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Hello everyone! I'm back with another cemetery for your sims!

This is big! Perfect for big cities or any city!



Peg Memorial Park Kit



Simply put the file in Documents/SimCity4/Plugins

I changed the name of the mod at the last moment because is not medium, IT'S BIG! *:P



What's New 1.5   View Changelog


Some little changes *;)

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God lord! It's big! :O

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    • By dannyd1993
           So, I haven't played in about 10 years. I re-installed the game about a month ago, which was an adventure in itself, with the windows 10 disc situation. I have spent over two weeks building my plugins folder, trying out different terrain mods and tree controllers. I've downloaded about 2gb worth of custom content, (half of that is dependencies). Many of the lots I got, I want to edit. The lots themselves and especially the properties, including cost, capacity, coverage, etc. I am pretty familiar with the Maxis Lot Editor and Plugin Manager, as I used to do a little custom editing to lots long ago. If I download a custom lot with a Lot, Model and Desc. file. I can easily do what I need to do in the aforementioned programs. Since my return, there have been many changes. Many new lots have a DAT file, which is new to me. There are new programs, namely the SC4PIM (or X-PIM) and Ilive's reader. These also are new to me and I'm struggling with them, even with the tutorials found here. I'm not very savvy when it comes to computers. I'd say on a scale of 1-10, I'm like a 4 or 5. But I can follow directions. I'm sure, given enough time, I'll get familiar with them. Let me try to get to my questions...The first thing I wanted to modify are the substations by Simmer2.
       These are beautiful lots and I'd like to use them, but I want to make some changes to suit my needs. First, I'd like to make the substations Waste to Energy Plants. This will eliminate the need for landfills and power plants all over my region. Secondly, I'd like to change the cost, power output, etc. But since these are DAT files. I can't do that with the programs I am used to. I may be able to do it in the reader program, but I am totally befuddled when I try to examine these there. So, I thought I'd just relot them since I have all the props I need. Also, these questions apply to other relots I plan to do, even if I do figure out how to do these particular lots in the reader.
        As I was searching the lot files here, I came across the BLaM Blank...
         I decided to give these a try, but I have run into what may or may not be a problem, and I was hoping to get some clarification. So, what I did in preparation to do the relots was I copied the blank.

      And I made three copies. Changing them to this...

      Changing the first part of the file name, but leaving the numbers as were. But when I open the PIM, it only shows one of these. The last one alphabetically. Which is Substation_3.

      I'd like to know why this is. I wasn't sure if I should change the numbers a little or get rid of them altogether. Would it matter if I named the file: DD_Substation_1.SC4Model? I'm not sure what the numbers mean or if I should even mess with them. If I leave these like this and I make say, 10 lots renaming them in like manner, will the last DESC file to load control all lots with that blank model? Another thing I notice here is the word "blank" appears under the column "Name". Is this what's going on here? If so, how do you change that? Anyways, these are the questions I have thus far. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Even more so if someone can walk me through making these changes in the reader program concerning these particular files.
    • By tails2489
      There is a tonne of amazing custom content on the exchange including maps.
      A lot of the maps I've installed and played are laid out in large cities only however and in a perfect grid. I prefer randomness with medium and small cities scattered about.
      How can I change the config file on an existing region without messing up the existing terrain that I like?
    • By Ssaidd
      my sc4 crashes sometimes when im testing subway/GLR

      i dont know why, is it because of too much plugins?
    • By Ssaidd
      Hi Guys

      Who is using Caribou Long Slopes?

      cant figure it out how it works, my trains/el-rails are dissapearing when they are reaching the tunnel and they dissapear when they go up

      can somebody explain?
    • By Pegasus
      Faster than a speeding Llama... ( a really old one... with gout )...
      More Powerful than my breath after a Tequila and burrito binge......
      Able to leap tall brown gift boxes in a single install.
      "LOOK !! Up on the STEX !! Its a Mod !! Its a Lot !! Its... its..."
      "Oh forget it. Its just a dependency."
      You asked for it! And now you got it! The all-inclusive... the all encapsulating...one size fits all... MTP SUPER PACK !!

      * Tights & Cape sold separately. Tights void where prohibited. Do not wear capes near jet aircraft engines. Installation of the SUPER PACK may not enable you to fly.

      The MTP SUPER PACK combines all the standard MTP dependencies into a single download... and also includes a substantial amount of new material that will be used in future development. This file will be the primary MTP dependency listed on all future MTP lots.
      Please Note: This dependency contains no material that alters the appearance ofgame default props or textures... and will not interfere in any way with playing a non-MTP or rural themed city.

      The MTP SUPER PACK combines both MTP props and textures into a single download. However, it will install props and textures as separate files to make any future updates easier and faster.
      The MTP SUPERPACK replaces the following previous MTP dependencies... which can now be removed from your Plugins folder:
      * PEG Mountain Theme Pack
      ( PEG_MTP_RESOURCE_vol1.dat & PEG_MTP_TEXTURES_vol1.dat )
      * PEG-MTP Texture Pack Volume 2
      ( PEG-MTP_TEXTURES_vol2.dat )
      * PEG-MTP Resource Pack 2 [beta]
      ( PEG-MTP_RESOURCE2_b102.dat )
      * PEG Pine Tree Mod [ resource file only ]
      ( PEG-MTP_GM-TreeMod_RESOURCE )

      ** This dependency has no dependencies. 

      All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
      Moderator note (September 9th 2018):
      File updated to version 1.02 from the old PLEX (thanks to @Tyberius06 for providing the updated files). The older v1.01 is available in the changelog section below.

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