect though. There's some question still pending. Like if they'll allow cheats. Standbox, even though i prefer to have the economic simulation still active and using cheats instead. Offline play, doesn't really) matter for me personally as i'm always connected unless the online stuff is interfering with other feaures (like cheats), but i know from other games (Football Manager 2012) that has gone down that route that people will be disappointed as not everyone are connected all the time. Of course, Single player also needs an less restricted custom content. Some stuff aren't fit for multiplayer but most of it should still be available in offline/SP. I can see them restricting buildings in MP that are... eh, "not-so-moral", like stripclubs. Should still be available in SP, if someone makes them.
  15. Functional Parks with Rules

    I like the idea of zooning parks. Most parks aren't square and small. In many European cities there's large, often rectangular, parks in the city centres and in the suburbs it's usually just a green area with a walking path and some benches and maybe a (very) small artificial lake/stream. Not like it was in SC4 where they were always square and totally out of scale. But if you look at the first picture that became known from the game there seem to be zooned parks.