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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hello here I have the new style of Burger king This Restaurant was created to work with RICO, only has the assistants shown in the image other elements you can subscribe if you wish. The Restaurant is com = low construction cost = 30000 workplaces = 15 level = 3 sub-service = low service = commercial New Burger king is the new style used in the restaurant. In both the United State and Europe. Give me a big finger up you subscribe
  2. McDonald's

    Version 1.0.0


    Hello here I have the new style of McDonald's This Restauran was created to work with RICO, only has the assistants shown in the image other elements you can subscribe if you wish. The Restauran is com = low construction cost = 30000 workplaces = 15 level = 3 sub-service = low service = commercial Real information of the Restauran. McDonald's is a chain of fast food restaurants. Its main products are hamburgers, French fries, menus for breakfast, soft drinks, smoothies, ice creams, desserts and, recently, fruit salads and other exclusive products for various countries. It serves approximately 68 million customers per day, 2 in more than 36,000 establishments, in 119 territories and countries around the world. The chain employed 1.7 million people.3 In most restaurants, different areas have been included with games for children. In 1940, the brothers ♥♥♥♥♥♥ and Mac McDonald decided to create the company, and introduced fast food 8 years later. But his leap was in 1955 with the first franchise assumed by the executive Ray Kroc.4 This global presence induced the British publication The Economist to develop the Big Mac index, which consists of comparing the price of a burger (the Big Mac , one of the best known products of the chain) in all countries5 where they sell it, and thus establish a common parameter of the cost of living in each country, and know if the currencies are overvalued, with respect to the US dollar. Decade of 2000 A representation of the structural redesign of a McDonald's located in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, in June 2008; This is an example of the "new" look of McDonald's restaurants in America. By 2002, the McCafé network had spread to 13 countries around the world; The first one in America was launched in 2001. For 2003 it was the largest coffee shop brand in Australia and New Zealand. In 2003, McDonald's started the I'm lovin 'it ™ advertising campaign, which was launched in more than 100 countries at the same time. In 2006, McDonald's and Disney finished their 20-year promotional association, in which they sold movie toys and characters from the production company at La Cajita Feliz. Also in 2006, McDonald's introduced its "forever young" brand by redesigning all of its restaurants, the first major redesign since the 1970s. The goal of the redesign is to be more like a coffee shop, similar to Starbucks. The design includes wooden tables, imitation leather chairs and muted colors; red colors were replaced by terracotta, yellow shifted to gold for a more "sunny" look, and olive and sage green were also added. To create a warmer look, restaurants have bricks, less plastics and more wood, with modern pendant lights to produce a softer glow. Many restaurants now offer free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs. In 2008, after the increase in meat prices and in order to preserve the company's profit margins, it was decided to keep the prices of its products at the same value, but the ingredients were halved.12 In 2009, 20th Century Fox and McDonald's also started a promotional partnership, starting to sell toys from the production's characters in the Happy Meal, starting with Ice Age 3 that same year. In 2010, Subway surpassed McDonald's as the largest single-brand restaurant chain and the largest restaurant operator worldwide. McDonalds had 32,737 restaurants worldwide in September 2009, while Subway had 33,749 restaurants by the end of 2010 Give me a big finger up you subscribe
  3. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=628080291 I have found the guide thanks
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Fast food restaurant an American icon that everyone knows. This restoration is unfortunately I want to create RICO, but I could not, because I do not understand well how to do it, it would be great RICO because you have to put the drive thru drive that cuts through the space. is created to appear in the commercial center in 4x4 L2. Give me a big finger up you subscribe Sketchfab
  5. Woodlands High School

    thank you Good job I like
  6. White Birch Tree

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  7. Éolienne très avancée

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  8. The Shady Tree Fall Version 1

  9. Shady Tree Red

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  10. Hello everyone I want to say first Thank you to this community and learned a lot about everything that is talked about in the games in modeling buildings and those things thank you very much again for your great work. I open this portal to find out how I can create my items in RICO, how many times I see it but I have no release since I can find the building in the RICO menu but when I put it on the field after a while it disappears. Do not know if there is a method or some mod for this. someone has a guide on this topic.
  11. Farm Barn

    Hello this is generated only in the creation of farm in companies, you can use RICO to find it, but if you want to use it as prop this is the link. https://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/32102-horse-barn-2x2/
  12. Horse Barn 2x2

    Thanks for the support it is good that you value the Prop so that more people can see it, it is very important to click the button like
  13. Horse Barn 2x2

    Version 2


    Hello Horse Barn 2x2 v2 is a Prop to create a better quality barns does not have any kind of function just to give a better appearance to your city. Texture: 1024 x1024 Tris: 900 Lod: generated by the game Collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1289330240 Do not forget to value the prop with a like
  14. hello I keep working on this, I have managed to have movement, but the horses do not appear anywhere, neither in the editor to choose the animal that you are going to edit, nor in the game, I think there is some error in this animal transfer that makes Impossible to create more animals I think that is the reason why nobody does it