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  1. PS2 museum

    Actually with some work (and I mean major work, including changing the colours most likely) this could pass off as an excellent modernist revival tower. Hm...
  2. High Speed Rail Project Beta1

    Wow! It looks very European, verrrr European! Great job! :)
  3. Corner Gas

    What about an arena for the Dog River River Dogs? lol, great job! :)
  4. Sam the Record Man

    Very nice indeed! It's that messy and unorganized look that (imo) gives it so much of its appeal! And what a great idea to bat Yonge Street, that place has alot of potential! Great job! :)
  5. Map 52

    Very nice! I haven't downloaded a map in a while, but I'll get this one for sure! Good job! :)
  6. InGen Corporation

    Very nice, especially for a first! Interesting yet average design, and a nice layout. Great use of plants and overlay textures too! Just one question: is that a reflection in the glass wing, or is that the actual lot that I'm seeing? I hope not... Great job! I hope to see more out of you! :)
  7. Amusement park pack 1

    It isn't a very amusing amusement park...
  8. Kilbourn Tower

    Hey first comment! Neat! Well I like it, but I must say the colours are a bit bleached and the roof could use some dirtying up. And what about nightlights and things like that? Technically however, this is a very faithful recreating of Kilbourn. I can't wait to see what you do next! Good luck and nice job! :)
  9. SmalltownUSA Town Hall

    I'm sure Robert Zemeckis would like the first one! ;) This is a very good, and might I say thoughtful, addition to the STEX! We sure could use ALOT more civic buildings. Excellent job! :)
  10. Shenzhen Special Zone Press Tower

    Oh God I'm so sorry about this third post (honestly, you can delete it if you want to) I just figured out what the green building is. Duhhh...
  11. Shenzhen Special Zone Press Tower

    Screw it, I'll rate it now. I can deal with landmarks! Really, this is a great job :) (the design is just so whacky though, it'd only look good in a city with a hundred other Chinese modern buildings, otherwise it'd look out of place!)
  12. Shenzhen Special Zone Press Tower

    Not a big fan of the design, but the craftsmenship is amazing! That isn't just a good first BAT, it's good PERIOD. The nightlights are simple and easy on the eyes, and the glass surface looks great. Alas, I likely won't download it until you upload a ploppable version. I'll keep my rating until then, but I must say this is really an excellent job! :) (I'm just wondering, what are the buildings in the background???)
  13. NDEX Zeus Corporation by Tragicomicus

    This reminds me of the Evil HQ from Tad Williams' Otherworld Series. Tall dark tower, glass roof...too many coincidences! Overall this is a pretty cool effort. It's certainly memorable, and a lot more interesting than some recent NDEX stuff. Tragicomicus, you're getting much better! This is probably your best yet! If I may suggest though, tone down the nightlights and change the lighting on the sign. It's too dark during the day and too bright during the night. Good job! :)
  14. NDEX Sidfeldt Tower One by DT

    Well I actually wrote something useful but the stupid thing won't work so I'll just say good job, it's a good original design (actually reminds me of the Silver Tower in Frankfurt) and I especially like the logo at the top. :) (aren't you guys glad you didn't have to put up with my rhetoric?)
  15. NDEX Ontario Pacific Center by DT

    Well I agree with SimFan that it isn't at the same calibre as some of the past NDEX works, and there are a couple design elements that don't work. But overall this is a job well done. I like the entry, it reminds me of One Canada Square. And the name at the top is a nice touch as well. I guess I'm supposed to do this so...please do tell, what is the building on the left? ;)