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Leonhartia (UWJA)

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Remember my tutorial city, Aelius? Well guess where we're going today?

Aelius has been growing rapidly lately and as it is not directly linked to Leonia, it is not living in its shadow of influence. Not being in the shadow of influence means that it can trade more freely in the empire, although it doesn't get protection from Leonia.

City officials are debating on whether or not to build a barracks in the town, or to connect via road to Leonia and give in to its influence. (Vote on it later)

A full few of Aelius.


Just a few shots from around the farms.




And a new shot of the town. The cows have been kicked out, but a new town senate building was put in its place.


The new port of Aelius.


And a settlement further up in the farmland.


Finally, the latest region view.


But wait!! What's that in the mountains to the South-East of Aelius?! It looks like an impact crater! But that wasn't there before! 

A few nights ago, a fiery object was seen falling from the sky. Afraid that the gods may have been angry with them for allowing these "Christians" to enter their towns, our Roman friends quickly did what they do best. When no other objects fell from the heavens, the people believed they had been spared.


Some men travelled out to examine the area of impact, perhaps looking for a sign from the gods. What they found was this.


I giant, flaming, smoking hole in the mountain. Someone thought he saw a strange looking object in the center of the crash site, but as he attempted to get a closer look, he was consumed by flames and killed. The rest of the party returned home to tell the sad tale.

Now, citizens of Aelius! It is time for a vote! What should be done in reference to the Leonia's influence idea (as stated above)?

I. Build a road between Aelius and Leonia and then ask for military protection, knowing of the possible high-costs.

II. Build our own town barracks for defense, with the possibility of causing fear in Leonia of attack followed by Aelius being attacked by Leonia.

III. Another option you feel like submiting. (The Aelius politicians aren't the brightest.)

IV. I just wanted to put IV options. Looks cooler this way, no?

Insquequo tunc tempore!

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Recommended Comments

The port looks great, it fits in very nicely with the Roman theme. I also really like the farms, it looks more natural in these pictures.
Mysterious flaming objects falling from the heavens. Sounds like something interesting might be going on...
I think that it would be best to build a barracks. They can't rely on soldiers coming over fast enough in an attack, and afterall, the Leonians aren't barbarians - they wouldn't attack another Roman colony which is only trying to defend itself. 

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AHH RUN FLAMING OBJECTS FROM THE HEAVENS!!! The gods are angry!!!! Quick, someone sacrifice something!!!
Erm, you heard nothing. Yes, absolutely nothing.

I'm absolutely loving the pics!! The town was very well built, even if it kicked out cows. The little port looks like it'll serve for now.

As I have already voted in the "other place" (for once my two comments are not identical), I'll just say again, Option IV er-I -mean I.

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Looks all very nice. Can you tell me where i can download the Lavender Farmhouse? I can't find it and that's the only one Mbear farm i still get a brownbox. Thank you. I can't wait to see more!

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CHR: Still working on those farms, I'm getting happier with them. And very true about the Leonian attack part. Aelius doesn't have the brightest politicians.

BL: But we've sacraficed everything!! Quick! Sacrifice bandwidth!! Wait...

Schulmanator: It's definitely the coolest choice!! 

Yukkertt: I'm pretty sure I got that from over at SC4Devotion. I believe they were part of a pack or something. I'll have to look again in a bit, I couldn't find it last time I checked and I've got to be running out now, I'll PM the link to you if I can find it.

Jayman: A road would be a good idea, wouldn't it? Help with trade too. We'll see if we can't talk some sense into these Romans, wont we? 

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 Looking at the first picture and the drop-off from the land to the sea floor...  That is one hum-dinger of a cliff you got there.

The farms are quite nice, restrained, and natural-loooking.  The river is not.  But rivers are like that.  Like the Cumberland River.  Yeah, looks like that.  :P


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Zelly: Yea, my water mod doesn't show that through too often, so I usually don't see the drop offs. They all seem like that. Oh well, so the region may be a little stange. That's where those cool looking rivers come from! Strangeness! 

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