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  1. Installing Network Addon Mod (NAM) for Mac

    You have probably fixed this by now but... I had a similar problem yesterday installing NAM 36, where the installer quit after loading to 100%. This was a path finding issue because I opened the installer directly from the dmg. I just had to copy the installer outside the dmg and all worked fine.
  2. Mayor rating issues

    All houses say mayor rating: low. I'm not 100% sure I haven't had any riots but if it is like you say the whole city would probably lay in ashes by now. I don't have any mods that would alter anything like that. All other cities I have played lately have normal, varied, positive mayor ratings afaik. I don't know about lots but I don't have time and patience to knock down every structure. I did your experiment and it raised the rating. First I placed 10-12 pyramids all in the same area and that made the rating go up from -60 to +2, I think. The houses on the other side of the map, ~150 tiles away still had low rating while the others had medium. Then I deleted the pyramids and everything went back to "normal". After that I placed 20 pyramids in a ring around the city and got it up to over +50 and got a map that looked like this: Then I didn't know what to do so I placed an overload of the infamous seawalls, deleted them and the rating went down to -60 again(!?!?!) I deleted the pyramids while running at full speed and nothing happened until I deleted the last one it went down 2-3 percent. Very wierd. I'm going to try maxing out the mayor rating with 60 pyramids next time see if it reacts the same way.
  3. Mayor rating issues

    Well that's a solution of course. That would be nice is some ways, but this is the region's central city and there are parts of it that I'm very happy with and have spent a lot of time on. I'm a little tempted though. But I haven't noticed any real negatives from this, no riots or abandonment, only the name-calling and that I don't get rewards so it's not like the city is broken. I could just keep on playing and place a row of seawalls if I feel like building some reward. =) On the other hand, the reason I got rid of the seawalls in the first place was that I wanted the game to react to what I was doing, and it still doesn't do that. And no, the problem is only in this city.
  4. Mayor rating issues

    No it's a pretty well balanced city. There are heavily polluted areas but they are separated from R and C by trees and parks so there's only a couple of streets in the whole city where only low-wealth will grow because of pollution. I would say it's a very clean city for it's size and that the mayor rating "should" be above +50. But I did have the Advanced research center. I didn't know about the radiation problem, don't think I have used that building in a long time. So I deleted it and let the game run for 5 years but the curve still didn't move. Also I don't think I had built the research center when i deleted the seawalls because it's pop. requirement is 56k and there were less people then. That's an interesting idea. Do you have a suggestion on what lot to use if I don't know how to make one myself? I guess it would have to be something that make it drop below -100. Maybe -137, because the highest mayor rating I have seen is +137, and that seems to be some kind of peak but I'm really not sure. I got that number from a reward lot which shows the current mayor rating. This one to be exact
  5. Mayor rating issues

    Thanks, that explains a lot. The wierd thing now is why the rating won't go up. Okay if it drops when I remove stuff with positive effects, but one would think it would start to rise at some point, maybe when I place new neighborhoods or services. Or when I open the city the next time and the game re-calculates. But apparantly it doesn't. Is it going to be like this forever unless I start placing pyramids? The other thing is that it's exactly the same all over the map, no matter if they live across the road from a 30x20 industrial area or surrounded by parks and forest. I built a new residential neighborhood yesterday, while paused, and when the first couple of houses was built I checked the mayor data and they were bright green. Then I looked again a few minutes later it was the same color as the rest of the city. Yes I mean ordinances. It was just a desperate thing I did to get the ratings curve to move. I turned everything off right away and the curve went back =P
  6. Mayor rating issues

    Oops... I meant normal for cities with more homes and offices than coal plants, and that aren't called Nasty Challange.=) I can't recall ever being in the red like that. I don't know if I've been below 0 at all, unless I have done some evil experiments.
  7. Mayor rating issues

    I do have parks everywhere. About 1100 of them. I guess I have place at least a couple of hundred since I removed the seawalls. I also thought the sims would stop hating eventually but they don't. I've played for about 15 ingame years with basically no change (it went up 1% when i turned on some policy and down like 5% when I turned on all policies). There doesn't seem to be any abandonment, the R§§§ nearly doubled while the seawalls were gone and population over all has gone from 50k to 70k. And a lot of things have been changed, built and torn down in that time only not the mayor rating. I haven't really noticed any other issues than sims calling me a "stinker" and that I don't get rewards. It's just so weird that it won't even start to stabilize a little in 15 years. Because it's not normal to have -60 mayor rating, right?
  8. Mayor rating issues

    Hi, I would like to get some advice on how to get my mayor rating up. It's been resting at -60 (+/- 2) since I removed the JS Seawalls linked below, about 5 saves and 20k people ago. These walls makes my mayor rating go up to 137, I've had this happen in at least two cities. And when I remove them it drops almost instantly. My sims call me all sorts of names (stinker, etc), but I really think I'm a decent mayor. I'm never in the red in other cities. Everyone has good health and education coverage. They have jobs, 95 years life expectancy, 0-1 crime, no garbage, moderate pollution, 15 min commute time and only a couple of congested intersections. If there's some building other than the seawalls causing this I don't know how to spot it. I can't use the mayor ratings data since all sims hate me equally. What should I do?
  9. Hi, I'm looking for these Euro RHW textures I had installed with NAM 32. I've re-installed NAM 34 couple of times now, tryingto get them back, with no luck. I didn't find any pictures so I made a sketch from memory. Hope it's somewhat recognizable. They had these neat RHW-2 road and street intersections as well as a smooth default RHW-2 to road transition. If I remember correctly they had seemless intersections with Rivit's streets and the gravel and/or dirt SAMs. What are they called and are they in v. 34? Or are they one of the Euro texture sets not included anymore?
  10. Cities with german names disappearing

    I tried reproducing it now in a new region with six cities containing special characters (ß, ä, å, ü, ñ, ô). Emptied my plugins folder first. Nothing happened of course. So it's pretty obvious it's not the names alone causing the problem. Doing the test with plugins would just be too tedious. So I guess I'll just keep playing my region, doing loads of backups and look for patterns for a while and then change names. (The cheat box, btw, wouldn't accept any of the letters I tried, so there's a hint.) I'm also going to start a city with ä/ö and see if that theory holds up. It's not really a problem to me, I'm mostly just curious cause I've never heard of this before. One would think that after 10+ years with an active community all bugs would be well known, but obviously not. It's things like this that keeps the game exciting and fresh.
  11. Cities with german names disappearing

    Yeah there's this terrain generating "bug" which also has to do with reading the Windows file system. From what I've experienced and read this port is half-hearted at best so I wouldn't be surprised if this is a Mac-only problem. See if I understand you correct: My OS is in swedish, the swedish alphabet has the letters Ä and Ö, like the german, but not ß and Ü. Would the game by this logic be more likely to accept a save file named Köln than München? I will do that. Start two identical regions with and without special characters and do some A-B testing.
  12. Cities with german names disappearing

    I have the mac app store version, which is supposed to support english, french, spanish, italian, japanese and german. So I guess this would be a german-localized version. It would be kind of odd if the game had different character set support for each language, each one leaving out some ten not-so-special special characters. One for the roman languages and one for japanese would be less odd. Otherwise, could it be some sort of mac port issue?
  13. Cities with german names disappearing

    I would say they started disappearing the first or second I exited them, and since then maybe one time out of four. The issue doesn't seem to be the saving process because when this had happened a few times I started doing backups before I left the city. Save game > copying file > exit to region without saving. When I get to region view I'm left with a hole in the ground and the save file gone from the region folder. There's no backup in the downloads folder I know because I've used that folder to import cities back in again. And when I've imported them everything is back to normal. So it looks to me like the cities are deleted on region view loading rather than saving. Very wierd.
  14. Hi, I've started a region with german city names and cities have started disappearing very frequently when I exit to region. I'm almost certain it's only the two cities that have names with german characters "ß" and "ü" that have disappeared. Is this a thing or just a coincidence? I've had cities vanishing into thin air before, maybe once a year, tops. Now it's been 5-10 times in a couple of weeks. Is my poor alp valley gonna have to move to Italy?
  15. KOSC's SuperSHK+ MEGA Parking for TGN / SWN

    What is the TSR option in the installer? My guess, and hope, would be Rivit's Urban Tarsealed Street Modd, but the acronym doesn't make sense. Could someone please spell it out for me?