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Show us your rural scenes!

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26 minutes ago, CorinaMarie said:

Let's see some more!

I think @korver had no choice but to start giving some technical details along with his amazing artworks.  Also I think the Show Us threads should be for anybody and everybody that has some graphics to share. 

Its understandable that someone might resist placing their work under someone else's masterpiece as it may appear too amateurish.  I don't consider my work anywhere in the same league as korver's in terms of the technical complexity he applies, but what is considered artistic can be as basic as a stick drawing made by a child or a cave man's work as ancient as the hills. 

I quoted 'Lets see some more' because the images you often present are very technically developed in terms of the SC4 game engine and they exhibit personality which is especially considered an artistic expression.  So, indeed, lets see some more!  *:yes:    

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1 hour ago, RandyE said:

 placing their work under someone else's masterpiece as it may appear too amateurish. 

I, for one, am in this category and I'm sure many others are in the same boat.
Hope @korver takes the hint. *:D
And I agree completely with @RandyE's entire post. Good opinion.

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I, for one, don't mind posting in the same thread as korver. Sure, my stuff isn't even remotely as refined nor as elegant, but when I create something I like I'll share it. And I would love it if korver created tutorials for how he works all his magic. As I understand it he creates all his own bats, lots, mods, and everything. I also understand that taking the time to explain all that to us would take away from his creation time. Let's just be happy he is willing to bless us with pics of the end results. *;)

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9 hours ago, CorinaMarie said:

I, for one, don't mind posting in the same thread as korver.

Your posts, specially the farms, are top post. You are creating a bridge between @korver works (with Photoshop and whatever else) and plain vanilla jobs. Believe me, I have more of your farms stored in my comp than anything else. They inspire me a lot. OC @korver 's works are in league of their own. *:D

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2 hours ago, korver said:

Not photoshopped.

Wow!!! I stand corrected. Someone said that you used PS and I just took it for granted. My apologies.

It seems to me that looking at the last pic, for instance, it seems unbelievable. I wonder how many terabytes your SC4 is.

Now is a good time to express my admiration for your countless images and dexterity. Merci for all that!

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While I knew that you didn't just show images of RL buildings photoshopped into SC4 scenes, I still find myself surprised by the amount of in-game objects. It just doesn't seem to be possible, and the insane amount of custom-made objects at the oddest angles and flat ground props is just hard to grasp. :boggle:

Just like Cori said, that's a highly interesting and very impressive demonstration of your approach, and while some of the models you show might be extremely specific, others could prove useful for a wide variety of purposes, and I'd love to see them on the STEX one day!

May the gods of sleep and of caffeine bestow you with both of these things in the required measure for you to stay healthy and creative!

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20 hours ago, korver said:

In fact, here's another look at my work behind the scenes. As I mentioned, I'm a huge proponent of keeping things in game.

Amazing! *:golly:

Thanks for sharing such a fascinating insight into your creative process. It reminds me of the production of a blockbuster film, where all the sets are meticulously constructed. Then everything comes together and in certain scenes, special effects can be used subtly for enhancement.


10 hours ago, T Wrecks said:

It just doesn't seem to be possible, and the insane amount of custom-made objects at the oddest angles and flat ground props is just hard to grasp. :boggle:

It is quite remarkable a 14 year old game resides at the heart of such lifelike and awe-inspiring scenes. I think it's a phenomenon since @korver's creations add a whole unseen dimension to SC4. Raising customisation beyond what was believably within the realms of possibility, at new heights where words often fail to describe.

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On 30.10.2017 at 6:25 AM, korver said:

Thanks for the nice words @huzman *:)

I completely agree with you - I'm a fan of doing things the plain old SC4 way.

That's why virtually every single building, texture, lot, prop, MMP, etc in my pictures is an in game asset. Not photoshopped.

Now, I have done the occasional fun picture with a few more photoshop enhancements than usual like my Victoria Falls. But for a majority of my pics, all I'll do is add a filter and a border. For others, maybe a few clouds, some weather effects, or some reflections to make the scene look more interesting. But overall - photoshop plays a very small role in the grand scheme of things and is primarily used to add a little bit of flair and to express myself. When you look at my work behind the scenes, the first thing that it should be associated with is custom content, custom lotting, MMPing. Photoshop would be way down on the list.

And that, folks, is how art is created.

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I haven't been posting in a while, because RL keeps me busy. Anyway, here's my contribution to this topic: I've tried to create more traditional farmland. To me, this means: Farmhouses scattered all over the place, smaller farms but more diversity, everything is making use of the hillside while adapting to it; farms are separated by lines of trees and stone walls.

I've turned a few ploppable farmhouses that I've found somewhere on STEX/LEX into growables. The farm fields are partly grown (especially those located next to a gravel road), partly plopped.


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