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Town to Large Town



Year 7

With the growing population of Salem, the old schoolhouse is in a dire need of expansion. However, due its material, a new school will replace the schoolhouse.


Days later, demolition / construction begun.


Months later, the new school is open to K-8 students. As the young generation ages, a high-school will be built in the future.



Meanwhile, more businesses are started to invest in Salem because of the town's massive booms. In the outskirts of Salem, a construction site was erected.



Months later, these new buildings soon supplemented the logging company such as manufacturing tables and other wood-related products.


Year 8

A year later, commercial and service businesses started to invest in Salem for the same reason as the industrial businesses. To accommodate for these investments, the Salem government ordered a renovation of one of the town's blocks.


The construction site soon erected larger office buildings as well as row-houses.




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@escilnavia: Scandalwood County? :lol:
Nice pictures Evillions! Although it is very reminescent of Sandalwood, it has its own charm to it you know? One thing I would enjoy seeing is some mountainous terrrain. With seasonal trees, rocks, and all that good stuff..

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[size=2]CONGRATULATIONS!! THIS ENTRY WON [url="http://community.simtropolis.com/journals/2774/entry-16438-week-18-43012-5612/"]BEST OF THE BEST! - WEEKLY EDITION[/url] FOR THE CATEGORY [i][color=#0000FF]VIVID[/color][/i][/size][/b]

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[b][color=#8b4513][font=comic sans ms,cursive]Comments:[/font][/color][/b]

[b]terring[/b]: Thanks man!

[b]TekindusT[/b]: Thank you!

[b]111222333444: [/b] Glad you liked them. :)

[b]k50dude:[/b] The construction lots are a collection of [url="http://community.simtropolis.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_activity&search_app=downloads&mid=206287"]weasel945's construction lots[/url] and from [url="http://kurier.simcityplaza.de/details.php?file=51"]this[/url].

[b]Anorexic Pickle:[/b] Definitely, thanks!

[b]bluemoose:[/b] Thank you!

[b]woodnava:[/b] Thanks!

[b]escilnavia:[/b] Scandalwood? :lol: Glad it can be compared to marsh's great CJ. :)

[b]Chinese Rock:[/b] The construction lots are at my reply to k50dude.

[b]100000000000000:[/b] The city tile I am using has mountainous terrain, but its on the other side of the map. Anyways, I am happy its somewhat like Sandalwood, but more happier it has some distinction.

[b]paulmc: [/b] Thanks man!

[b]abracadabraz85:[/b] Thank you!

[b]spursrule14: [/b] Thanks for posting it. :)

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[quote name='madhatter106' timestamp='1336002032']
Yay, I love seeing BATs of mine pop up in CJs...everything looks great.

Your BATs are extremely useful in American cities, thanks for the comment and your BATs!

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