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About this City Journal

Just me messing around and trying to develop a 2.5x2.5 large tile region :)

Entries in this City Journal


Hello everyone, and welcome to part... 2 of the Capitol River Region (intro definitely not stolen from a certain SC4 Youtube Series ;) ).

Sorry for the long wait, I have many excuses I can drop for the long break, but I think I'll stick with RL and waiting for NAM 32 to be released proper (I had some visual issues with the pre-release and so didn't really want to show any dodgy images).

Anyway, the main thing I needed after the initial dialling in and placement of trees and stuff, was a plan. In the past I've rarely used one of these, since I've felt more comfortable just doing what I want and seeing what happens, but in my last region I found this led to some logistical issues when I started to grow out my towns. So, this time I made a quick one using inkscape:


Yellow and blue Lines are major highways, green and blue are less major routes (i.e. not all interchanges will be grade separated), the white and grey dashed line shows the rail routes, and the different shaded circles are where I'm planning on the settlements being. This is very rough and subject (hell, I've already broken bits of it), but should give an idea of where I'm going with this.

So far, I have pretty much all of the southern infrastructure done, so here are some pictures of the more interesting bits of that:

Up first is the intersection connecting the main highway south with the main city's ring road and the inner-city motorway (I really need to think of names for stuff for the next part, description is hard). I guess it's a partially unravelled cloverleaf, but don't quote me on that. The actual design was borrowed from the Show Us Your... Interchanges thread, which I then converted into LHD.


We also have something on the smaller side, a fairly compact trumpet interchange next to the rural settlement (which I have started some work on) in the South-East of the region. Some of the bends are a little tight, but I figure traffic use will be light and so a sprawling, high-quality interchange is unnecessary.


We also have a picture of the two bridges crossing the river just to the West of the first interchange. Not much to say about this, I really just thought it looked semi-interesting and was concious of how little I actually have to show thus far :P


I guess I may as well chuck in a region shot to show the progress across the region as well. ;)


Well, see you next time guys, and hopefully much sooner :)




Hi guys,

I've been on this site a while now, and have been posting some of the things I make around the forums, but had no real way to lump all my contributions together. Also, my old region has bugged, so its time for me to start over again, so I thought I may as well have a city journal to keep all the stuff from my new region in :P

At the time of writing, this is what we have so far:


Just finished dialling in my region with terrain and tree controllers. I've decided to go for the ARDEN Seasonal Tree Controller (Inland version) after seeing how pretty it is in the NORO Co-operative.

That's all I really have to say right now (thankfully!), so see you next time I post something :P




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