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Leonhartia (UWJA)

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About this City Journal

A Trip Through Time - Currently in the Roman Age

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Welcome back to Leonhartia!

To the little town of Alviano, to be specific. It's just to the east of Vincenza. However, the town consists of two parts. The first part is on the river.


Like most small settlements, it's nothing more then a quiet town.

This dock is the only real connection between Alviano and the rest of the region.


A close-up of the town.


The other half of the town is up in the mountains, around Lake Julius.



A close-up of the town.


And how about some scenery?



Look! Some horses!


Like always, a region shot.



Welcome back to Leonhartia!

A rather small update, but I hope you like it just the same.

Leonia's had some more work done to it, here's a new shot of the city. Mr. Lamperio's newest roof statues are all the rage in this part of town.


A shot of new farms on the east bank of the river.


And finally, a new region shot. And the first one to be taller then it is wide! Down south, you can see lands added by Blue Lightning. And more importantly, the town that inhabits the area.




Welcome back to Leonhartia!

On ST7, nonetheless! So, this is part update and part making sure I can work the new forum. :P

So, without further delay, let's visit Vincenza. While I don't have a region view for you all now, Vincenza is to the south of Leonia. Across the river and then down another river. However! You wont find it on a previous region view, because it's a recent addition to the region's size, all thanks to Blue Lightning.

Resized to 88% (was 1024 x 768) - Click image to enlargeShot2-1.jpg

The small port, which is used to transport people and goods to and from Leonia.

Resized to 88% (was 1024 x 768) - Click image to enlargeShot5.jpg

On the top of this hill is the doctor's office. The doctor is regarded as one of the best in the province of Leonhartia, and he finds his cures in the forests and rivers of the region.

Resized to 88% (was 1024 x 768) - Click image to enlargeShot3-1.jpg

Some farms.

Resized to 88% (was 1024 x 768) - Click image to enlargeShot4-1.jpg

And the town.

Resized to 88% (was 1024 x 768) - Click image to enlargeShot1-1.jpg

Also, the elections in Leonia are still being held. Make sure you cast your vote if you haven't already! Go check the last post to see the candidates and their stances on...things.


Leonia Rebuilt!

Welcome back to Leonhartia!

A really big welcome back! It's been a lone while since my last update, about 2 months and 2 days! How bout we pretend I planned that? 3.gif

Continuing one from where we left off, most of Leonia was burned to the ground. Many people died in the fire, and many others lost their homes. The soldiers had taken over the city and instated a martial law until the situation could be brought under control. Emperor Trajan, who had planned to visit Leonia for relaxation, was saddened when he heard of the the destruction. He then allowed for large sums of money from Rome to be sent to Leonia in a massive reconstruction program. Although Tragan died before he could visit the revived city, Emeror Hadrian made a point of visiting early on in his reign. This is what he saw...


The first thing he visited was the new governor's building and city plaza.


South of the plaza were some new houses and shops. The smaller houses have been build with stone in order to prevent future fires from spreading as quickly and as powerfully as the last.


The old graveyard had an extention done to it for the bodies that had been recovered from the fire.


The old docks have been rebuilt bigger and better then before.


A new, gigantic colosseum was under construction at the time of Hadrian's trip. Stone and marble were running short in supply, and so construction was temporarily halted.


Some more views of the newly restored city.


Local sculptor, celebrity, and all around famous person Streetio Lamperio now lives in one of these buildings. He also holds that his fire statues were not the cause of the fire, it was carelessness of a cow owner and wooden buildings.


Shops and such.


After the years of martial law, the people decided it was about time they got a new governor. And for whatever reason, Hadrian decided to let the city elect their new governor. Meaning, you get to elect the new governor! Here are the candidates.

Streetio Lamperio: Local Hero, statue maker, sculpter, and all around awesome guy. He pledges to do whatever he can in just about whatever there is as governor. He also holds that he's a lot better then the other guys and is as awesome as Boggy1. Whoever that could be. He's also using his money to fund this, as he would like to point out.

Julius Marcius: The son of the former governor, he pledges to do whatever the former governor was doing. Streetio Lamperio would like to kindly add that the former governor was letting the city burn down.

Arcutio Hobodia: The resident hobo of Leonia. He doesn't have a home and would like to live in the new palace. He pledges to not get the tile too dirty.

Simaria Citlitia: He's just some random guy with a stupid idea for a "future simulation game" where you can be the "mayor of a city." Whatever those mean. Local genius Streetio Lamperio, also running for governor, would like to remind the voters that stupid ideas got the city burned down.

Be sure to cast your votes! You could be the deciding vote in this election! 

This election news was paid for by Streetio Lamperio, the same running on the Streetio for Governorio campaign for Leonia Governor.


A Poem of Misfortune, by Chptrk

Excuse me from my absence, it was not at all intended,

Another Leonhartia update had been planned, but for now it has been ended,

First off all harm was done to me,

Blind in one eye, I be,

Hit in the face with a door,

My right eye has quiet a sore,

Bandaged up with a small patch,

While looking like my avatar, this hatch

Was meant to block the light,

That could bring further damage to my plight,

Temporary, this may be,

Only for four nights plus three,

The second problem which has risen,

From my computer, it was given,

It would not turn on, no it would not start,

As much as I wished it to in my heart,

And so until my data is set free,

Leonhartia is trapped from we,

At least the cites has been saved,

From before the fire had razed,

This precious city about which my journal has told,

Of growth and misfortune, both new and old,

Luckily, only one piece is needed,

For the journal to to continue unheeded,

And then once my poor sight has been returned,

As these lessons of misfortune has been learned,

The update that was meant to be,

Will become available to thee,

Now one might be brought to wonder,

Why this tale has ryhmed without blunder,

The Canterberry Tales, I have read,

And the style is now trapped in my head,

So enjoy this small little treat,

Until at last we shall meet

Again with updates and words for all,

Of what has happened to Leonia's hall,

Great things are planned for recovery,

Which may but drains on the treasury,

But until then I bid you farewell,

And will further use words more pell-mell.

For those who don't like poems, ask me some other time why I've been gone. For those who do, feel free to say how terrible that was. 3.gif

Oh, and yes, this was kind of a pointless bump...oh well, sue me. 3.gif


The Great Leonia Fire

Welcome back to Leonhartia!

My apologies for such a long delay between updates, but this update in particular is quite special. It is special in not just one, but two ways. The first being that one year ago this day, I was asked to become a mod on Simtropolis! And the second reason for this update being special is that it will represent what I've done for Simtropolis since then...

Oh, by the way, this update is about the Great Leonia Fire of AD 113.


Caterina Olearie, the wife of a local farmer, had been leading one of her sick cows back to her home to treat it. As she approached her small hovel, her cow kicked over one of Streetio Lamperio's fire statues, which fell on top of Caterina's hovel. The hovel caught fire and the fire spread to the surrounding hovels quickly.


The inner woodworks of some of the surrounding temples catch fire, allowing the flames to work against the stone, damaging the interior enough to cause them to collapse.


The terrible fire continued to spread, almost completely unimpeded.


Some citizens attempted to throw water on top of the flames, but as the fire spread even more quickly, people began rushing out of the city.


Even the govenor's villa was attacked by the flames. He did not make it out alive.


The fire spread wherever it could in the city.


After a Southward sleep, the winds turned the fire around and sent it back up North.


Some of those who were cut off from the bridge by flames or could not get to the North gates attempted to seek shelter in the ampitheater. It proved fatal.


With the exception of the stone towers, monuments, cemeteries, and a few northern temples that manages to keep the flames at bay, most buildings were destroyed.


The fires even spread to the southern port.


When the fires finally subsided, the city was horribly scarred. At least half the population perished in the fire, with the exact number unknown due to population records being destroyed in the fire.


Some people began to spread around the idea that their God had destroyed the city due to the persecution and killings of these "Christians" who followed "the way." As the fires subsided, the legions left the fort to take control of the situation in Leonia. This included the death of those who spread the theory of their God's destruction of the city.

The new look of Leonia, as seen from the sky.


Insquequo tunc tempore!



Yea, I was expecting to just pop in with a little, "I'm still alive" post, then I remembered mega-replies. 3.gif

Nothing really big today, just some random shots of Leonhartia's development.


To ease any worries, the cows have never left Leonia.


A little wood cutting business has started to pick up on the road between Leonia and Jesilina.


It may be worth noting two more things, first off, on a little piece of land across the river, there has sprung up another little villlage. The people there seem to be fishermen and their families, but would still be called barbarians if our Romans had met them. Fortunatly for the fishermen, they have not.


The village leader's hut gets a special decoration made of stone.


And so you know where these new places are, the blue circle contains the logging huts, the red is the fishing village.


Secondly, it's about time the current date becomes known. This update and the previous one took place in May of 110 AD.

Insquequo tunc tempore!


Military Spending


Once again, the votes are in, and it was decided to build a new barracks for Aelius. The silly politicians realized that the barracks would allow Leonia to not have to worry about defending its neighbor, and they felt foolish about thinking Leonia would attack them. They then preceded to call in master builders from Leonia to help with the designing of the new barracks. After a few monthes of construction, Aelius ended up with this.


During construction, troops from Leonia were brought in for security reasons, and upon the completion of the barracks, those troops began to instruct the new recruits.


A full view of the new developments.


But this new barracks in Aelius pales in comparison to what was constructed back in Leonia a year ago. Welcome to the barracks (or maybe fort would work better) of Leonia.


The old plans where kept, of course, but the planners realized they could use the sea to their advantage and created a moat as well.

The entrance way.


The center compound, home of the generals.


There were also some other changes in Leonia, such as the new stone streets.


And the new park area. A man by the name of Streetio Lampiero designed many of the pillars used throughout the park. A temple to Mars was built in the park in the hopes that he would help the new soldiers in battle.


Insquequo tunc tempore!




Remember my tutorial city, Aelius? Well guess where we're going today?

Aelius has been growing rapidly lately and as it is not directly linked to Leonia, it is not living in its shadow of influence. Not being in the shadow of influence means that it can trade more freely in the empire, although it doesn't get protection from Leonia.

City officials are debating on whether or not to build a barracks in the town, or to connect via road to Leonia and give in to its influence. (Vote on it later)

A full few of Aelius.


Just a few shots from around the farms.




And a new shot of the town. The cows have been kicked out, but a new town senate building was put in its place.


The new port of Aelius.


And a settlement further up in the farmland.


Finally, the latest region view.


But wait!! What's that in the mountains to the South-East of Aelius?! It looks like an impact crater! But that wasn't there before! 

A few nights ago, a fiery object was seen falling from the sky. Afraid that the gods may have been angry with them for allowing these "Christians" to enter their towns, our Roman friends quickly did what they do best. When no other objects fell from the heavens, the people believed they had been spared.


Some men travelled out to examine the area of impact, perhaps looking for a sign from the gods. What they found was this.


I giant, flaming, smoking hole in the mountain. Someone thought he saw a strange looking object in the center of the crash site, but as he attempted to get a closer look, he was consumed by flames and killed. The rest of the party returned home to tell the sad tale.

Now, citizens of Aelius! It is time for a vote! What should be done in reference to the Leonia's influence idea (as stated above)?

I. Build a road between Aelius and Leonia and then ask for military protection, knowing of the possible high-costs.

II. Build our own town barracks for defense, with the possibility of causing fear in Leonia of attack followed by Aelius being attacked by Leonia.

III. Another option you feel like submiting. (The Aelius politicians aren't the brightest.)

IV. I just wanted to put IV options. Looks cooler this way, no?

Insquequo tunc tempore!




Yes, it has been awhile, but it's great to be back! With school out, you'd think I could update more. Well, who knows? But enough talk, more pictures!

The new barracks is almost ready, expect to see it soon. Those statues, on the other hand, you may have to wait awhile for, sorry!

Let's take a trip back to Jessilina. Remember that little town? It only has two little fresh water ponds for drinking water in the town itself. As its population increased, so did the demand for water. Which is why an aqueduct was built to supply the town with water from the river that flows through the mountains.


(Click for bigger view. Photobucket wont let me make it actual size.)

Following the aqueducts.






The aqueduct then ends in a stone pond, built to retain the water.


Finally, a few shots of the town.



Insquequo tunc tempore!



Sorry for the lack of real posts, here's a little something to make up for it! A full post of the re-done Leonia should be coming soon!


Oh, and do you all know the recent props PEG put on the Stex? Well, guess who's gonna be using them?


I made a little chess board out of them. 3.gif I don't think all of those props are PEG's, just most of the statues.

If you guys wanted/if I knew how, I could upload the lots to the Stex, so all of you could use them without having to lot them yourselves. What do you think? (No!! Is perfectly understandable. 3.gif)


Leonia Barracks 1


Just a mini-update today, so replies have been thrown onto the bottom of this one.

Back in Leonia, the new barracks for the legions is even closer to being complete.





Finally, the last of the major outer walls are complete! All that is left is for inner areas to be set up and a far larger amount of troops will be able to be kept in the city, freeing the citizens from fear of barbarians.


Insquequo tunc tempore!

The Tutorial

Welcome back to Leonhartia!

With the barbarians destroyed, the ships sailed home safely. Meanwhile, in the Northeastern part of the region, a new town of Romans sprung up. We could just check it out, or I could show you guys how I go about making these little towns! Tutorial style...sorta!

Step 1: Pick a spot for the city. In this case, right here in the Northeast.


Yes, that is the pause bar around the screen, I prefer to have time not moving when I'm terraforming, so I can have the date in the game as early as possible when I start playing. Not that it really makes a difference, I'm just like that.

Now, how about we make the forest a little denser, and then make it fade out a bit?  Just using the basic place trees tool in God Mode, fill up the areas around the edge of the city as densely as possible. Then continue that a little way out. In this case, I made it kinda round out.

As you get farther and farther away, start clicking the tree button instead of holding it and dragging. That should lessen up the trees as it gets farther out and should hopefully end up like this.


Sorry taht I didn't get a better after pic, this is my first time doing a tutorial type thing. 15.gif Anyway, this looks pretty good. We got the thicker forests towards the edges, and then the more sparse trees near the water. Southern Europe wasn't all one big gigantic forest, I don't think.


Now let's name the town. Being a Roman/Italian region, I've tried to stick to names that fit that idea. Where to get them? All over! You could take names from actual cities in Italy, and -ia to about anything, or ask viewers to share some! Let's call it Aelius. Oh, and if you're self-concious, don't give all your cities stupid mayor names, or you'll end up blocking it out when you share the city. 3.gif


Now for the town. Just start out by laying some dirt-looking roads, in this case Peg's Dirt Roads from the SAM. Just try to lay them in a random pattern, with various diagonals sticking out all over and such.


Then, lay out some farm zones in different looking shapes. Keep time paused, so you can make shapes off of the original ones you made. So it should end up like this. Make sure to have them spread out so you've got weird looking shapes of unzoned land between them.


Now, place a power source. Something like a little windmill, preferably not the bass game one. Search the Stex for some more old-timey ones. Then, play time until the original farms developed. Once they have popped up, grab the farm tool again. Remember those unzoned shapes we left? Fill them in with new farms.


Now that you've got some funky looking farms, they should start flowing nicely with each other and add the nice patterns that can be seen in my other posts. On to the town part...

See that empty area surrounded by the roads and farms? Guess what's going there? Ayup, it's a town! Because the farms would extend out from the town, you'll want to make it in a central place, just like that. Just expand the roads throughout, and zone for 2x2 low-density residential areas. Oh, it might be important to recomend getting the Mbear farms and houses from over at SC4Devotion, seeing as that's primarily what I use. 3.gif (You'll need to register there.)


Adding some little farms to fill up some extra space works wonders! How about a cow pen too? (It's from somewhere on the Stex, I think.) Adding some schools, police, and firestations disguised as temples to fill up some more places makes it a little bit more Roman, don't you think? (Sorry about that car icon, didn't notice it until it was too late. AKA, now)


Let's throw in a watch tower. Here it can police the city and keep an eye out for barbarians.


After all this, just sprinkle some little grave areas, more houses, random roads, more farms, basically just use the same methods we started with to expand the city in a similar way. You don't have to use all the city tile just yet, expand later on! And after some time, we end up with...


Ta-da! There you have it! Aelius and my first attempt at a tutorial. Don't go too hard on me!

Oh, and for an updated region view...


Insquequo tunc tempore!

(If that says what it's supposed to say, thanks to Blue Lightning! If not, it's my fault 3.gif)


The Roman Attack

Welcome back to  Leonhartia!

Well, it was a landslide victory for the attack plan. Says a lot about you all, I think. 3.gif

The ships were loaded...


...and sailed off to the barbarian tribe. (Yes, there are four.)


Here, the path is drawn in the bright red.


Within only a few hours of sailing, the land of the barbarians was sighted by the lead ship.


Soldiers were loaded onto rowboats. They then rowed to shore to begin the assualt.


Barbarian men ran to their boats, maybe to fight back before the Romans landed, maybe to escape. Whatever the case, their boats were burned before they could go anywhere.


Roman soldiers marched up the shore, setting fire to the trees, the huts, the fallen logs, and anything else they encountered. Small querrals with barbarians resulted in the death of only 4 Roman soldiers, while most, if not every, man of the barbarians was slaughted.


And what happened to the women and children? Any that tried to stop the Romans were killed, some others manged to flee deep into the forest, and any that remand were captured to be made into slaves back in Leonia.


The fire spread as the Romans finished off any survivors.


All that remained was the rubble and ask of burning wood.


Our Roman soldiers sailed home victorious, and were greeted with celebration. Our good govenor was especially enthusiastic over his first successful encounter with barbarians.


Some extra stuff of minor importance,

Before you go, feel free to check out the newly updated first post, now boasting a link to the new Table of Contents! (Forum version, that is)

Also, I'm always looking for new names for cities, so if you have any ideas of Roman/Italian sounding city names, feel free to share them! You might see your idea come to (simulated) life!

Until next time!


A new village...

Welcome  back  to   Leonhartia!

Today, we join a large fishing vessel as it fishes. (You can find its location in the South-west area of the map a few posts up.)


A small squall blew the ship a little closer to the shore then expected, when the lookout noticed something in the distance...


Boats! And some small huts!


Upon sending a scout boat ahead to investigate, the scouts learned an unsettling fact about the village...


As the scouts were being mutilated by axes, the lookout of the fishing boat informed the captain that it was a village of barbarians!


Assuming that the barbarians were planning to sail across the water to attack the Roman settlements, the fishing boat rushed back to Leonia to report the news.

Governor Marcus, recently instated, turned to the people for extra guidance in this matter. He submitted his ideas to the public and let them take a vote on them.

Plan I) Quickly send Leonia's legion over via boat to destroy the barbarians.

Plan II) Build up defenses and wait for the barbarians to either attack or see if they have no plans to attack.

Plan III) Send another team of messangers to try and talk with the barbarians.

Plan IV) Suggestions. If you have another idea, submit it for discussion.

Until next time!


Welcome to Ouranina!

Welcome  back  to   Leonhartia!

A big welcome back indeed! It's been way too long, as mentioned above, so let's get on with the update!

As the bridge and fort were being constructed, some citizens felt dissatisfied with the government. They felt unlistened to, so they went out on their own and traveled just north of the present Leonia limits to found a new city, which they called Ouranina.


Not too much to say today, so here's just a bunch of close-ups.



A farther out view of the town.






And finally, a newly updated region map.


Until next time!


Welcome  back  to  Leonhartia!

First off, for those of you that may not have seen the old CJ section post, here's the current region view.


Anyways, The votes were counted, the money spent, and the bridge was built. Introducing the Leonian Bridge. (And my new water mod)


And with that bridge, the western side of the river began to develop.


It was then decided that the town would fund itself a barracks, to house some soldiers to defend the region from any possible attack.

The early stages of construction can be seen here, on the western side of the river.


Meanwhile, some citizens in Rome grew tired of the overcrowding and decided to sail to Leonia. The traveled West, over the bridge and through the forest, following the coast, until they reached an area near the foot of a mountain. They set up some shelters and started some farms, and decided to call the settlement Jessilina.


Zoomed in on the town.


Over here is a small pond, used for various things. There are also some fallen trees, to be used for houses, tools, and fire.


Another area of the village.


A shot of the coast.


Up at the top of the mountains to the west, is a river. It begins as a spring at the top...


...and then gently flows down the side of the mountain...


...until it reaches a pond at the bottom. Here's the full view of the river.


No votes on anything today, unless of course there is something you would like to see happen. Then just suggest it! 

Until next time!


Leonhartia, the beginning

Welcome  to  Leonhartia!

Friends! Romans! Lend me your eyes! Welcome to Leonhartia, founded only 50 years ago. But in that time, Leonhartia has grown into a strong little town, reaching close to 1000 people!  Why, when the emperor last visited, he said it was the nicest town he had ever seen, outside of Rome of course. But enough about that, let's visit the town!

Here's a full view of Leonhartia. The town, farms, and docks can all be seen. Along with a small Mediterranean whale...hmm...moving on,,,


Zooming in on the town, a mix of hovels, temples, stone, and wood houses can be seen, along with plazas and other monuments.


A close up of the govenors mansion (right) and a small temple, surrounded by walls to create a bit of a last stand defence area.


Over on the eastern side of the city, there is a small temple, surrounded by the hovels of commoners. Let's continue, these plebians are getting too close.


Back in the center of town, there are a lot of places to shop. One store even has a set of Chinese plates, all the way from the far east! 


Up a little ways north, we enter the farming areas of the town. You can see the walls built to hold off the occasional barbarian attack.


More north of the walls.


And finally, some nice un-developed areas to the west of the town, across the water. (The town would be to the left in the top picture though...direction changing.)


A small cove.


And a region shot. No, I didn't finish the trees yet.


Now, a special bonus fund has been created to be spent on a new project, and YOU the citizens get to decided what it will be spent on! So, just leave a comment saying what you would like to see done.


1. Build a bridge going west to connect to the other side of the river and expand the city that way.

2. Use the money to finance settlers to move north and build a new town.

3. Expand the ports to allow for more commerce.

Until next time!

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