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About this City Journal

The GTR Gets Reborn In SimCity (2013)!

Entries in this City Journal


I am going to start this entry with the video component because you've got to see me RAGE over this game.

-This is the first time I've played SC13 in over 3 weeks... Waiting for cheetah speed to be brought back and other issues to be fixed. 1 month after release and many of the game's components are still broken.

-I admit most of these are minor issues, but there's just so many of them that they get on my nerves :rage:

Full playlist:

(this update is parts 12-14)

Ok now with that of the way, let's move to the 'happier' pics part :P

As always, click the images for full resolution!

One of the first things I'm greeted with is the simulation deciding to have vehicles drive in the centre of the avenue. WHY???


Traffic and protests in front of city hall




Another corridor of my city is turning into Brooklyn


The (now vast) oil fields


These oil wells occupy about 20% or so of the city tile so they better work they way they should!


Oil data map:


And a scenic view of the fields


Many of my city services have been fully expanded now


Including new services like a library and police station:


I've also built a makeshift train station through the use of the debug tool:


While it doesn't look like it, this actually connects to the regional rail system through the use of a flooded tunnel or something....


...And lastly an overview of the western edge of the town. The coal plant has been expanded to generate enough power for the growing city's needs.


Anyways that will do it for now, hope you enjoyed!

-Sorry it was so long between the updates!



Thanks for the replies and feedback everyone! Always greatly appreciated!

Yes my free game was the new Need For Speed: Most Wanted. The missions are pretty simplistic, but I have always liked the free roaming aspect and getting chased by the cops.

Anyways this update will be a continuation of the last update rather than a fresh start. It will show growth of the city and development of the oil fields.

As always, click for full resolution!

I've got a coal mine set up and expanded now. It will mainly supply coal to my power plant do I don't have to pay to import the stuff.


Adding another garage to my fire department as my town grows... Hopefully as my sims get smarter they won't start as many fires :P


And with that the main intersection is starting to look quite decent:


I now have 3 full oil fields set up with plans to make 3 more. They should be able to make a healthy profit for the city as I am simply exporting all oil at this point:


The current skyline: the oil wells currently dominate the city scape... for now.


I've built another highway connection for the east end. Even by patch 1.8 Maxis hasn't fixed the fact that there's a highway median running in the middle of highway intersections. Oh, and those trees :P


City services have been expanded to prepare for big growth. As the sewage treatment plant converts sewage to water, I placed it next to my new pumping station to take advantage of this fact (as long as it doesn't pollute the water lol)


Some good midrises now. Reminds me a bit of Brooklyn


And also mid-tech industry has come, replacing the low-tech dirty stuff. A warm welcome for my sims as pollution goes down and standard of living increases.


A new community college trains sims to work in their new industrial positions.


Overview of the city in its current form:


...And on a side-angle on a hazy day:


Of course last but not least, I have the video component! It will show you how I built everything with commentary! (I livestreamed this event last week)

Should begin at part 7 where this update begins.

-Full list of video parts if it isn't working for you:

(Go to part 7)

Anyways that will do it for now. Thanks and hope you enjoyed! I will not be making another city until cheetah speed is restored so will be spending more time tinkering with this one for the next update.


Well here it is... The first 'update' of Greater Terran.

As always, click images for full size!

Decided upon the region: Discovery Delta.


The first city I chose was 'Spooner Plains', a city tile with some coal and a lot of oil.

It's a very 'green' city, welcoming visitors by letting them drive into 3 foot tall grass blades.


Seriously, why all the grass?


At least there isn't as much at the other entrance:


My initial city setup. Wind blows toward the north so that's where I have my industrial zones located. A coal mine has also been set up to provide coal to my power plant.


While a small town, it still has its problems. The lineup for health care is out the door:


And fires are little rampant as most of my residents aren't very educated and don't know not to play fire:


...But overall it's a nice town. Here's a look at the main intersection with the mountains in the distance:


I'm also starting to extract the vast oil deposits as well:




...And of course a the video component. I livestreamed/commentated on everything you see above, so you can see how I built it. The playlist should continue after every part below:

If not, direct link:

Update 2 will be a continuation, showing further development of the oil fields and town growth.

Thanks for your feedback from the initial entry! I appreciate the comments, positive or negative (as long as they're constructive lol)

Anyways thanks and hope you enjoyed this update!



My CJ Career gets a new lease on life with a new game.

Yup, you heard that right. I'll be returning to city journaling for the first time since 2009 (nearly 4 years!)

If you aren't familiar with my CJ work with SC4, see HERE and HERE. I am a 'Best City Journal' Trixie award-winner (among many others) and am known for dense, sprawling cities with intricate and massive transportation systems- both for cars and mass transit.

Keep in mind, this is the first time I have used the revamped CJ section on Simtropolis, so I still have some learning to do :P.

At the moment we are all in the experimental stages of SC13, playing around with the game to see what works for us and how to overcome obvious obstacles like tile size. This first entry is meant to be an introduction to my play style of the game, which will be inspired by my gameplay in SC4, along with space-saving city planning techniques to get the best utilization possible for the game's limited city sizes.

With all that out of the way, let's get to the pics. Click them for full size!

Probably my best pic so far. Skyline rising.


And not just downtown... Cranes are everywhere.


City Hall


Yo dawg I heard you like image filters:


This filter makes the mine look so lousy


Cool filter shot of a bustling high density streetcar avenue intersection


I'm starting to attract some high-wealth sims and their shiny buildings now littler the cityscape.


The middle class is starting to get some density too... developing at the city tile edge.


This grinds my gears every time I see it. WHY???


As a bonus, here is a recap of a stream I did on SC13's launch night. I don't get very far, lose everything about 35 mins in.

Expect video content to be a major component in this CJ. My Twitch/Youtube stuff is starting to get a massive following.

Anyways hope you enjoyed. The GTR is back baby!



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