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Update 1: Intro and Downtown Auburn





Hello and welcome to the Auburn Metropolitan Area! This journal will follow the growth of a city as it becomes a booming metropolisT This CJ may be similar to 2005 Trixe winner Eureka but not a complete copy of that CJ. The reason why I am doing this is for one word: inspiration. Yes, i am going to make this CJ so realistic and inspiring that you in turn make more realistic cities and towns! The first few updates will focus n the city itself then into the planny aspect which is what the City Journal is all about! Auburn is on the verge of a major population boom. This once small city will be transformed into a bustling harbor metropolis!

I always find it appropriate to start off with the downtown area:


Welcome to Downtown Auburn!

Before we get started into viewing the city in the present, we must go down memory lane:


Auburn was founded in 1888 by General George Auburn. Auburn did not experience a lot of growth in the 20th century. When World War I and II came a long Auburn became home to more than a 100 navy ships thus turing it into what you see before you today! When the city was first founded, it's populatation was a mear 534. In 1945 after the war, it's population swelled to 200,000, and since then Auburn has grown to a little over 300,000 in current population censuses.


Auburn during it's growth in 1896. The city expanded into the farmlands that surrounded the town at the time.


Auburn in 1901, as you can see the city began another major expansion outwards.

Well Auburn has come a long way from it's 122 year history. Today, downtown is filled with bustling shops, and resturants. Downtown is the major hub for the region's financial, transportation and cultural center. The city's tallest building is the Prentess Building which employs over 1000 workers.


There are no public observation decks in the city. The lucky few who get a chance to see the bay everyday are condo homeowners and employees of the numerous tall building overlooking the bay every day.


Auburn City Hall is home to the Auburn City Governemnt or ACG. City Hall was designed by famed architect Renzo Piano. Construction was a long and tedious process because Renzo wanted to make this building stand out inside and out. The Mayor's office is located on the third floor facing B Street. The current mayor is James "Jim" Gordon who is the city's 42nd mayor. We will get to Mayor Gordon later as this journal progresses.


Behind City Hall, a couple blocks away is Auburn's 2nd oldest church in the neighborhood of Cresentwood. As you can see this particular Sunday morning is quite busy as residents are begining to attend this historic Orthodox church.


North of Cresentwood is Aburn's main public library.



Located on Bank Street, is the city's general hospital. It is also known as Zamora General Hospital. It was named after the famous surgeon Dr. Alfred Zamora who lived in Auburn in the 1940s. He preformed over 500+ operations until his death in 1971.


Heading back into the hustle and bustle of downtown is the busy cornor of Bank Street and 2nd Ave.


The federal building is home to numerous federal agencies such as the IRS, Department of Homeland Security, and the US Marshal's. the building is heavily fortified and unbreachable.


Some more downtown skyscrapers.


The Opera House holds 1200 people at once. It was built in the 1890s when wealthy citizens needed a place to show off their wealth buy buying expensive tickets to world renoun shows. Behind the Opera House is the police headquarters. This area can get quite busy in the afternoon. Parking is scarce!


Way back when, Auburn had two newspapers. One was called the Sun which was the morning newspaper. The other was the Herald, the evening paper. During the 1900s the two combined to form the Auburn Herald-Sun.


The City of Auburn is home to four colleges and universities. North-South is home to the Community Colleges. East-West is home to the University of Auburn and Auburn University. Below is City College, a community college that is has over 15,000 students. Parking is this area is a huge problem. The bus system does help but residents often complain of know-it-at college students parking on their streets. The city is looking into whether or not there should be Parking Permins issued for residents only that will allow them to park on the street near their place of residence. The other idea is to building a few parking garages.

Heading out of downtown, if you were to take Bank Street, is the Bank Street Bridge. The bridge carries tons of traffic from the West End and into the Auburn Heights, a wealthy neighborhood. The bridge carries cars over the Auburn Creek, a popular fishing and boating destination for city dwellers. Morning rush hour is talking its toll on the bridge:


At the end of the Auburn Creek, at the edge of the little bay, is the Rubin H. Fleet Science Center.


Condos surround the Science Center on both sides of the bay. The area is home to 15,000 people packed in this little area.


Some of the wealthy CEOs living in million dollar homes near downtown.


Spruce Street at 5PM


As the sun sets, Auburn glows under a brilliant orange sky seen below:


Comments are welcomed! Please by all means go ahead and comment! EVERYTHING is welcomed!

EDIT: If some pics don't work try to refreash the page a few times. Thanks!


Recommended Comments

Nice piece of work. I liked the flashback shots from the city's past too. Like the downtown, seems realistic and not overflowing with skyscrapers like some people love doing. Looks great.

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sweet array of buildings, nice region choice, and great looking downtown. Def keeping up with this! :) What's the building in the 4th from last picture?

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Wow incredible city journal!! Love the storyline you add into it as well as the great attention to detail. Keep up the fabulous work! :thumb:

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Great city!, but if I were u I should revise the year of the construction of the opera(as u can see, the opera is aparently built in 1890, 6 years before the second flashback, and in this one u can see only a little town without any opera... very confusig. Appart from that, your city journal was perfect.
Sorry for my poor english, I'm argentinian :D

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This city is incredible, so beautiful and realistic. I like the last picture. Looks like a good city to live in, but I wonder if its expensive.

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Very careful city design. I like to build the same style cities. Except I get stuck on one city with every little detail for a year. I like it, looks realistic. The only criticism I can share is that the City Hall looks somewhat errelevant, understated as it's nestled between the buildings. You should give it more space for it to stand out and show as one of the main civic buildings in the city -- not "by the way" here's the City Hall. I would surround it by a some open area park, or tiles.

What really caught my eye is the textures you used for the ground. I have been looking for this landscape texture. Please, please if anyone knows who made it, and what it's called. I'll greatly appreciate it. I tried finding it it on simtropolis but without knowing the creator and name it's very difficult.

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very nice city well put together i just startd my called stockton city liberty county if u could give some advice on my journal cuz im new to doin cj's i would aprreciate it

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The skyline is very pleasing to the eye. How much of this was grown vs. plopped? At any rate, well done.

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@ Jeroentje- Thanks!

@ USA Patriot- Thanks for the kind words. I am not a fan of tons of skyscrapers. However my CJ will somewhat resemble Vancouver and have lots of tall buildings but thats not going to happen for quite sometime.

@ escilnavia- Thanks!

@ TekindusT-Thanks! yes it did take me about an hour to do all this!

@ clampdude01- Thank you!

@ ccecill- Thanks! You keep you with yours too! I think they are called Thaneplain lofts or something like that. If you cant find it PM and ill find it for you.

@ wallacet- Thanks!

@ MayorAwesome-Thanks for comment!

@ dudkis- Thanks and refer to phillip3108 for you answer!

@ nick13-Oops, I didn't know either...hehe thanks for the comment!

@ the00guvna-Thanks!

@ pielover94-Thanks a lot!

@ Mikeaut1- Thanks for the comment Mike!

@ ghgsdsghg3- Ahhh I see know...opps guess I should change that. I copied some of those descriptions from another CJ of mine. thanks!

@ Zulu2065- Depends on what part of the city you would want to buy a house. You may be able to do something like that in the future... Thanks!

@ AlikMalix- Ahh I see what you are saying. I guess I should have placed more parks around City Hall. I will rebuild City Hall one day and place it far away fromt he downtown area. Next to ferry terminal would be an excellent place!

@ ggamgus- I bielieved you for a second there, then i saw you were kidding around! hahahaha Thanks for the comment!

@ dabadon5- Thanks!

@ -Alex24-Thank you very much!

@ red6- I would too! Thanks!

@ zoepound14- Thanks and I shot you a PM about your question

@ Muck308- haha, yeah you are correct! Thanks!

@ DITRO- Thanks for the comment! The skyscapers are all plopped as well as a few smaller buildings. The houses/apartment are grown naturally but most of the buildings have been plopped. Hope that helps

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