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michiyls Bus Color Pack
(yeah, I recently got fed up with the standard blue design of the busses, too!)

30 files make up this incredible colorful pack for your default Maxis Bus model - each color is visually 100% compatible with the corresponding color in my Monorail Color Packs (#1 and #2a)!

- single color
- white roof

The colors are (not following any official naming convention here):
   - Banana Day
   - Blue Ocean
   - Flashy Green
   - Fresh Green
   - Grass Green
   - Hot Pink
   - Intense Orange
   - Lazy Orange
   - Monorail Red (the default red of the default Maxis monorail)
   - Spring Green
   - Turquoise (tortoise is the animal, this is the color mix of green and blue)
   - Tropic Blue
   - Violet Blue
   - Warm Yellow
   - White Grey

What's in the box?
Aside from the 30 DAT files there is 1 preview pic to help you choose the right color, and the readme. I hope to encourage others to include similar information in their projects to give the user the chance to remember what the file includes even when you open it after several months or so.

Any dependencies?
Nope, this is just a texture replacement for the default Maxis bus/coach model texture. The DAT files only includes the single FSH file.
You should know what that means - if you don't see the color, check that you have installed it in one of the Plugins folders (choose one!) and you are starting with the default Maxis bus model.

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I installed this & now none of my buses show up properly. They drive around in weird green, pink colors glowing. What did I do wrong?

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thank you for this pack of colorful buses    will be fun to use different colors in different cities

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