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  1. Is my residential tower idea too modern? (This is just the massing model) It would be all glass and have a diagrid and balconies.




    1. SimCoug


      I'm not personally a fan of 'modern' skyscrapers, but I do think you have some interesting angles and shapes here.  If you like it, keep it going :) 

    2. Terring


      Very futuristic. I like it :)

  2. Xyloxadoria's BAT and Portfolio Work Thread

    Its called "Generate Topology" and its in the graphite modeling tools under polygon modeling which is only even an option if your object is an Editable Poly or has an edit poly modifier. Once you click that button it opens up this option menu: Just pick the picture that looks like what you want your geometry to be arranged as and it changes it to that. Its made to be used on a plane so not not all options will look nice on non planar objects and might distort the geometry. I used the one called "Edgedirection" which looks like exactly what it does (third row third column) Depending on your shape it might mess up smoothing groups, so jest remake those if it does.
  3. MGB BATs

    I posted about creating such a system over in my BAT thread and was sent over here if platforms are created with tight LODs as overhanging props added to a main station building then that station could work for any network type if you mod the building to work with them all. The lot itself would not need to be transit enabled, the network would be dragged beside the building instead. The lot could either be a teminus which you would drag networks up to or a building built beside a network for a non terminus station. I know how to make the platform models that would work for the. Models. We should work together!
  4. Xyloxadoria's BAT and Portfolio Work Thread

    I made a middle to my BRT station Ignore the spacing, i just put it that way to see what everything would look like together. It may or may not ever get BRT use. it would be more for a larger station or GLR. It will be separate props so they can be spaced as needed. In other news, II found a button in 3ds max that re-orients geometry 45 degrees. I could probably make a good BAT with it but don't really know what to make with it. Whatever i do make will replace the "bridge" building from earlier because I didn't really like how it turned out that much. Here is what it does as an example, it turns what is on the left to what is on the right: This would probably be good for some kind of glass roof or a building with a diagrid sturcture like one of theese, "organic" or oddly shaped things would probably work with it too. Any suggestions on what i could make? Edit: I have thought of an idea of what to make but I am not sure if it is too "crazy" of an idea. The idea is to make a modular transit hub. The actual station itself would be a terminus building modded to work with all of the sc4 networks with a low transit switch cost. There would also be overhanging props added to make the actual station platforms, one that was elevated and one that was ground level. To use the station you would drag the tracks all the way through the overhanging props up to the terminus building itself. Since the overhanging part of the station isn't an actual lot you could drag whatever you wanted through it up to the station building itself. There would be different versions of the station with different arrangements of the overhanging prop so that it would fit whatever kind of network you had. Is it too crazy of an idea? Size wise im thinking of having a 6x2 central building then 6x2 platforms added onto that so you would have the choice of 3 networks to use with the station. (Plus bus/subway)
  5. Xyloxadoria's BAT and Portfolio Work Thread

    I was working on a BRT station earlier for the NAM, it still works because i made it after my hard drive crash, i've reworked it a bit and the L0 station is done! I will be figuring out how to make the L1 and L2 versions of this too, as that is what the NAM team currently needs. The model in the picture is 5x1
  6. Xyloxadoria's BAT and Portfolio Work Thread

    The Cathedral of Learning is now available for download! http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/30884-the-cathedral-of-learning/
  7. The Cathedral of Learning

    Version 1.0.0


    Built in 1926, the Cathedral of Learning is a 42 story 163m tall Gothic Revival skyscraper located in Pittsburgh, USA. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places, and is an iconic example of the Gothic Revival Style. It is the second tallest educational building in the world, and the tallest in the US. I have tried to create the building as close to real life as possible, the only thing not on the real building are the stairs on the back side. Full Size Pictures There are lots of details in the building that are best seen in larger pictures. See full size pictures at the link below. Remember to Zoom In! http://imgur.com/a/7s18e Download Files There are two zip files for Download, one for Maxisnite and one for Darknite. Only download the file for the night mod you use. If you do not know what file to get, then get Maxisnite. If you do not have the Darknite mod, you can get it here. Lot Stats There are three lots to choose from: Landmark Landmark Effect: 20 over 30 Mayor Rating Effect: 20 over 30 Plop Cost: $100000 Power and Water: 40 Monthly Cost: 275 Pollution: 5 of each over 5 tiles Landmark With Jobs CO$$ Jobs: 1000 CO$$$ Jobs: 200 (Please note that CO$ Jobs do not exist) College Student Capacity: 18000 Monthly Cost: 1500 Dependencies BSC Mega Props - RT Vol02 BSC - VIP girafe Lindens BSC - VIP girafe Chestnuts Make sure to put the Props folder and the model file included in this download in your plugins file, they are all required. They consist of the building itself, plus a custom bush prop and custom path prop. Note: I am planning to eventually make a City Hall and University lot for my building, but haven't figured out how to properly make the script so that it can have conditions you have to meet before the lot can be placed. If anyone wants to help me out with those lots, please PM me.
  8. If anyone wants a tutorial on how to quickly add people to your BAT, i can make a quick tutorial. (Note you need 3ds max 2014 or newer)

    1. rsc204


      That's something I could do with occasionally. The thing is I only use 3DS 2011 so it sounds like it wouldn't be much help personally though.

      It would be useful if someone could upload some people in 3DS format which were scaled for SC4. That way it could be a resource like many of the HVAC/roof junk models on the STEX regardless of the version of 3DS max used.

    2. SimCoug


      People props would be especially useful for lotters :yes:

  9. Xyloxadoria's BAT and Portfolio Work Thread

    Yes it is my evil lair... er the Cathedral of Learning yeah that's what I meant, Cathedral of Learning. Anyway its in game and i'm working on the lots. Here are some pictures of the whole thing in game with just the trees (They are VIP Chestnuts and Lindes, which both grow in Pittsburgh) http://imgur.com/a/ufjtB I added lights to the paths. They are default maxis lights because i couldn't find better looking ones that matched the building and had light cones. (Mattb325 had nice ones but they have no light cones) http://imgur.com/a/Cc6KW All I have left to add now are minor details like people and whatnot. Right now the trees on the lot are just the normal evergreen trees. They come in a seasonal version so i could make relots of that if people want it. The four lots i am planning to make for the building are theese: Landmark Landmark with Jobs City Hall University (Or a college if you can only have one university, i haven't seen many university lots for download anywhere)
  10. BAT - Troubleshooting & General Discussion

    If anyone is having the "flush: function undefined" error in 3ds max when they go to render, just close 3dsmax and run it again as an admin (Right click, Run as Administrator). Doing that fixed the error for me.
  11. Xyloxadoria's BAT and Portfolio Work Thread

    I decided to make custom paths and (if the LODS work) custom bushes for the lot. They will be rendered as separate props. (Don't worry the grass is not part of it, its just there for lot size reference, the lot is 8x8) I will then add the rest of the lot details in Lot Editor. The paths are a modified version of the actual paths the building has in real life. The National Registry of Historic Places had a site plan of the building on its page. (One of my previous posts shows the image)
  12. Burger King v2.0

    Looks just like the newer Burger Kings they are building around here! This BAT will be a great place for my sims to get the v2.0 for §5 Deal.
  13. Xyloxadoria's BAT and Portfolio Work Thread

    I followed your advice and used darn42's model of the Tribune Tower as a reference for scale since it is the closet building in architectural style to the one I am making. Right now my building is exactly as tall as his (Link to picture) But in real life they are not the same height. Tribune Tower is 463' tall and the Cathedral of Learning is 535' Doing the math, (535*100)/463 = x comes out that i need to make my building 115% bigger than it is currently height wise. It was only scaled up 120% in height for this render, so that means it would be right up at 133% after adding the rest of the missing vertical scale. Ill do a few render tests to see if I need to scale in the x/y dimensions as well. Edit: Only needed to scale vertically. Here is an image link. The correctly scaled one on the right (133%) looks better.
  14. Xyloxadoria's BAT and Portfolio Work Thread

    I have got the building in game! So far i have figured out three things: - No existing path sets I have line up with all of the doors of the building correctly. I will have to make my own custom path prop for the building - The scale of the building might be a bit too small - The grass doesn't match but that should be easy to fix. Here is a picture of the building the smaller version is it at the current size, the bigger picture is the building 115% bigger. Which one looks like the correct size of the building? Or would the correct size be somewhere between the two?
  15. Its in game! It looks too small though. (The actual model right now is the smaller one)  For reference,  I photoshopped in a version of the same building scaled up 115% Which building looks more correct size wise? The small one or the big one? Or would the size be somewhere in between?



    1. SimCoug


      Congrats!  Scale is always the tricky part, and of course it can look different depending on what buildings you are comparing it to, but just going by my eyeball test I would say the up-scaled one fits better in that setting.