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Update 8: Downtown Sherkston - Economic Engine

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Welcome to another update of Holt District!

In today's update, we dive right into the Sherkston CBD / Downtown Sherkston Area. This area is the hub of commercial, office and high-paying jobs in the region. It has the highest concentration of jobs and skyscrapers in the region, and it is growing. Recently, an explosive building-boom has started in the city, following a loosening of planning regulations, again permitting the construction of super-tall skyscrapers in the region.

Despite the recent explosion in building construction, there are still various different styles of buildings in the CBD, including some more historic buildings in the "very first" CBD in the region, the old Sherkston Downtown core. Now just a component of the enlargened-CBD, the historic area is still home to many jobs - from start-up internet firms to long-established retailers - the area is certainly not dead.

So let's go check out the economic engine of the region!

As a reminder, be sure to check out HDHIP - it is playing a HUGE part in the future of this CJ and the Holt District Region. :)


Downtown Sherkston - Economic Engine

8.1 | This type of scene is becoming more common in Sherkston. Not just the tall buildings, but also the towering cranes. Several massive construction projects have started in the area, and the skyline is rapidly changing.


*Click for full resolution!

8.2 | As the building boom begins to take off, we are brought to this area. This area is the epicentre of the last building boom, and it is clear by the large amount of glass and modern architecture of the buildings in the area. A former parking lot is currently being prepped for another large office building. A large, multi-national real estate firm is responsible for this development.


*Click for full resolution!

8.3 | Here you can see a mix of the various buildings in Sherkston. You can see buildings recently completed (in the last 2 years, the large blue office building was completed) to buildings completed in the 1960's with few windows. On the left of the photo you can see 2 large construction projects. Those, along with the glass plot next to the project area, were intended to be a park until a change in planning for the city redesignated it as office space.


*Click for full resolution!

8.4 | These 2 buildings, despite not being super sky-scrapers, are more recent to Sherkston. The beige building on the left is a large office building, housing general professional services including dentists, lawyers and notaries. To the right of the intersection; the dark, glass building was completed in 2009 and is the headquarters to the Holt District Regional Police Service (HDRPS.) Of course, no photo would be complete without construction. :P Here an abandoned factory building has been demolished and is being prepped for construction. No word on the plans for this site.


*Click for full resolution!

8.5 |As mentioned, not all of Sherkston is suepr-modern skyscrapers. Between the massive construction sites at the bottom of the photo and the large glass office building, you can see the historic Downtown area of Sherkston, now known as "Old Down" to locals. The area is now home to internet firms, photography studio and several antique dealers. It is known as a hip area, and apartments are among the most expensive in the entire country, let alone the region.


*Click for full resolution!

8.6 |As new offices and new jobs are added to the city, demand for houses continues to skyrocket. Here we see phase 1 of a 2 phase project rapidly moving along. The city is expected to receive a huge population boost from this development, in addition to others which are currently in the process of being planned. May expect a 50% increase in population by the next census, to about 200 000. Some are expecting a larger increase.The sight of cranes is becoming a common one. Those in existing condos don't sleep much these days...


*Click for full resolution!

And a little teaser for an upcoming mini-update, likely to occur mid-week:

"While a sea of cranes graces the Sherkston skyline, there are still symbols of the old times. The heritage of this building is a cultural symbol, and one of the most important site in the province. While skyscrapers appear around it, it remains largely the same."


Next Update: We are going to investigate the teaser quote above, and what it is referring to.



Be sure to check out information about the upcoming September 2012 Census Update!

A massive update showcasing the latest developments and changes in population for the entire region.

Click here for more information.

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That's a very nice CBD! I like the construction activities, it really adds to the feel of a busy, booming downtown.

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amazing! Nice work!

The construction adds this sense of an ever-changing picture! great job!

Just out of curiosity, in pic 8.3, which 'blue skyscraper' is being referred to, cause there's a couple...!

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I like how your city is still growing and active, unlike most of the skyscraper cities' CJs, they all look, very much done and dead :D

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[b]Sorry for falling behind on replying to your comments. I will try over the next while to go back and reply! :) Thanks for your continued commenting.[/b]

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