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  1. spotlights

    These are going next to the Mayor's House! Simple, but great!
  2. Mercadona

    Very nice! But does it grow?
  3. EAGS Alan Parsons Project

    Alan Parsons is my cousin or something. Seriously. Anyway, cool idea!
  4. AGS CJ Bomb Pack

    It will be a silent spring! -Desolator, Red Alert 2
  5. BNSF GE Dash9 44CW

    Really cool! For the next version, you should replace BNSF with CMR, which is what some of the cars say on the side. Great work! 10/10
  6. public swimming pool

    I like it, but it could use a few people standing around, towels, and a lifeguard tower. Also, I would have called it "SwimCity."
  7. OC Ottawa City Bus

    Sorry, man. The shape is all wrong. Its a little shorter and more boxy. Oh, and dirty. I should know, I rode one yesterday (why does the 95 ALWAYS smell like pee?).
  8. DEDWD Ministry of Garbage

    Hmmm.... I thought that looked familler. Anyway, brilliant idea. My capital city, Ichon, apparently has a garbage problem. But I have an almost unused WTE Incinator and a regular incinarator. Go figure.
  9. PEG WATER MOD Windjammer

    *Jaw hits floor*
  10. SFBT Microwave Power Plant by Stolloss

    Awesome... I heard that Microwave power is possible, but anything flying over it (birds, planes, hanggliders) gets fried.