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  1. Swimming Pool Mod

    Very nice man... Question, So far that I have noticed, you are the only one that does Custom Buildings, is it possible to make custom sky scrapers? After a while id like to have Really tall sky scrapers like, Taipei 101, World Financial Center, One World trade Center, Shanghai Tower.. etc.. just a suggestion
  2. Museum [Offline Only]

    very nice, how can I mod new buildings for the games, I want new sky scrapers like World Financial Center, One World Trade Center, Willis Tower, etc.. I do not mind making it myself I just don't know how. I will gladly share it.. Thanks and great mod.. :)
  3. Project Orion - 3k Extended Boundary

    well I cant use the interstate mod outside the area... :( or plop buildings
  4. Its nice.. BUT it only holds 2k people.. u wrote that per train instead of 500, u put 2k people can get in???... lol j/w
  5. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to create a sky scraper, or building. Its just I like to home towering building but im kinda sick of only having Empire State Building, and Willis Tower, How about World Financial Center, or some monumental sky scrapers... jw