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  1. Greater Terran #2: City Growth and Oil Boom

    ohhh, That is a nice looking boom town you got going there, I'll have to stay and keep a look. :D
  2. Origin Friends

    Mercenary4u, just look for me on US East 1 in a region called "A Relaxation".. Active only please, I'm tired of building cities and once it gets good everyone stops playing.. I need people that communicate and are in it seriously.. I don't mean play every day but don't go weeks.. I also play Battlefield 3 and Most Wanted.
  3. No random Disasters

    A neighbor city had a tornado rip down the middle of it.. I personally only have witnessed two UFO attacks. Nothing else yet out of like five cities.
  4. Paradise Lost

    I'll have to check back in when we are allowed to play. xD I'll be back though!
  5. Origin Friends

    Mercenary4u is my name, feel free to add me. I'd rather play with 98% instead of 100% total strangers. haha I mainly play in US East 2 but I'll stray if I get a good enough reason to.
  6. Looking for buddies

    Mercenary4u is my Origin name, feel free to add me.
  7. Completely unable to play

    Yep, I connected earlier, played for a good while with random disconnects though.. I hope I don't lose my progress.. Was just starting to get entertaining! Oh well.. Guess time shall tell.
  8. Fabit Country's Journal

    Looks good and the first couple of shots are really colorful. Keep it up.
  9. Jackys Kabin

    Ah the history is still here.
  10. Aegina - Interbellum - CJ

    Looks solid. Only got to read the first page, but looks sick! Looking forward for more.
  11. Jackys Kabin

    You know what? I will. Tonight I will start... But... Isn't it a little late? The CJ has been inactive for almost a year now... Oh well, lol. I'll see if I can get an update together.... And I still owe you a house... >.<
  12. That is quite a ways away... I'll be happy to be there... Just, I need to somehow remind myself.
  13. Jackys Kabin

    I've been good. You? It's great to see the people I was closer to back then are still active today.. Seeing this site makes me wanna continue with SC4 and to wrap things up on it. You know with my CJ.. And 'Cause I know my computer won't be able to handle any of the new games coming out. =/
  14. How old is your oldest City Tile

    I have to say.. I can't even remember what the name was.. When I first started playing with the Rush Hour pack.. Still have it too, I want to continue building on it since it has to be over 4.5 years old.. hah.
  15. Jackys Kabin

    Holy wow... It's been sooo very long.. How is everyone? Dang this site chanced so much in my absence....