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  1. PARIS DIAGONAL rue Meyerbeer

    merci de m'etonner!
  2. PARIS DIAGONAL Paramount Opera Theatre

    si content de voir qu'y a encore de nvx batiments completement parisiens!
  3. Stockholm Buildings

    oh my gosh can't wait to see them appear in my cities!
  4. German Cathedral Villingen

    just how do you always surprise us with such beautiful buildings all the time!!??!?!
  5. Casino Club

    simply marvelous! once again, your building has been proved to be one of the most beautiful!
  6. Hello! I am confronted with this problem that popped out all the sudden! AARGH! There is this one region that causes problems. Other cities in other regions are working fine as usual but one particular region's cities all crash when I try to play them. Only one, my favorite one.... I can open up the region, no problem, but cannot play any of the cities. At first I thought it was a plugin related thing but soon realized that cities in other regions were ok. I guess the files are corrupt or something. What should I do??? No virus or anything, I already checked.
  7. vda Amsterdam Gebouw Kosmos

  8. Mexico City Cathedral

    OH MY GOSH! This is a miracle!!!
  9. Rynek Dekert side

    absolutely marvelous! so happy to see a building from Poland! :)
  10. W2W Corner House

    oh my gosh, i love gdansk! make more! :)
  11. Dubai map fixed

    just what I was looking for! :)
  12. BSP Park Avenue Building

    i love these down to earth buildings!
  13. BSC wish you a Merry Xmas

    thank you!!! merry christmas to you too!!! :)
  14. Hungarian Corner Building Pecs

    I've been to Pecs, I love that city and I love your buildings!
  15. Dutch Small Medical Clinic

    just beautiful!!