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  1. To answer Boformer first, I was using this template: That script from Ronyx seems to have done the trick, no phantom hitboxes anymore: TBH, I didn't quite get what you meant about BuildingAI during the stream. That being said, your help was much appreciated Many thanks!
  2. I'm working on a set of terrain-confirming rocks that are mostly going to be placed along side the shoreline, however, I keep getting this weird behavior where the water finds a hitbox of sorts, stops rendering and you end up with something that looks like this: Does anyone have any experience or a workaround for this situation? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey, welcome to Simtropolis! :)

    I just have to say, your YouTube Cities Skylines series' are amazing,  a must watch for me every week. I'm sure our members would be enthralled watching your videos :8) they've made me rethink how I build my cities.

    Hope to see you around the forums sometime :thumb:

  4. Quick Update! Using "MoveIt!" in-game seems to affect the ship's path and it stays that way between save/load savegame.
  5. @Lee Towers thanks for putting together this guide. I was able to get my Cargo docks to work just like you showed in your screenshots. Flawless! That being said, I wasn't able to replicate the same result for Passenger Harbors. I changed the spawn points to 24, 12, 8 and 0 and they all spawn in the same place, this is what it looks like at a distance of "12": And here's what it looks at a distance of "8": Here are the spawn points at "0" but I get the same result in-game: Am I missing another value change?
  6. I'm trying to do a similar thing but with a small undetailed concrete block cargo/passenger harbor so that players can style it in-game, however the gap between the nodes and the exit point is quite far. This is what it looks like by default: Now, in my case I might be able to cheat a bit and use "MoveIt" in-game to bring the concrete block inland, however the people spawn point is weird: Another thing I tried is to actually use MoveIt in the Asset Editor: But it appears as this "bugs" the connection and ships won't spawn. You can still plop it no problem, it will connect to the ship path and everything but no one uses it. Maybe it's because I moved the nodes too closer together? Anyways, I'd thought I share my two cents.
  7. A few weeks ago I started a YouTube series called " " where I'm focusing on creating cities with extreme details. The following is a collection of screenshots of the process so far and this is only the beginning. Hope you enjoy! Medium-density downtown area Industrial + Residential area divided by the freeway Smaller neighborhoods by the river coast Vast farmlands with mixed residential + commercial areas Mass transit rail lines go through most neighborhoods Battling slopes with smooth switchbacks A healthy dose of extremely detailed creeks flows through the city Areal view of the still "work in progress" city tile If you want to see the creation of this city step-by-step make sure to check the playlist on YouTube:
  8. Offline-Only Mod: “Pedestrian Paths”

    Looks great man, I'd be all over this mod but unfortunately all of my cities are still in multiplayer mode :(