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Albanies Largest Cities

LaRouse City


Larouse is a medium sized city with a population of 345,678.The city focuses on media industry it also has a large musical industry Larouse is where most singers and DJs go to start their rise to fame.The average income for Larouse is $50,000.



Georgiana is a bigish city it doesn't have a large downtown there are two mini downtowns in the city that serve the surrounding population wtih jobs.Anyway Georgiana is known for its many festivities the Christmas parade in downtown, the Independence Day Parade and Firework Show in downtown and the Georgiana River, and many more festivities. The population is 632,234 the average income is 60,000.

Icearus City


Icearus is the capital of Albanie it's also the largest city in Albanie.Icearus has a population of 2,345,736.Icearus is the most technologically advanced city in the country the hospitals are so clean and advanced you could preform surgery in the hallway but the surgeons prefer not to.... Many people choose Icearus for their vacation destination Icearus is home to over 100 five star hotels and condos and many expensive five star restaurants for popping the question or just eating out.. The main industries in Icearus are HighTech Industries,Tourism,and Commercial Office space.

Sorry this is just a small update but I'll start updating more so yeah..

Please comment your ideas and such...


Georgiana Update 2


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AccroDuweb: Thanks it's a lot bigger now actually.

Shoko: Thanks the downtown of a city is always my favorite to build!


Georgiana Update 2

Sorry about another delay....

Quick Facts

Georgiana has almost doubled in size with a population of 853,000.

(I plan on joining the AIN if they will allow me to..)

The downtown area experienced a decent building boom the tallest tower in the city is now the Georgiana International Tower. The top floors of the tower will serve as the headquarters for AIN (If I get in that is).

Here's a Christmas present.


Georgiana has many insurance offices located in the CBD,

some hotels as well.

Georgiana is a medium and high wealth city the average yearly income is $60,000.

Georgiana is known for it's excellent education and medical departments.

Here's a picture of the new skyline at day time.


Every year the Saturday before Christmas the city throws a huge parade and later night a ball in the Toyota Center.

(They both occur at night time.)

When that time comes you can smell hot chocolate,cotton candy,candy canes funnel cakes and more!, you also hear the joyful laughs of children and adults as you walk through the city streets.

Dian Watson a local says "It's the most joyful time of the year my husband and I take our kids there every year and it's just getting better!"

Before the parade is over the local high school's chorus gives the citizens a performance of Christmas songs.

Georgiana is also known for its entertainment and festivities.

Many citizens come over to Georgiana from its sister cities like Icearus City and Larouse City.


The Veridian Casino&Hotel across the street is the citys most expensive condominiums.

As you can see in the picture many people line up outside the casinos doors awaiting for the casino to open.

A tourist gave us a review of the Veridian Casino&Hotel this is what they said "If I could spend my whole life in there I most certainly would!"

The average payment for a condominium is around $700,000.


This is the tallest tower in Georgiana the Georgiana International Tower. Behind is the city's largest hospital Providence 1 to the left is formal tallest tower in Georgiana the AT&T building.

A Georgiana International employe says "I work on the top floor of the building i can see my house from there literally!"

Last picture is just a picture of some insurance buildings.




Thank you all



Hello Guys, its been awhile I apologize for that.But anyway heres a teaser for my new city Georgiana.

Georgiana is a large suburban city with a population of around, 600,000.

Georgiana's largest building is the AT&T building providing a lot of jobs to the citizens.

Georgiana is the first city i have built with a tram system!


Anyway......Like comment please I enjoy your opinions.Oh and rate thanks you guys.



LastTrueChamp:Thanks if you need the link for the hotel I'll get it.

City89:Pm me which ones you want and I'll get 'em for you.

This update is just a teaser about the Capitol of Albanie ; New Alexandria the city is very culturally rich,as well as governmentally infested.


1789:New Alexandria was founded.

After 50 years of growing rapidly the city was crowned Capitol.

1877:Population hits 734,654.

1890:The country went to war with rival country ; Georgina.

1894:The war is over total casualties:354,324. :( Albanie won though. :)

Georgina was destroyed Albanie rebuilt and took the country for their own.

1913:The Capitol got over taken by an enemy country.

1913:(A day later)New Alexandria was returned from enemy control.

For 99 years nothing much happened just alot of growth

2012:The city population hits 4,219,123.

Well anyway heres the picture hope you like it.


Rate,Like,Comment let me know whatcha think about New Alexandria



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Iowndiscti:Well as large as Alba is the crime rate is EXTREMELY low,the police department is very strict,and since the economy is so good in the country there is no need to steal really.

Matheuspaulo:Thank you.


Sorry for such a long wait but anyway,Alba City in the past 6 years built three arenas on a Normal sized island south west of the downtown area.Since the arenas have been built ALOT of tourism has came to Alba and since the island is a 5 minute drive from downtown the downtown area has been given a boost in its commerce.


Well as you can see a HSR line as been added due to commute issues the line in the above picture connects Downtown Alba to Alma Bryant a normal sized city but much smaller than Alba.Ok I bet some of you have been wondering "What is the capitol of Albanie?," well the capitol is New Alexandria this city will come after Alba is done. Anyway back to subject heres the first picture of the Arenas this first one is called The Alba Dome


This is the Liverpool Arena the arena can hold up to 80,000 people tickets for a game are on sell for 412$.So grab your Coca-Cola and hot dog and enjoy the game

:). In this picture you can also see a hotel in front of the arena the hotels name is The Grand Canal Hotel a five star luxury hotel.


Here is a over view of the Liverpool Arena and the islands observatory tower citizens call the tower "The jewel of the island"


This is my favorite picture its a night view of the entire island its pretty small as you can see but just because its small doesn't mean its not fun.


Ok this picture you can see the two luxury hotels right in front of the Toyota Center their names are The Bou Ravage 1 and The Bou Ravage 2. The Toyota Center is used for Basket ball and Volleyball tournaments and Graduations.


This is just a small little entertainment area on the island when you drive by you can hear the laughter of children and adults.


Well this is the last picture a over head view of the island in day light. I hope you enjoyed it rate,comment,like etc.





Simul8ter8:Thanks im glad you think so.

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Dubaidude303:Thanks stay tuned for more.

Escilnavia:Oh my gowsh Thanks a comment from my hero!

City_Master:Thanks I worked hard on the area around downtown.

Matheuspaulo:Thank you so much.

==========================================Hello everyone this is my latest update about Alba City this update is focused on the downtown area . The first picture will just be a night view of the skyline.

AlbaCity-Aug211141337530946.pngThe downtown area is home to over 1000 Companies and growing.AlbaCity-Jan171151337531353.pngAlba isn't just all stores and what not but it also home to several casinos such as;Treasure City,The Palace Casino,Aurora Casino and Hotel.AlbaCity-Feb191151337533037.pngMy favorite building;The tower of Alba(Tower of the Americas)The tower of Alba is the sixth tallest building in Alba ..AlbaCity-Feb161151337533010.pngSunset over the city its time to head home after along day of work but rush hour would keep you in downtown for 25 to 38 minutes if you drive..AlbaCity-Aug111141337530804.pngThe Aurora Casino is unique every time someone wins a jackpot which is 1,000,000$ they broadcast a picture of them on the facade of the building.


Thanks for viewing rate like follow and comment(I LOVE COMMENTS) what building was your favorite and your favorite picture!




Hello everyone,on this update I am going to show you the first suburban area in the city which is now known as...... Compton City. These suburbs are home to around 27,689 residents and growing fast EverGrandeCity-Feb23661332886143.png The residents of Compton city decided to name the suburb Marsh Lake.EverGrandeCity-Mar16661332886230.png It is preferred not to swim in the lake yet number one because some local pirana owners decided to set loose their piranas :angry: but thats fine because the city council passed a law making it illegal to own piranas in the city limits. Number Two you dont want to go swimming in a lake covered with trees water lilies etc you just don't. This train station receives at least 5,000 commuters every day the station is known as "Marsh Lake Commute Station" EverGrandeCity-Apr29661332886472.png Now here is the leading supplier of well pretty much everything at low prices in Marsh Lake yes its Wal-Mart :party:EverGrandeCity-Apr11661332886334.pngIn 2005 a giant hurricane hit Compton City flooding Marsh Lake with 4 feet of water destroying thousands of homes Albanie's Natural Disaster Department paid for the 36.8 Billion dollars needed for repair,that was just pocket change to Albanie since the giant economic boom started in the mid 1900's still lives today.In 1994 Marsh Lake only four years old had about 5,987 residents Compton was a modestly normal sized city with 89,655 civilians.Here is Marsh lake in 2008 after building the first neighborhood on the north side of the lake it became a hit. EverGrandeCity-Apr19661332886419.png Well that wraps this update up thanks! Comment,Rate,Like -Mayor Dreams


Hello everyone,it's MayorDreams with my new region "The Republic of Albanie".I have created a new city in Albanie can't decide a name so i'll let you guys vote,alright so heres the only picture of the city that I will show as of now enjoy!; Untitled-5-1.png Comment,Rate,Like thnx - MayorDreams


Update 3

OK Im sorry about my CJ not being as good as good and organized as it should be I will start making CJs again possibly later this week if I finish homework fast and study good and also get my cj correct or I may start back next week or even later Thanks for your time till then BYE



Hello everyone this is the second update of my CJ this update is about the Resort Area ok i typed alot and had all the pictures on this update but i use safari and used back space and it went back to the previous page and all my hard work was gone i was sooooo mad but anyway heres the first pictureresortarea.png this is the main Resort area this area makes about 8 million dollars every 3 weeks the Resort area is spotted with casinos hotels restaurants shopping malls department stores etc the sun sets infront of this area making it a ideal area for honeymoons dates proposals and its just a great spot most visitors rate the resort area a 5star vacation hotspot ok next pictureSSSRTower.png this is the Seven Seas Spa Hotal Casino and Resort (Long name yes yes it is) this however is not the most popular resort to goto it is the most expensive :( now heres the most stayed at best amazing resort in Oceanopolis yes its the Haywood Inn Resortsssrandcasino.png alright next is the best commercial district in the city millions buy things there over the year (the huge building in the top right cornor is a resort and a shopping center mainly resort)downtown.png "Small Island" what most citizens and tourists call it its a small island holding 5 buildings 3 are resorts it has the more cheaper resorts but its still a great spot LAST PICTUREsmallisland.png Thanks please be sure to leave a comment before ya go thnx


Hello simtropolis, Im Mayordreams or you can just call me MD but anyway im about to take you on an adventure through my newest regional project Albanie so anyway here is a list of some info about the nation.AlbanieInformation.pngThanks like comment would be nice thanks again :) oh and have any questions be sure to ask


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