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About this City Journal

Two brothers, once unified, find their futures down two separate paths. With each trying to lead their great nation towards different goals, a giant rift appears....

Entries in this City Journal


The funeral. The end.

Word of Abel's death spread quickly. Far and wide, across the entire area, people flocked to Canton for the funeral. Cain was revered as a saint to these people, as he had taken them from third-world status to the top of the world stage in such a short time.


The funeral lasted for 3 days. The reception at the church alone lasted for a day, as so many people had so many positive things to say about him. The lake was filled with flowers, as there was not enough room at the grave site for the mass influx of bouquets. Cain was the only person in Brovolia that was not in attendance. Since his brother's death, he had not had contact with anyone. Word is that he died in seclusion in a small wooden hut he erected in the mountains, poor and alone.

Dr. Vu was tied to the murder, and was arrested within a day of Abel's death. He was tried and found guilty by a jury of his peers. He was commited to Birkdale, an insane asylm in the next county over. His body was commited to science against his will, and cruel and unusual experiments were run on him. The story goes that Dr. Vu had his memory erased during a chemical experiment. After serving 40 years, he was released.

A week later, a 50 foot statue was erected in the middle of Thaines to honor Abel. It still stands there to this day, where Dr. Vu polishes it every morning. Abel was sure to never forgotten.

Thanks guys for reading my CJ. Let me know any areas I can improve, as I am already planning my next one! Let me know what you would like to see! Thanks a bunch for the supportive comments. Don't forget to rate!


The End of an Era

All the kinks had been worked out of their plan. Dr. Vu and Cain were ready to act, ready to put Abel in his place. After all the things that they had been through, it seemed like a perfect end to their troubles. They just had to decide when and where to strike. After all the spying that Cain had performed on Abel, they determined it was best to get Abel when he was least suspecting. Every Sunday, Abel went to the largest mall in Thaines to give blood at the local blood drive. They decided this was the best time to strike, as he would be completely unawares.


The day had arrived. Dr. Vu and Cain woke up early, ate their wheaties, and headed off to the mall. Every time Abel gave blood, he would go and grab a bite to eat at the SimTacoTaco, his favorite place in the food court. Cain got their a little early, and paid the workers there a hefty sum to slip Dr. Vu's "magical concoction" into his tacos.

          The stage was set. Dr. Vu and Cain hid in one of the stores nearby to wait for Abel to give blood and have his lunch. After a while, Abel showed up to the food court, and like clockwork, orderd 3 baja tacos and a large Coke. He at his delicious meal, thanked the blood drive people once more before he left, and went back to his apartment to take a nap, as he was feeling a little lightheaded. This was the moment Cain and Dr. Vu had been waiting for. They followed Abel back to his luxurious downtown suite, and proceeded to break into his room, where Abel was soundly asleep (more so from the poison than the blood giving).

         They grabbed Abel and stuffed him into their car. The road to Franklin City was a bumpy one, but Abel did not stir. Everything was going according to plan. They got back to the factory, placed Abel in a crate marked "Timbuktu, EXPRESS!" They packed him up in a moving truck, and drove him to the nearest shipyard. The plan was almost complete. They were so close to their revenge.


          But as Cain pulled into the shipyard, a few thoughts crossed his mind. This was his brother! Even though he had been mistreated for most of his adult life, he couldn't just ship him off and get rid of his problems. A lot of what had happened to Cain was because of his own doing. He couldn't go through with it. He jumped out of the truck and sprinted around to the back. He flipped open the door and tore open the crate to let his brother out. But Abel did not move. Cain shook him, but Abel refused to wake. Cain soon realized that Abel wasn't breathing. Maybe it was that the poison was too strong. Maybe it was that Abel's attempts to give back to his community thinned his blood a little too much and the poison was too much for his body to take. Whatever the reason, Abel had died. Cain was devastated. He left Abel and the truck there and ran into the woods nearby, never to be heard from again....


Like Cain, Dr. Vu had also had his fair share of disagreements with Abel. Dr. Vu loved to experiment..."Lets put two totally different things together and see what happens!" he said. However, Abel viewed the experiments as less than attractive to his cities and their ever expanding population.  First, Abel refused to approve Dr. Vu's gene splicing proposal. Apparently, giving school children an extra arm to be able to do their homework faster was an unsavory quality. And then Abel rejected Dr. Vu's weather machine idea. Having the ability to create tornado's to destroy cities was not Abel's idea of "helping to control the populace" as Dr. Vu so kindly put it. Each rejected experiment only made Dr. Vu a little more angry with Abel, and it began to show in his experiments. Each proposal became more and more sinister. Abel had to put an end to it. He exiled Dr. Vu from Thaines. That was the final straw for Dr. Vu...

       He moved to Franklin city, a city on the outskirts of Brovolia. Franklin city was a little more accepting of lude behavior than Thaines, and Dr. Vu saw it as corruption mecca. He invited Cain to come stay with him here, where they would work out a plan to get back at Abel for all his evil deeds.


The two held up in Dr. Vu's lofty apartment in Franklin City. They shut themselves off for days at a time, determined to hatch the perfect plan to bring Abel down. After weeks of planning it was decided. They were going to poison Abel to knock him out, put him in a crate, and ship it to Timbuktu. It was failproof. So, with the plan set, and the gears turning, they went to one of the only remaining factories in Corke to start production on the devices they would need.


It only took a few weeks, but it seemed they had formulated the perfect plan...


As the days went on, Dr. Vu poisoned Cain's head more and more. He went on and on about how Cain had been cast out from his own family, about how nothing would ever go his way again. Cain decided to get revenge on his brother Abel. This, of course, sat well with Dr. Vu, as he had himself been planning to deal with Abel in his own way. So, with Dr. Vu's help ( and financial assistance, of course), Cain began the process of spying on his brother and his daily routines. Large radar dishes and listening posts were constructed in the mountains, under the front of "extraterrestrial-human relations". Abel saw this "research" as a way to extend his influence, and so he helped to fund the project as well. Little did he know that he was contributing to his own demise.



Each and every day, Cain came out of seclusion to monitor his brother's daily activities. He mapped out his daily routines: Where he ate, what time he woke, how many people he screwed over on his path to success, etc. Cain recorded it all. Soon, he would have enough information to make his brother pay for what he had done to him and others....


Cain had been devastated... He had gone from the very top to rock bottom in a matter of months.  "Why me?" he asked. "What did I do to deserve this?" "Why has Abel been so blessed, and I so shunned?" These were the questions that plagued his mind every night as he slept. He felt that the entire world had turned its back on him. As he walked the streets of Thaines everyday, he looked at the tall buildings, the green trees, the smiling, successful businessmen, at everything Abel had worked so hard to build. Why had his luck turned so badly? Cain was in need of a friend. In need of a hand to pull him out of the doldrums plaguing his life. He needed something to believe in...

      Dr Vu noticed this right away. As he sat on the stoop of his apartment, thinking evil thoughts, he watched Cain walk to his mundane waiting job everyday, kicking pebbles along the way. "This is a man full of sadness" he thought. And Dr. Vu immediately began to plot and scheme a way to exploit this sadness...

      Dr. Vu extended a helping hand to Cain. A few bucks here, a warm meal there. He began to forge a friendship with this downtrodden man. He asked nothing in return, only that Cain meet him every week for a chat. Dr Vu did his best at these chats to poisin Cain's mind. He talked about how Abel had cast Cain out, how the world didn't care about him, how no matter what he did, his luck would never turn. Cain slowly began to buy into it. He started to become more angry with the way his life had turned out, how his brother had completely forgotten him. Something had to be done, Dr Vu said. And Cain started to believed him...



After the oil disaster in the region, Cain went into a deep depression. He couldn't pay his workers, and he couldn't repair his ports after the hurricane.  All industry in Myers and the rest of the region came to a grinding halt. With the oil spreading through the sea, ships were re-routed to other ports, thus taking their business elsewhere.

Elsewhere was Thaines. The city was relatively unaffected during the storm, so the ports were open and available for any and all business. The city exploded. Buildings were growing so high that they almost blocked out the sun.



As time passed, and Abel grew wealthier and wealthier, Cain grew poorer and poorer. He was cast out of Myers, as the remaining companies passed around a petition to oust him as mayor. He had no other choice. He went to Abel for help. But after years of falied attempts at reconcilliation, Abel was unwilling to help Cain. He was too busy running his own cities, and had not even thought about Cain in years.

With no where to go, and no family to help out, Cain had to do something. The only one offereing any help was Dr. Vu.....



Just when it seemed like everything was going perfectly for Cain, God turned the tables on him. Oil was a huge source of income for Cain. He was able to extract the oil from his own waters, and process it in his cities. This led to cheap fuel for his shippers, and he was able to charge a hefty premium to outside interests. But one day during hurricane season, a wave of epic proportions smashed into one of the oil derricks. The main oil shaft was fractured as the structure took the hit, and soon oil started seeping out and filled the sea.


Cain was devastated. Not only did he get slammed with fines from the EPA, his main source of income, shipping, was totally and completely shut down. It so happened that this derrick was near the main shipping lanes of the region, and when the spill happened, the lanes were shut down to try to contain and clean up the spill. The cargo containers began to take their business elsewhere, and Cain had to start laying off his workers as the business dwindled. All that Cain had worked so hard to build was gone in an instant....


Myers shipping center


As the cities on Abel's side of the region continued to explode in population, Cain was struggling to keep up with the pace. It's not that he couldn't keep up competitively, its that the demand placed on him and his ports was far greater than he had the room/workforce for. In light of this, he was forced to expand his port at the city of Myers. Lush forests were paved to make way for concrete parking lots. Beaches were destroyed and in their place, mountains of metal containers were erected.


But Cain soon was able to "eat" the fruits of his labor. Ships were in port everywhere in Myers, unpacking and loading up for the next voyage.



Myers became the crown jewel of Cain's industrial empire. It seems that for the moment he had bested Abel...



People from all over the world by now had caught wind of the great things happening in the region. Vast resorts, booming commerce, and the industry to ship their goods worldwide. The once small towns turned into a living, thriving metropolis. 3 story buildings grew into 10 stories, and then 30 stories. The sky was the limit. Thaines was the first city in the region to boast a population of 300,000+. Canton wasn't far behind.


Thaines boasted the region's first skyscraper business district. Aptly named "The Old Town", the district was creeated by architect Miles Juneau, who was a nostalgic kind of man. Stone monoliths rose from the ground, allowing their occupants to view the entire city. But Thaines wasn't the only city that was bustling...


Staines Beach


As the days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months, Cain and Abel grew farther and farther apart. They barely spoke to each other anymore, and even sat as far away as possible from each other at the family reunion every year. Cain had his industry, and Abel had his commerce. That's the way they liked it, and it seemed like there was little anyone could do to change that.

Due to the massive amount of money and commerce coming into Canton and Thanes, some quick-witted entrepreneur decided a resort was needed. Somewhere for CEO's and fisherman alike to get away from it all. A suitable location with long, flat beaches was found near by, and ground was broken on the first beachfront hotel. All the hardworking people of the area finally had somewhere to go and relax. Even the mayor had a private seaside residence.


All the hardworking people of Abel's side of the region, that is...It was no secret in the region that the Cain's citizens and Abel's citizens were vastly different. The polished CEO's presiding over the corporations in Canton and Thanes had the money to visit this resort, and visit it often. The resorts liked this type of high society, and when the grungy industrial workers from Corke came to play, the hotels refused to board them. They looked upon them as second class citizens, who would bring down the value of all the resorts tried to build. A sign was put up in all hotels, reading "Rich sims only"....



So with this explosion in wealth in Staines Beach, hotels started popping up everywhere. The entrepreneur decided it was time to bring a theme park in, and so Six Flags SimNation was born. The rich CEO's only had to walk out of the hotel lobby, and were immediately standing infront of a roller coaster. It was a dream for a lot of people. A dream for a lot of industrial workers who were locked out of the resort. This discrimination only made tensions between Cain and Abel rise. It seemed that soon things would explode...

And as always guys...please comment. This is my first CJ and I would like to know what you think



So after a week's sail across God's pool, Cain and his loyal followers found the perfect location to start their new city. They named it Corke, after the many wine corks used to plug the holes in their ship on the way over. During the trip. Cain decided it was for the best to forsake his brother, and set to overtake Abel as the leader of the region (after all, a week long voyage on a ship in the middle of the ocean leads to long bouts of liberal thinking). Cain figured he would do things a little differently though. He had grown to hate the smell of fish (and even the taste. The first thing Cain did when he made landfall is snag himself a wild Sim-boar). He decided that industry was the way of the future. So, in light of this, he cut the ribbon on his first port.


Soon after, goods started flowing in. After all, there was no room in any of Abel's cities for industrial goods, as the markets and warehouses were clogged with seafood. Warehouses started popping up all over Corke. Immigrants from all over the area flocked to Corke, longing for the readily available labor that the new warehouses and docks offered.

As the population started to grow, the city started to go through a small industrial revolution. Large manufacturing plants started popping up all over the city, casting a dark, smoggy shadow over the warehouses of Corke.


(I apologize for poor picture quality, it seems that during cropping the image was a little squashed.)


Rails also begain to dominate the landscape, as the goods needed to be shipped out at a blistering speed (demand was at a level that would make even Steve Jobs proud).



For the moment, it seemed that Cain had made the right decision in leaving his brother...



As the town of Favor grew in population, room to expand and build came at a premium, and a price. The economy of the town began to suffer for this reason. The town was just not large enough to sustain the demand placed on it's fishing industry. The town had no trading partners, there was not enough room in the harbor for the citizens to keep their boats, and the fish population had started to dwindle. For this, Cain and Abel decided it was time to relocate. Leaving Favor in the hands of their cousin, the decided to move southwards, to warmer waters. They brought with them the hopes of an entire population.

When a suitable place was found, Cain and Abel set up shop. They named their new town Canton. The town, as Favor did initially as well, boomed. Fishers from all over the area flocked to Canton to make a living. The expanded harbor, along with increased economic oppurtunities, led to small companies and corporations beginning to develop in Canton in a relatively short time. pier.jpg

Villas and mid-rises began sprouting up everywhere. Lakeside property was, as with Favor, in plentiful supply, which led to increased happiness and standard of living amongst Canton's citizens. Canton became one of the most prosperous cities in the area.





The city had everything...its own sports team, the aptly named Canton Carps, shopping a plenty, and even it's own radio station, WSIM (which prided itself on the best music of the 80's, 90's, and today).


But with this economic boom came an idealistic difference in the direction the city should go. Abel believed that this economic expansion was due to the commerce that came to the city. Cain believed it was due to the industry that came with the fishing (processing, packing, shipping, etc.) The two brothers argued about this quite often, but were always able to resolve their differences with a dip in the lake, or a stroll through the city's large public park.


But as the town expanded, the arguments became more intense, and there were talks amongst Canton's citizens that the city was being driven apart. Town business meetings, which started out as pleasant get-togethers to plan Canton's next sockhop dance, or Canton Carp bake sale, turned into shouting matches between Cain and Abel.

After a year of this, Cain decided enough was enough. He took a few industrious minded followers with him and headed out to the great blue yonder, to start his own city. Abel was not sad to see him go....



It all began in a small fishing village on a large island in the Atlantic ocean. A long time ago, two brothers, Cain and Abel Wallace, were shipwrecked on the island. At the very spot they washed ashore, they founded the town of Favor. Locals from around the island came to live in the town, to make their living fishing. Soon, the town boasted a population of 319 hard working fishermen. The economy of the town was undergoing a silent boom, due to fishing the previously undisturbed Atlantic waters. Soon, the markets were flooded with bluefish, tuna, marlin, and all manner of fill-your-dinnerplate fish (not to mention the ever popular crabs and lobsters).


The town was nestled between hills, which the townsfolk considered a blessing. These hills allowed the town to keep outsiders well.....out. The only disadvantage to this seclusion and small town feel is that the town's power had to be supplied from neighboring villages, in exchange for the best fish of the catch. This caused a little bit of discomfort amongst some of the townsfolk.



The docks were always bustling with activity, as boats came in to unload their catch, and other boats headed out to test their luck on the sea. Even at night, activity continued as usual, as fishers went out to get their fish in before the morning rush.



The town is surrounded by ponds, to remind the citizens of their connection to the water. The Wallace brothers had houses right next to each other, with a view of the Lost Sailor out their front windows, a statue erected in tribute to their father who was lost during the shipwreck. Little did the two brothers know that their worlds would soon be drastically changing...

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