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  1. Show us your city, road-or transit maps! - 2

    Your subway map could use a lot of polishing. It's a big list but don't be discouraged. Station Labels : The font is horrible and unappealing. The labels seem to go in all directions, which really does not help readability nor does it look good. In addition they seem to be placed too unevenly from station markers - sometimes way too far, sometimes onto the marker. I think that's the biggest area of improvement. Path Width & Spacing : The river width is especially bad and wobbles after each corner. It's especially telling in the first kink of the Spree Kanal. Sometimes paths are parallel but the distance between different paths changes. I don't mean that sometimes the paths touch each other and sometimes they don't, that's perfectly allright so long it has consistent meaning, but the map would be a lot more streamlined if the distance between parallel paths could be normalized all across it. Colours : While not all maps make a difference between different modes, especially Berlin, it might be advisable to give the secondary network a paler range of colours. Also, bright primary/secondary colours are visually unappealing. Colours need to have a certain unified tone, here the bright pink and yellow don't really fit next to the blue lines. The colour for the river is also far too bright. You want your map to look good, really. Try to find colours that work for the shared trunks, too, since otherwise it's just a rainbow of unreadable lines. Kinks in the lines : I would personally try to design them better - curve them just slightly (easy to do with Inkscape) so they still feel like 45 degree angles but smoother. Junctions with paths could be better too, look at the S-Bahn junction at and above Burkwitz. General Design : The map could use better presentation in general, such as a more appealing title and a well designed legend insert. A logo could also be appreciated here. Information Processing : Many, many things are wrong here. The lines, for starters, are not explained at all. The legend barely helps, as it just gives out the names of each line in very tiny letters. One solution is to label the map better, especially at the end of lines. Another solution is to put the names of the lines in little coloured rectangles so it is easier to understand what line is named what. (Should also drop the Straßenbahnlinie in the labels - it's obvious and not efficient at all). A way to indicate what network the line is part of is to use logos - a red or yellow H in a circle, a U in a blue square, a S in a green circle. Generally you want to streamline the design to give it some professional glance - though there are far far worse actual maps out there. Play on path width too - the bus line could be made into a thinner line to show it's a bus and not a rail line. General Streamlining : Goes with the font and everything - try to give your map a unified look (after all it's part of one network). Many RL networks don't really care about this and their maps feel horrible as a result. Consistency is key in all things. Names : obviously stolen from German maps The line names are relatively awkward in the first place - it is far more common to simply number them, but it just doesn't feel very German at all. Also quite pointless to name the legend "Zeichenererklaerung". Legende is the usual term, if it appears at all. Optional : Other labels such as P+R, step-free access, major bus hub, and so on could be appreciated (don't overuse them though. If all of your stations but one are step-free, use a label that specifically denotes the station as not step-free). That's probably the basics here, it is a daunting list but everyone begins somewhere (and I can't expect everyone to draw subway maps from the age of 4). Inkscape has grids and curved paths and lots of stuff so it's a good powerful free software, though there can be better out there. There are good points to your map too, the river helps with orientation for instance, but it does need heavy reworking. Take a big look at the other maps in this thread as most give a good idea of what to do. You can also visit this website http://transitmaps.tumblr.com/ - it's good good analysis of a lot of maps around the world (usually professional maps) so you can learn quite a few things there. Also I do suggest keeping off languages you don't really master, but that's just me now. Still, good going I like this map. Interesting how several lines merge into one and you play with the transparency. Not overly fond of it but at the same time it's done in a professional manner and it does prevent having a massive central array of lines but it remains somewhat confusing, say, about line 7 for instance. My advice is that lines be merged into one only when they end at the same place or when they don't end on the shared section at all really, but it really is a minor problem here and I would suppose people know where the 7 stops through other means. Well I'd hope - there is a tram in my old town and despite the destination and line number shown and spoken everywhere people still manage to be confused as to where trams go. But oh well! Also, reworked future map of the Amesbury network the Blue Line is supposed to be an elevated metro line while the Gold Line is a medium rail (premetro) network - though in effect because of how CSL works it's a full-fledged subway in-game. (I am thinking of either changing it to heavy rail with tunnels or building a mock elevated section - but it doesn't fit the fact that the Wigston part of the line should be in the middle of an avenue, along with eastward expansions). Hoping for trams and tram-to-metro junctions at some point though. Also posted pictures from WITHIN the subway network along with signage here : http://community.simtropolis.com/journal/5301/entry-26007-entry-13-of-mice-and-metros-5e145/ I see what you're saying about the S-Bahn Lines... There is a system though. Other than the Grey 10-level lines (which are a systematic anomaly), all lines from the north or with single digit numbers terminate at Central, while all lines from the south with double-digit numbers run through Centraal to Terminate at Northway. So yes it takes some knowledge of the system, but since s-bahn is typically used by commuters, I think it is an acceptable if not ideal solution, especially since this map tries to show two systems on one map. Thanks for the feedback, though. I always love your maps.
  2. Show us your city, road-or transit maps! - 2

    Haven't been around too much in the past two years (!) But I still think about sim city from time to time. Anyways, since I started taking design courses, I thought I'd try my hand at redoing my Altona Transit Maps from the region I used to work on. This time I combined every form of transit in the region into one map. The Ferries, Trams and Buway take the biggest hit on detail, and the normal busses and national rail don't need to be shown on this map. Anyways, I'm really happy with the way this turned out and I wanted to share it somewhere, so why not here! Thanks for looking, let me know what you think!
  3. Show us your - Region

    Approaching 1,000,000 and looking more and more complete
  4. Show us your city, road-or transit maps! - 2

    Yep, it's Philly. The transit maps provided by SEPTA are complete rubbish, so I decided I'd try my hand at redesigning the system. (I think if we were to discuss SEPTA's transit scheme we'd have to start a whole new thread, because it is so messed up.) As for parallel lines, I figure 5 is doable, and shows the frequency, so I used parallel for the Trolleys, but I combine into one line for the Regional Trains. so here's another WIP Edit: also, that Riga map is just ridiculous
  5. Show us your city, road-or transit maps! - 2

    _A: yeah, the MBTA sort of inspired the colors, and I was thinking of calling this one the "spider map" like the boston one, and the S-bahn map the "octopus map" cause, well, look on the last page... Any guesses as to what my next project is? :
  6. Best and worst airport you've been in

    Oh, that reminds me of SFO. I liked that airport. Very walkable and spacious. Could have done with better retail (read: food) options, and I was never quite sure whether I was airside or landside, I assume was only ever airside as I was connecting, but It never felt like the airside of other airports.
  7. Best and worst airport you've been in

    Out of LGA, JFK, Newark Liberty, BKK, Tokyo Narita, Prague, Munich, and Frankfurt, LGA obviously is the worst. JFK terminal 4 is lovely, but I can't say the same for the others. Overall, I'd say BKK was my favorite. Bangkok's shiny new airport was beautiful, but very very large. It took an eternity to get from our plane to customs, where we were welcomed by signs to the "Kingbom of Thailand" lol. We drove through Don Mueang, the old Bangkok airport, and it looked like a nightmare, comparable to LGA. Narita was set up in a silly way I thought, but it was nice. Same with Prague (also, Prague needs to get on that A-line Metro extension to the airport. As it was it took an express bus to Zlicin, Yellow line Metro to Florenc, and a long haul bus from there to where we needed to go.) I can't remember much about Frankfurt, as i was only there for about a 30 second layover (literally, we were coming out of the jetway as they gave the last call for our connecting flight.) or Munich (except the rough security lady). All of this is post-9/11.
  8. Show us your city, road-or transit maps! - 2

    jmsepe: Indeed, I use Adobe Illustrator Joe 90: Love the curves, even if i am generally against multiple text angles. In any case, It is beautiful to look at nonetheless! Now, I have another updated map. This is the Altona Metro (U-bahn) map. It shows connections to ICE, IC, S-bahn, and simplified Tramlink and Busway Networks. Brought to You by •BAHN (Belandes Altona Heisbahn Netwerk) (National Altona Rail Network in the Hanseatic Language, as well as a play on words). Please, don't hesitate to tell me what you think!
  9. Show us your city, road-or transit maps! - 2

    Once again, my S-bahn Map of Altona (I finally settled on the name of my region, after going from Aurora to Olympia, back to Aurora, then i tried Hansa, and i liked Altona a bit more than all of them.) This one I tried to make more fluid and elegant, and included some new extensions, as well as the completely new 100 class of service from the NW quadrant through the center and to the industrial and housing tower blocks to the south. Also featured are the Inter-City Extension services that continuer outside of the City-State and into other regions. Not shown are the Legend and Service notes because I'm not sure how I want to implement them yet. Any suggestions or comments are welcome.
  10. Show Us What You're Working On

    Been working on this region for a while, and thought id post here an overview of the main CBD, though the way the region is set up there are many business centers. Im just filling in gaps and trying to encourage growth now in this tile, since everything big is pretty much set up how i want it.
  11. FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 - Thread

    The Dutch had a really good run. I was expecting a little more from them after the brilliant performance against Spain, but they toughed it out. (I'm a big supporter for the Netherlands, but they (Robben) made it a little hard for me to maintain against people who only see it when their opponents dive. Everyone dives, its just that certain favorites people are allowed to I guess. I'm against any diving at all, but I'm able to look at the positives the Dutch team had to offer, like their brilliant mid-field and their thuggish confidence. /rant) Hup Holland Hup! Jullie waren Fantastisch!
  12. Show us your city, road-or transit maps! - 2

    The Aurora Metro System:
  13. Show us your - Region

    I've been working on this region since last year, but hadn't touched it untill about a month ago because of college.Still incomplete, but its comming together, and is as close as I've been to haveing a wholistic vision for the region. It's the Pacific Rim National Park region with a city-state based on Hong Kong, Vancouver, and a bit of Nederlands thrown in for good measure. click for full resolution
  14. Show us your city, road-or transit maps! - 2

    Finished by new S-Bahn map for my newly renamed region of Aurora (I was reminded olympia was a real place in the Pac NW, so I changed names ). You might notice that the map has some slightly Germanic names on it, because the Aurora region is almost fully bilingual with English and a unique dialect of German. As such, the transit scheme took a lot of cues from Germany's, with the Metro transit relying on both a U-bahn type Metro system, and a full S-bahn system. The S-bahn system and map is designed to be a more elegant form of commuting compared to Metro, as several lines service the same areas as Metro. Most lines receive about 6 trains per hour, with exceptions. The Airtrain for example has several special service operations in order to provide rapid service to and from the airport. Other services that are feeders are also represented on the map, as well as the Northwest Access portion of the Metro, since there is no room to build an S-bahn system there. Well, here it is, let me know what you think!
  15. Show us your city, road-or transit maps! - 2

    Been awhile since I've been active, but here's a strip map of one of the Metro lines of my pacific rim region: Olympia. Issued by the regional rail transit agency, BAHN, which operates the S-bahn, Southern Cross, as well as Metro. It shows connections to all other rail networks, with special attention to other Metro Services: Let me know what you think, and how it could be improved! (aside from a legend/key; I just realized I missed this)