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  1. SimCity BuildIt announced

    SimCity is coming to tablet and smartphones with SimCity BuildIt. According to Maxis it will be available soon on Android and IOS.
  2. XL nation question....

    XLnation is back online
  3. XL nation question....

    Yeah, we are really sorry for that. We are trying to solve the problem. Regards, Alex24 Moderator XLnation
  4. CityBlog

    Hey I recently decided to create my own blog about cities, urban development and a bit about travelling. First of all: I am not a professional, I simply want to share the knowledge I gain from news, videos, experiences,... I have already posted 4 entries and I hope you like them Link I am still not sure about the name. I thought this one would be a simple one which would be related to the topic. Maybe you got a better suggestion? Maybe you got some suggestions for improvements? Greatings, Alex
  5. Hey Simtropolis Community, after modding and playing a lot cxl2012 i decided to play sc4 again, with mods. So i started to download a lot of mods, all of them (+dependencies) are listed in a microsoft access database. 300 mods + 200 dependencies (including mods as dependencies) took me about 2x afternoons. Today i installed all the mods. Bug: The interface got almost no texts anymore. For example: if you create a new city, you can just see the fields and the checkboxes but not the text which should be at the buttons or you type. The terrain mod works (meadow). but if i want to build anything, it crashes (if i click a button) That pretty much annoys me, because i wasted so much time. Maybe anybody of you had similar problems and can help me? (i can share the access file too) Alex edit: solved
  6. Scott Bluff Viewpoint

    i really like how you place the trees.. realistic
  7. @SimHoTToDDy no i haven't got an uvw map on any object if i turn my building, it's still on the same hight (bug)
  8. hi there i got following problem: maybe somebody knows how to fix? greetings Alex
  9. Enabling Nvidia 540M

    @Rishibhai i got actually the same problem. but i deactivated my integrated at the device manager
  10. Selection of the right Graphic Card

    Laptop "420mgt" -> GeForce GT 420m ,1gb DDR3, DX11 Intel® HD Graphics 64mb Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit (Dell)
  11. Selection of the right Graphic Card I got a Dell XPS l503 with an i5 and 420mgt the problem is.. my sc4 laggs with the integrated graphiccard, and i can't select the 420mgt somebody got any idea to solve this? Greetings Alex
  12. The 10,000 Post Thread v2

    5089 Hello World
  13. Desert Islands

    Version 1.0


    Desert Islands a map for cxl2011 (maybe also 2009) put the .patch into: C:\Program Files\Focus Home Interactive\Cities XL 2011\!!Paks!! there is also a extra bulldozer in the .zip included to delete the trees this map replaces the small peninsula. Before you add this mod you should delete the city on this map.. or if you want to have some fun you should not delete it. And if you want the old map again, !delete the city! and delete the .patch questions and good requests @ oblarino@gmail.com