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Fort Sherkston History Lesson

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Welcome to a Mini-Update of Holt District!

Today we are investigating the following which was left at the end of update 8:

"While a sea of cranes graces the Sherkston skyline, there are still symbols of the old times. The heritage of this building is a cultural symbol, and one of the most important site in the province. While skyscrapers appear around it, it remains largely the same."

What exactly was that quote referring to? It was referring to the castle that sits just to the West of the Sherkston CBD. Fort Sherkston was constructed in the mid 1700's when settlers were arriving to what is now Sherkston. A prized area for its beauty and flat, easy to build-on land, the settlers moved inland away from the direct coast as a means of defending themselves from attackers. This specific castle/fort was constructed to house the area government and high-ranking government officials. While it was originally part of a larger fort, much of this fort was destroyed due to natural disasters and war. Surprisingly, this castle stood strong. It is not a symbol of where Holt District came from, and that if you restore it frequently enough, it will stand the test of time. :P Now, onto pictures!

Fort Sherkston. Many call it a castle. It served as a government building for the former colony of Sherkston, where the current city got its name. It was in use as a government building until about the mid 1800s when a larger building was built in a territory north of the region. It was at that time the current province, Province of Orchidsen, was formed along with several others in surrounding areas. The first Orchidsen capital was not Sherkston, but rather a small city known as Italieu, about a 3 hour drive north of Sherkston. When the province relocated the capital to Sherkston at the start of the 20th century, this castle was declared a historic site. It was restored in the 1950's, and again in the early 2000s.


This open space was the gathering place for those who resided in the former Sherkston colony. Official government announcements were often made to the public in this square. Those lucky enough to get a spot in the crowded courtyard we lucky enough to see the political figures, whom were highly regarded at that time - and seen as celebrities in the region.


The "roundhouse" as the round section of this building is known housed the government leader and his/her family. They were treated like royalty, with servants doing everything from washing to cooking to entertaining. The position as leader of the colony was of course, a reputable one. Many envied the government family, seeking the lush and pampered lifestyle. That is why there was 24/7 security surrounding the entire fort... and it worked. There were no reports of attempted assassination's of government leaders in the colony's history.


This tower, known as "Holt Tower" is a recent addition to this site. Historians have noted that the original location of this tower was actually where the lighthouse in Old Port now sits. It was used as a lookout tower during the 1700's. Historians estimate it was destroyed in the late-1700's when an attempt made by an opposing force to invade the region occured. The opposing force suceeded in destroying the tower, but not on their mission to gain control of the land.

During the reconstruction of the Old Port lighthouse and surrounding residential development in the 1990's rubbel from the tower was discovered, and shipped to Sherkston where government officials decided to recreate Holt Tower by Fort Sherkston. Both old and new materials were used, and the restoration came in at a cost of approximately $5.6 million. Tours currently cost $3.95 per person, and will goes towards paying off restoration. Once restoration is paid off, tours will become free.


And to end off this history lesson, contrast. While this castle/fort has remained relatively unchanged since the 1700s, the landscape around it hasn't stayed the same. The stark contrast of the new, ultra-modern condominiums and classic, stone castle/fort are proof of that.


That is it for this mini-update! I hope you enjoyed a bit of a history lesson, and seeing that Sherkston is all one giant, modern CBD. :)

Replies will be done next update.



Be sure to check out information about the upcoming September 2012 Census Update!

A massive update showcasing the latest developments and changes in population for the entire region.

Click here for more information.

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nice job!

it definitely shows a different aspect of Sherkston, an aspect that was honestly unexpected- but it meshes well with the rest of the city! great!

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I like to do unexpected - glad you thought it still fit in, though! :)

Thanks - I think it was really well done in-game. Would be cool to see in RL.

Thanks! :D

Thanks! It took about 6 tries to get this city right, glad it paid off. :P

[b]Hazani Pratama[/b]
Thanks a bunch. :)

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