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Hartford is a small seaside town located 36 km north of Redfield. Though most of its neighbors are exurbs, Hartford survives mostly on its own. With a population of 10,262, the city is the terminus of RTS red line.

Some zoom 4 mosaics:



A little broader view:


A large (2294x1598) mosaic and my favorite pic of the city. Click to enlarge.


Thanks for viewing! Hope you've liked it.


Ln X: Thanks!

juliok92012: Valeu cara! Ainda estou aprendendo a usar essa coisa... sofro pra fazer interseções simples.

Mymyjp: Thank you!

Kim Sunwoo: Thanks a lot!

tankman: Thanks! I tried exactly to create a mid-density industrial/ghetto neighborhood because in my last cities the transition looked too abrupt.

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Kisa Atsuko: Thank you! Diagonal stations are really cool, too bad they are somewhat hard to find :(

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fuhrerrick: Thanks!

Niels: Thank you! I always add brightness/contrast/saturation to the pics to create this effect.

Juliok: Thank you!

VMIUJcadet09: Thanks! I hope I can keep posting more of them.

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Mr Saturn64: Thanks! Well, as Huston answered, it is Gardener Center. Thanks for voting aswell! I now have turned on the shadows, so I reckon it looks better.

slickbg56: Thank you!

Mymyjp: Thanks!

Paulobergonci: Obrigado!

cromabianca: Thanks! It's SAM7 - Hableurg Asphalt street.

tankmank: Thank you!

Benedict: Thanks! It's nice to be back. I think it looks fine because this city wasn't meant to be a city. I was re-lotting the station, and as a test placed the relot in this tile. Then everything was build around the station.

coolwiththecool2: Thank you!

freemuchies: Thanks!

dabadon5: Thanks!

JP Schriefer: Thank you! I'll try.

Huston: Thanks! Especially thank you for telling Mr Saturn which building it was!

Redfield - Suburban Rails

A lot of commuters use Redfield Train System (RTS) as their transportation. A big city, Redfield tries to avoid jams on its highways by providing quality rail transportation for its inhabitants. This update will show some of RTS stations and their surroundings.


Tallinn Park Station, located next to a park with the same name. There is a area of restaurants around it, tennis court and The Estonian Heritage museum. Around 20,000 immigrants from Estonia in the 19th century, leaving the city with a sizable community. The station is the first of the Red branch after the terminal.


Barlow Station. Located close to a historical center which houses some stores and pubs, Barlow Station was the first station to be built in the Green Branch. Taken down by a fire in 1993, it was replaced by a more simpler, modern building.


A quieter station, Beaumont Street station is the second station of the Red Branch. It is surrounded mainly by middle class houses, and many dwellers use it to go to work downtown.

Now, to finish the update, a big mosaic:


Well, I hope you've liked Redfield. There will be a few more entries of this city, and it is not finished yet. So, any advice is welcome!



My first entry in a long time (August 2013). This one features two teasers of Redfield, a regionally important metropolis based on North American ones.


The Eastern portion of downtown and the Toronto Terminal, the largest and main station of Redfield-Kent Metro.


A few suburbs, a slum/industrial area and part of the downtown, depicting one of the city's many contrasts.

Indeed, it is a very short update. Hope you've enjoyed.


Northern Hope

Located closer to Lansay City Downtown, Northern Hope is composed by wealthier suburbs and a golf club. Enjoy! Part 1 here. Replies at the bottom.




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sri2: Thanks!

Ace: Thank you! It's my favorite.

CorpusDei: Thanks! The landing strip isn't that big... It's about 1,300/1,400 m.

Sunv: Thanks! Can't believe I forgot it. Thank you for the suggestion.

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urielgarcia: Thanks! I really did, it's nice that you appreciate it.

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APSMS: Thank you! What an eye you have... I had downloaded it before I installed Darknite... already changed. It did requires patience, but with practice, an airport of this size becomes quickier and easier to do.

SimCoug: Thanks!


Lansay City - Part 3

Lansay City - Part 3



k50: Thanks!

raynev1: Glad you liked it!

MilitantRadical: Thank you!

Ace: Thanks, really ! I realized it after I finished the downtown.... I must admit making them is not my specialty.

Schulmanator: Thank you! Indeed it is. It's the capital city and the country's economic center.

TowerDude: Thanks!!

blunder: Thank you!

Pioneer: I might consider it.

More of Lansay City. Lansay City Airport is slightly inspired in Santos Dumont Airport.

The airport. (1966 x 2169 - click to enlarge)mosaicao.png

Airport at night + Downtown (5063 x 900 - click to enlarge)


Another mosaic featuring the airport, and one of the city's historical and most dense neighborhoods.


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Lansay City - Part 2

Lansay City - Part 2

The downtown, finally.


At night...


A few more suburbs, close to the airport...


Thanks for viewing! More of the city will be shown in the next update. Please rate/+1 if you liked.

(Replies to previous update are in the comment section)




Another suburban city. I promess next update will be more interesting. Since the frequency of updates is very irregular, I'll reply in comment section from now on.


Hope is a suburban city located in Lansay City Metro. It is conected with Lansay City Downtown by train and highway. A canal and a bikeway are located in the main avenue.





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For those who asked about colors, I just edit the photos in Microsoft Office Picure Manager. I add +10 bright; +30 contrast and +10, 20 or 30 saturation.

Forthwall: Thanks!

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Lansay City


Population: 1,523,400 (city) / 2,019,872 (urban) / 2,341,078 (metro)

Area: 520.23 km²

Founded: June 7, 1802

State: Federal District

GDP per capita: BR$32,089 (US$ 31,089)

HDI: o,824

West Pacific District

One of Lansay City most affluent neighborhoods, the West Pacific District is divided in two parts: the high, residential area and the low, commercial area which is an extension of the city downtown, with some hotels. The West Pacific Marina, biggest marina in Lansay, gives the district it's name. There are 32,405 people living in the district, which is relatively close to the city CBD and James Wings Airport.



Thanks for viewing! Please, if you liked it rate/+1. Since this update was kind of short, a bonus image I posted on Show your Suburbs. (It's located in an adjacent city tile, part of the same Metro):



Thanks for commenting, really. This gives me motivation to continue with CJ, even if I don't have much time to play.

IMPEI: Thanks!

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Matthew0227: Thanks. A small town in Quebec? Apart from this, no.

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This is the beginning of a new 'phase' of my CJ. Probably my best update. Tadoussac is a coastal city in the sourthern part of Brunswick. It's the fourth most populated city in Rockward District, with approximately 20,000 inhabitants. It has a small port, and it's a very green, pleasant city.








To finish, a mosaic with a full view of the city:


I WILL reply soon, and Thanks to everybody who comment. I'd really appreciate if you rate/comment the journal. :)


Victoria - Marina District

Located south to Victoria, the Marina District is located at the margins of the calm Ontario Lake. It started to develop at the 60's, when the city center started to get suffocated by skyscrapers and traffic jam. It has a population of 40,012 and offers 33,422 jobs.








Thanks for viewing. Hope you liked it. Please rate/comment!


Victoria - Part 1

Victoria - Part 1

Victoria is an american-styled city that I'm working on currently. A lot of progress still has to be done, but I'd like to share some with you:



Now the downtown (CBD) of the city:


A LOT of things has to be done. For example:

- Remove the excess of repeated buildings

- Add more skyscrapers

- Finish downtown zoning (90% done)

- Finish suburb construction

What has been already done:

- Part of the suburb

- Part of the downtown

- Transportation systems (rail/road)

- The airport (I'll show in another update).

Thanks for viewing! I hope you liked it! If you did, please comment/rate!


@Schulmantor: Thank You! In fact, I do have this journal in Portuguese, but in another website.

@10000000000000: Thanks! I really do try to do my best in my journal. Glad you liked it!

@rugeley123: Thanks for commenting!

@Forthwall: Thank you!

@RepublicMaster: Thanks!

@westy177: Tahnks, westy! Probably it's because built the airport before the city.

@thesurveyor: Thank you!




Located in Lakeside Metropolitan Region, the city of Buffalo has been growing fast since 1991, when the Buffalo/Lakeside Int. Airport was constructed. The airport is the third busiest airport serving Lakeside (biggest city of Brunswick) and has a capacity of 10,000,000 passengers/year. Population (2011): 51,238.


Downton Buffalo, located near the airport.


The middle-class neighborhood of Trembling, that represents a typical suburban community of Brunswick.


Buffalo/Lakeside International Airport terminal. The airport has the capacity to receive aircraft up to A321 or B739.


Close-up in the General Aviation Sector.

Some mosaics:




Thanks for viewing! Please comment/rate if you liked.


Thanks to everyone who commented! And sorry if I made any English mistake, since i'm not a native speaker.





Pinehurst is a suburban city in the Metropolitan Region of Hudson Bay. The majority of the population studies/works at Hudson City, causing a serious traffic problem in the principal avenue, where a small commercial center is located.







Little Calgary

Little Calgary

Founded during the 1880's March to South in Brunswick, Little Calgary is a small rural town in the southern part of the country. With a population of around 5,000, the city can be accessed by the local railroad or by the SD-29, a state highway that connects the districts of Oria, Marsden and Yukon.







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