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Mitterburg - the capital

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City of Mitterburg is the capital of Grafschaft Mitterburg. It is located in the center of Mitterburg state. Mitterburg has a population of about 15000 people.




The river Mitterbach flows from the east, from the city of Eichenburg and it sinks into the Mitterburg abyss. On the top of the abyss is located the old city center:



Old town center:



Mitterburg is mostly industrial town, but it also has a lot of tourists that come to see the the wonderful old city center that is dated from the year 976.

I hope you enjoyed this entry.

Comments and rates welcome!



@ Jetty Jockey : thank you.

@ packersfan : thanks.

@ Azunai : it takes time and patience!

@ Izidor44 : thank you and once more thanks for the map!

@ spursrule14 : thank you, i am honored!!

@ sucram17 : tnx,in this entery there will be some close ups!

@ Schulmanator : thank you!

@ packersfan : thanks,i'm doing my best.

@ blunder : thank you!

@ matheuspaulo : thank you!

@ k50 : tnx!

@ Casper3141 : thanks!

@ Craig-Abcvs : glad you like it.

@ Kinderly : thanks. And it really is time consuming!

@ Mastof : tnx!

@ LastTrueChamp : thank you!

@ SilverCyric : there isn't really anything to share,you have to have a lot of patience and i suggest that you find an example of the city in real life and try to copy it in the game.

@ DuFerraz : i use PEG MTP Mayor Menu Pine Tree Clusters 1 for pine trees and for the other trees i use Aesculus MMPSeasonal flora.

@ Crysspm : thank you i'm honored!

@ Izidor44 : thank you,it will be some time until region shot.

@ NurelFayed : thank you!

@ Adjiebrotot : thanks. I find RHW too complicated!

@ grstudios : thank you i'm honored!

@ ThomasSimpson : thank you!

@ davidkopravitko : thank you!

@ Amthaak : thank you!

@ shoko : tnx!

@ MilitantRadical : tnx,in this entry the pictures are going to be bigger.

@ estates to the real : tnx!

@ Kevenbro : tnx!

@ Callesson : thank you.i use Gray Houses 1 and Red Houses and all the others are from the game.

@ Need4Camaro : tnx!

@ MamaLuigi945 : tnx!

@ Jetty Jockey : thanks,i prefer small towns too.

@ chilean1 : thnak you. Greetings from Croatia.

@ InvaderNat : tnx. I use Plopable Farm Field Pack 1 –try searching the STEX.

@ Jimmy Buzaid : tnx!

@ AboveTheCity : thanks,more to come.

@ Benedict : thank you very much it is trully an honor!

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Recommended Comments

WOW! I applaud the beautiful update!

Extra props for planting all those trees, cause I know it takes forever.

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I like the way you created the feeling of a capital of a small state .. no tax free zones like San Marino and Andorra in the Grafschaft? :)

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[color=#ff00cc][b]Love the placement of the trees .. the forests feel natural and realistic.[/b][/color]

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This is the most realistic town I have ever seen, looks beautiful as well. The look of the fields is nice, and amazing job using those trees to divide!

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Bloody hell! This looks totally awesome. It reminds me of small villages surrounded by forrests you can find somewhere in the Alps, the Harz or Reinland-Pfalz.

The building selection of the towns themselves are good. I like the selection of storage centers, some historical buildings and churches and the quite uniform style low density residentials. Some buildings like the Maxis Convention Center doesn't seem to fit in there well, but aw well, every piece of art has its flaws...

The use of Maxis Highway, which I often despice, is suprisingly well done here. I actually like what you did here. The first thing that comes to mind seeing it is a German Autobahn. It can use a tiny bit of signage, though, just for the detail...

What really makes this scene impressive the the very strong combination of trees, MMPs (love the ploppable river!) and the arragement of everything in the landscape (you thought about every tile what to do with it! I tend to plan my cities well, but this is a few levels higher than I can manage myself.

A few tips: you can turn the shadows on some more and close-up pics would be a nice addition.

Anyway, I take my proverbial hat off for you, mister! ;)


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