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Leonhartia (UWJA)

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Military Spending

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Once again, the votes are in, and it was decided to build a new barracks for Aelius. The silly politicians realized that the barracks would allow Leonia to not have to worry about defending its neighbor, and they felt foolish about thinking Leonia would attack them. They then preceded to call in master builders from Leonia to help with the designing of the new barracks. After a few monthes of construction, Aelius ended up with this.


During construction, troops from Leonia were brought in for security reasons, and upon the completion of the barracks, those troops began to instruct the new recruits.


A full view of the new developments.


But this new barracks in Aelius pales in comparison to what was constructed back in Leonia a year ago. Welcome to the barracks (or maybe fort would work better) of Leonia.


The old plans where kept, of course, but the planners realized they could use the sea to their advantage and created a moat as well.

The entrance way.


The center compound, home of the generals.


There were also some other changes in Leonia, such as the new stone streets.


And the new park area. A man by the name of Streetio Lampiero designed many of the pillars used throughout the park. A temple to Mars was built in the park in the hopes that he would help the new soldiers in battle.


Insquequo tunc tempore!

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You really do need a temple for the cows.... I mean really! Needs moar cowbellz!!!


What, I replied in the forum section. Go read there if you want to see a reply about the pics.

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Wow, the forts looks great now. The moat and walls make it look a lot more impressive than when it was under construction, and I see the gates have textures matching the rest of the fort. 
The town is looking much nicer with the stone roads, and the garden fits in well. Soon all the patricians will be coming over to enjoy the sea air and the quiet. 
Those pillars by S. Lampiero are quite interesting. Maybe they could place flaming torches in them during ceremonies to Mars, show the military power of the Romans over the darkness of the barbarians and what not. 

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 Awesome work Chptrk ! I love the Military spending Mwhahaha...Hey this isn't leading towards a Roman Domination thing is it !?
I always love your updates. Keep up the great work my friend and I will try to drop by more often =)

Take Care,

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The Zelgadis demands bridges!

You must appease the Zelgadis with bridges!

Otherwise, the Zelgadis gets angry!

You must appease the Zelgadis!

The Zelgadis also takes virgin sacrifices in lieu of bridges.

Though the Zelgadis doesn't necessarily require the sacrifice to be virgin.

Just slim, cute, and early-20's.

Yeah, that's it.

You know what? 

The Zelgadis no longer demands bridges!

The Zelgadis now desires slim, cute, 20-something boytoy!

And don't tell the Zelgadis's boyfriend.

The Zelgadis doesn't want to share his boytoy.

The Zelgadis is going to stop now before he goes too far and says something non-PG13...


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Blue: There was no god of the cows!! I don't think...You'll get the cows when you click that 12 button on the page list.

CHR: Ayup! Had to do a little lot editing for the base textures, but I think they came out nicely. And it seems like you agree, which means it did it's job! There have been some patricians that have stopped by, only had good things to say to their fellows in Rome! Oh? Putting fire in Lampiero's pillars? That's genius! We should inform him of this idea right away!

DOY: Roman domination has already occured, now it's just being reinforced.

Zelly: ...I'm glad I'm not a 20 something yet...I don't wanna be sacrificed...Now I think you need to lay down for a bit...while I get the men in white coats...

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