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The purpose of this mod is to reduce space needed to provide its services to large populace/Industrious cities.

This Mod will increase sewage consumer rate for Sewage Treatment Tank module from Sewage Treatment Plant and Increase the Water produce for Filtration Pump module from Water Pumping Station.



Side Note :

  • Water Filtration Pump capacity are still bound/depended by the amount of water underground (amount are differ in plop-able points). Over time with "Infinite Water Trick" which fills the area of placement with water, with this Mod, it will produce a large quantity of water. It also won't dry up the water table area quickly - Unless you plop all filtration pump module in its base - Highly Recommend to use only one or two module max. You may get to see the maximum amount of water it could produce once you plop the Filtration pump, once it up and running, it will calculate the variable of water table for it to provide at its maximum capacity.


  • Sewage Treatment Tank will fill up the water table quickly. In time, making the whole city tile fills up with water.


  • Always build both Water Treatment Plant and Sewage Treatment Plant side by side to ease continuous flow of water.



Last but not least, it's cheating but it can't be help with the little space we have and plenty to give in.



For offline use only.

  • It may not work properly with other water/sewage mods. Didn't test those personally but if by any chance it contains a bug that needs to be updated, please let me know.

Thank you.

What's New 1.1   View Changelog


  • Fix Sewage overflow - Credits Beelzebub420

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    • By Fistandantillus7
      When I load my saved games, I get a wall of water along my dams. Is this a bug in the game that happens to everyone or something strange to my combination of mods?
    • By SecretMbr_735754
      Just a picture of two vertical structures carrying some weight.  All weight-bearing structures from post and beam, pyramid, arch, dome, are primarily vertical.   A flat-Earther asserted, "When hovering in a helicopter how come the Earth doesn't rotate underneath?  The Earth, therefore, must be flat!"  (Inertia)  I think all flat-Earthers should be offered a special discount on the purchase of SC4 if they can write a page making sense of the flat Earth theory .  I just pushed the limit to the flat area* SC4 can process, and discovered we just need faster space processing to curve the plane into a ball.  *184,117,761 square km
    • By nbvc
      This file contains 12 marina piers with different shapes and sizes. It also contains some seawalls for the marina.
      Everything is located in the seaport menu.
      The props can also be used in the Lot-Editor for your custom lots.
      No dependencies.
    • By SecretMbr_735754
      This lot has been tested in-game, it was found that at least 2 of them are required to almost completely reduce pollution across a large tile as well as to provide water across a grid of pipes covering the whole tile.  It was tested also with the Utility Radius and Traffic Pollution Modd.  Use the Data View and Cheetah Speed to monitor changes in water supply, air and water pollution.  The pump is programmed to consume a very small amount of water so plop the pump in a non-polluted area as tests indicate it will not immediately clean its own base area and may fail to operate. 
      Location: Water Menu under Utilities Menu, and Power Menu for 1x1 Generator
      You must connect both the large water pump and the sewage treatment connectors to realize both the effect of the radical volume of water and the treatment.  The large water pump is the re-lot that will appear in the water utilities.   The dual purpose is combined into one lot with its own unique menu icon. 
      You must connect the water pipe to the water pump house which is in the top-right of the lot, the center connection is for the water treatment connection.
      Lot Size: 5 (width) by 6 (depth)
      Water Produced and Treated: 1,000,000 cubic meters per hour.
      Pollution Reduction: -1200 over 300 
      Plop Cost: 25,000§
      Maintenance Cost: 10§
      Jobs: 15§, 290§§, 15§§§
      Moderate Landmark and Park Effect. 
      Transit and Network Enabled
      Power Consumed:  200 MWh (megawatt hours)
      Dependency: Included base texture .dat file.
      Maxis Night-lighting
      FOLDER: Radical Water Pump and Pollution Reduction V1
      File: List of Alternate Water Systems.txt
      File: Preview and Install.html
      File: Readme.txt
      SUB-FOLDER: Radical Water Pump and Pollution Reduction
      This is the folder inside the unzipped title folder to be placed in your User\Documents\SimCity 4\ Plugins folder.  It contains 2 files: 1. the Radical_Water_Pump.SC4Lot, and 2. the BaseTexturesElements_RadicalWaterPump.dat file with base textures extracted from my Vol.1 Base Textures Elements package.  If you use the larger package then delete the smaller .dat file included as the textures don't need to be loaded twice.  The larger package is linked below:
      Base Textures Vol 1.1: Elements, for SC4 1.1.0
      SUB-FOLDER: 500 MWh Power Generator 1x1
      File: RadicalWaterPump_PowerGenerator.SC4Lot
      I've added a 1x1 lot to generate power for the water pump.  If you use the Data View Moisture Mod to locate a high volume of water it may be in a remote area, otherwise a non-polluted area may also be in a remote area.  The power generator is equal to 2½ times the wind power plant.
      The 2nd preview shows the progressive reduction of air pollution; the reduction of water pollution is about the same. The test city has 2 heavy industry areas and congested traffic generating severe pollution over the entire tile. A third radical water pump would completely eliminate both across the entire tile.
      The 3rd preview shows at bottom Cori's Data View of Moisture mod which uses the radiation data view to show changes in moisture from rainfall.  In more complicated terrain the moisture data view is useful to see where to place water pumps which depend on aquifers. The mod is linked below:
      Cori's DataView - Moisture v 2017.01.22 by @CorinaMarie
      The top 2 frames show the progressive increase of water-flow over the entire tile.   Water pipes are tedious to place in large tiles requiring about a 30x30 grid.  To make the task of watering the tile easier use the Utility Radius and Traffic Pollution Reduction Modd by RalphaelNinja linked below:
      UtilityRadius TrafPollution Modd by @RalphaelNinja
      The last preview is of this .SC4Lot in production in the Lot Editor for anyone who has enjoyed using SC4 as a design tool, creating .SC4 city tiles, and who may be considering taking the next step of creating .SC4Lot files.  Using Lot Editor is not much more complicated.  Below is the tutorial that got me started almost a year ago.
      Lot Editor: Beginner's Tutorial by @jbbry232
      To install copy and paste the Radical Water Pump and Pollution Reduction folder into your User\Documents \SimCity 4\Plugins folder. 
      To also install the power generator copy and paste the 500 MWh Power Generator 1x1 folder into the folder above.
    • By 11241036
      Short description:
      Based on various plugins I've found, this plugin contains 4 small (1x1) waterfall lots that can be placed on cliffs to simulate a waterfall on land. All waterfalls can be placed on any slope, even on water (if the bottom part of the cliff is in the sea), to facilitate creating a transition to the sea. They should be able to be combined with most available ploppable water pieces and water mods.
      For further information, please refer to the Readme files in the download.
      Available languages: Both the readmes and the in-game description texts are available in English and German.
      BSC Textures Vol 01: Required for base textures for 3 out of 4 waterfalls.
      Required file: BSC Textures Vol 01.dat
      PEG PPond Kit 1: Required for base textures for 1 out of 4 waterfalls.
      Required file: PEG-PPond_Kit_102.dat
      PEG Stream Kit Deluxe Edition: Required for “waterfall effect“ at the base of the waterfalls.
      Required file: PEG_Stream-Kit_Style1_206.dat

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